The Resistance dot video

Breaking world news can be found at that website.

Please share The Resistance with your friends or else.

We are at the crossroad in human existence.

Please watch Man In America and pass it on.

Top EU Scientist Warns Covid Vaccine Linked To Sterilization of Women

What happened today in DC reminds me of Disney's 1992 film, The Newsies

2020-10-29 - Thursday - 04:05 PM - Trump Will Win 2020 in a Massive Landslide Bigger Than 2016

You must pick your side in world history.

Are you a globalist or a patriot?

That's just one of many questions I can ask as of right now.

Americans must Occupy White House right now or else.

Or you can let tyrants continue to take over the world.

The purpose of this post is to highlight this one link.

The URL web link is which redirects you.

The link redirects you to Banned dot video.

History is being made each day in 2020.

Stay up to date with tomorrow's news today at that website.

Or you can stay up to date via other websites.

And please take action or else.


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The Resistance dot video

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-12-24 - Thursday | Published in December of 2020

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The Resistance dot video website
The URL hyperlink is

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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The Resistance takes you to Banned Video.

79 Days News also redirects you to Banned Video.

Banned Video is the Infowars video network of Alex Jones.

Paul Joseph Watson can be found at

Infowars can be found at

The mother-ship website of Infowars is

I encourage you to share these websites or other links with people around you.

These are some of my favorite websites.

I recommend you check them out and give them a second of your time.

But this is not an exhaustive list of websites and other things.

This is just a few suggestions of where you can get your news from.

I go to these websites to read articles and watch videos.

Screenshot at 2020-12-24 15:56:20 Stop The Steal.png


The URL hyperlink is

I encourage Americans to go to Washington DC to save America right now.

Or at least tell somebody around you how stupid that idea is.

Either help somebody go to DC today or at least tell them not to.

You can help stop the steal of the election at Stop The Steal.

We should also expose the Lockdown Scam among other things.

The 2019 Corona Virus is real and vitamins are real as well. I'm not saying Covid is fake. And there are deadly viruses and other diseases out there.

People should always talk about natural remedies. We should always talk about health. There are many cures out there. But the Covid Vaccines are going to change your DNA and make you infertile.

We should fight against tyranny and support freedom.

We should always oppose lockdown and other things.

So, in conclusion, I just wanted to give you a quick update on world news on this 2020 Christmas Eve day. I get my news from dozens of websites and by other means too.

So, I don't really have time right now to talk about all of the different websites I follow. I should save that for another time. Man, if only you saw how many bookmarks and folders I have on my web browsers. But out of all the hundreds of websites, my favorites are presented here in this post.

I've presented some of the biggest news items happening in the world right now, Covid, Covid Vaccines, lockdown, and other things things too, etc.

But none of that matters if globalists, China, and others, can steal the election in America in 2020 and do whatever they want to violate the U.S. Constitution and other things as well.

Censorship is also a major issue and that is why Infowars create different URLs to redirect people to Banned Video. Many people are banned on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, other social media networks, etc, online. Videos of voter fraud and election fraud is getting removed off YouTube, etc. So many bad things are happening.

I must emphasize how many things are happening right now.

I encourage you to pass this on.

I encourage Americans to call their representatives.

The next big rally is at 01:00 PM ET on Wednesday, the 6th of January of 2021, which is in 2 weeks or exactly 13 days from now on 2021-01-06, hashtag on Twitter is Jan6.

But leftists are trying to kill or at least remove Trump before the 6th. In other words, the sixth may be too late. Get to the capital or capitol of the United States of America (USA) as soon as possible (ASAP) or do something, please.

I encourage people to do something or else.

It's now or never.

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Who is Oatmeal Joey Arnold?

The Resistance dot video

Trump Jr 2024

The United Nations Rule The World in The Expanse

All about how Covid Vaccines ruin the immune system and much more

Stop The Steal Today, Saturday, the 7th of November of 2020

What kind of future do we want by 2030? Do we want to own nothing?

Alex Jones is in Arizona Right Now And The Crowd Goes Wild

How To Stop The Steal - Here is a list of some websites you can check out

2020-10-29 - Thursday - 04:05 PM - Trump Will Win 2020 in a Massive Landslide Bigger Than 2016

2020-10-29 - Thursday - 11:59 PM - Red Mirage to Invalidate the 2020 Trump Landslide Victory

You buddy owes me at least ten dollars when Trump wins and yet we all must help Trump win

We're already under global Martial Law or Marshall Law via Lockdowns and other things already as we frogs are getting boiled in a Prison Planet

Stop Wearing Masks and Wear Vitamins Instead

Either you fight for Trump or we fight you is the thing now

The secret service should be afraid of we the people

The Covid Vaccines will change and ruin your DNA forever

Why is Alex Jones of Infowars trending on Twitter right now?

Top EU Scientist Warns CV Vaccine Linked To Sterilization of Women

Too many people get allergic reactions to vaccines which ends up swelling them up to death

Understanding the Contrast between Zootopia & Angry Birds

Satan is working on ending all human life on earth but at the will of each individual

The Great Reset is based on The Great Leap Forward

The United Nations (U.N.) estimated, 230+ million (M) people are on the verge of starvation globally

Some of the vaccines are weaponized cancer viruses

Out of the over 53 million people who got Covid-19, four people got it again. Not 4 million. JUST FOUR. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR

Did the terrible governor of Washington State win reelection in 2020?

Over 80 million Americans voted Trump 2020, under 70M for that other guy, Biden

What happened today in DC reminds me of Disney's 1992 film, The Newsies

All about how you can really stop the steal of the 2020 US Election right now

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