My Recipes 2023

Hello chefs! 😋

It's a bit late, but as I like to keep my posts organized, at least by year if not otherwise, I've put together a post here for all the recipes I've published in 2023.

This post is more personal, but since I've done a similar thing in previous years, maybe someone else will find it useful when they're thinking about what to cook for lunch :)

Foodies 2020 | Foodies 2021 | Foodies 2022 | Foodies 2023

😋 📷 😋

This doesn't mean that I am saying goodbye and will no longer post here. Of course, I will!

Foodie Be Hive is a great community on the Hive network where I've learned a lot of interesting things about food preparation, especially about dishes and methods that I'm not familiar with and aren't in my cultural domain.
I must also admit that I haven't published many posts like in previous years. But there are a few.
I hope you'll find my contribution interesting.

😋 📷 😋

If anyone is still hungry take a look at my 2023 recipes!

Hot Chili Sauce, Potato Moussaka, Pumpkin With Feta Cheese, Chard Pie, Breaded Zucchini, Night pizza on the grill, Wild Asparagus Fritaja, Potato And Sausage, Rice with meat and vegetables

Foodies 2020 | Foodies 2021 | Foodies 2022 | Foodies 2023


😋 📷 😋

Stay Healthy!

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