Beer Tasting: Bohemian Lager and Bamberger Rauchbier

Hello, beer lovers! 🍻

How are you doing in these strange times? In this crypto scene, no one can predict with confidence what will happen, but there is a certain expectation. Hive is still floundering, so with all this waiting for change (for the better of course) the only advice I can give is to calm down with a beer or two.
And it's not financial advice :)

Luckily we have #beersaturday, the 342nd in a row, where we can have fun and share our beer experiences.

Today I have two bottles in front of me, one Czech and one German, two different styles and I believe the master brewers have done their best.

First, the one with less alcohol.

🍻 😎 🍻

Bernard Bohemian Lager

Brewed by Rodinný pivovar Bernard (subsidiary of Duvel Moortgat), Humpolec, Vysočina, Czech Republic.
Bottle 0.33 l, alcohol 4.9% ABV, IBU 37.
It's a Bohemian Pilsener or Czech Pilsener style, which means rich, golden lager with complex malt flavors and strong bitterness.

What do the Master Brewers say?

This unpasteurized lager is a beer with a balanced bitter taste in harmony with its tasty fullness, hop aroma, and rich foam. Barley germinates on the malting floors of the Bernard malt house as it was done centuries ago. The traditional Czech double decoction mashing technique brings you a full body taste in harmony with the refreshing bitterness provided by noble Saaz hops.

I don't know what the Czechs think of this beer, but here in Slovenia, Bernard is a respected brand, and you can get it in almost every shop.

The beer is clear golden in color, the head is average and creamy. It smells of hops. The sip goes down the throat smoothly, and in the mouth, I first taste the bread and caramel a little bit, but it's overwhelmed by the fresh bitterness of the hops with grassy notes.

The bitterness of the hops remains in the aftertaste for some time.

Fresh and tasty beer with a dominant hop bitterness that doesn't distract. Lagers don't usually have such a pronounced bitterness, ah, of course, this is a Bohemian beer, where everything is more pronounced. I quite like that style, and it's certainly one that will be chilling in my fridge.

🍻 😎 🍻

Today was a very sunny and windy day, unfortunately, there is no snow in our valley, but yesterday, in Postojna, where I am at work, it snowed a lot and about 15 centimeters of it fell.
When I got to work and had my morning coffee, within minutes there was a blizzard.

And here's a photo of when I drove home in the afternoon and the snow slowly stopped.

And at home, 30 km away, in Ilirska Bistrica, I call it California against the rest of Slovenia, which was completely covered in snow.

Let's move on, one more beer to go :)

🍻 😎 🍻

Klosterbräu Bamberger Rauchbier

Brewed by Klosterbräu Bamberg, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany.
Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 5.3% ABV, IBU 30.
The beer is Smoked or Rauchbier style, amber up to dark brown colored, malty German lager with beechwood smoke character and restrained bitterness.

What do the Master Brewers say?

Shimmering deep black and with an impressive beige-colored head, this traditional Franconian Bamberg cult beer has an impressive appearance. There is a distinct smell of smoke, which is noticeable on the nose, followed by a balanced, fruity hop note from the finest Hallertau aroma hops. The smoky flavor comes from the use of beech wood during the drying of the malt. On the palate, the velvety taste of licorice, smoked ham, dark chocolate and roasted caramel nuances come together lovingly. A real specialty for connoisseurs and lovers of this original type of beer.

I've never really tried anything like that. I wonder if everything they write is true. I'm really interested in this smoked ham taste :)

The beer is dark, almost black, the head is solid and creamy and it falls quickly. It smells of smoke. The first sip goes down the throat smoothly and, incredibly, the first thing I taste in my mouth is a distinct smoky bacon flavor, which gives way to smoky malt, toasted bread, to hints of caramel. I did not detect any bitter chocolate.

The bitterness of the smoke lingers in the aftertaste for some time, but I didn't detect any hop bitterness.

Refreshing? No. Drinkable? Yes.
Complex flavors and this smoke is the most predominant. I would say it's a very unique beer, really only for those who like it. I find it interesting because I've never tried anything like it, but I don't think I could drink this all night. It's hard to stomach.

I would, however, have one of these in the fridge, as an example of a smoked beer, to offer to a fan. Unfortunately, I probably won't, because it's not available here, I got it as a gift.

🍻 😎 🍻

And what am I listening to as I write this and taste beers? Something from my latest #newtunes post.

I've always been fascinated by Sonic Youth, and here we have Kim Gordon, their bassist and vocalist. Although seventy years old, still modern and fresh.

Kim Gordon - Bye Bye

Thank you for your attention.

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Enjoy your beer!


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