Trump Will Win 2020 in a Massive Landslide Bigger Than 2016

But the United Nations is trying to block that. The election is being stolen from the Americans. But it gets worse than that. Globalists are attempting to shut off the power grid, massive blackouts, on election day, they'll blame it on Russia.

They'll try to shut down the Internet. Cities will burn. On top of that, over ten others things are happening as well, simultaneously.

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Most Important Election Ever!

I voted Trump. You can too if you haven't, if you're American. There are too many reasons why you should and must. But vote for policies and principles over personality. Vote for key issues. Think about which candidates can best aid in those issues.

2020-10-29 - Thursday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-29 - Thursday
Published in October of 2020

Now, I should have written this post years ago. Well, technically, I've been saying Trump would be President for two terms even before he won in 2016. I was in Vietnam when I started endorsing Trump publicly as early as April or possibly even March of 2016. I started watching Alex Jones of Infowars around that time. I've been aware of political issues before that but not so much. It's not like I was redpilled early in 2016 as I was already somewhat aware of bits and pieces of history and other critical things. But regardless, these last four years has been a roller coaster and I've saying off and on these 4 years Trump would win in 2016 and 2020. I want to go on record to say these things. But I am not just predicting things because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see over 100 million Americans supporting Trump. It's simply common sense, like no duh.

We all got to vote Trump 2020 and we must follow our vote online as well. There are websites that can verify that your ballot was counted. I need to write another article to talk about whether or not my mail-in ballot was counted or not. I wrote an page already showing who I voted for in 2020. The fake news have already called the real 2020 Trump landslide a RED MIRAGE.

Red Mirage is the new Russia Russia Russia!

I should probably write an article talking about the red mirage which is another scam. They'll be pushing that. But they'll also try to push recession to create a new leftist states of America. Democrats will be contesting the election when Joe Biden loses hugely or bigly to Donald J. Trump.

Inception paradox coming on up.

But at the same time, when people say Trump won, as he will win 2020, the control freaks will say Trump is contesting the election even as the leftists are the ones contesting. Meanwhile, we are living in a Covid scam. Not that viruses are fake. Coronavirus is real but the mask thing and the lockdown thing is a scam, a scheme. It is all about control and people are talking about that. So, on top of the U.S. Elections, the meddling, the fraud, the ballot harvest, etc, we have big issues like Lockdown which is removing our freedoms from us regardless of who becomes the next president in the United States of America on the 20th of January of 2021. So, we got to always let people know how complex all of these things are, how interconnected these issues are.

People must be aware that cities will be burning. Because Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, and other terrorist groups will be shooting people. They will be all over the place. Plus, new pandemics are scheduled to come, a new Covid for example. Plus, a wide variety of things on top of that. The globalists and others are stealing the election at a greater level in 2020 than what they did when they stole the popular vote from Trump in 2016.

Massive 2020 Trump Landslide!

Trump will win the electoral college and popular vote in 2020. We got to be poll watchers. we got to pull out our phones and record the election sites. We must all be like Project Veritas. We got to all be Alex Jones. We all must spread the news. We are the news. Each one of us must all do what we can to be part of history. We must do all we can while we still can or we will regret it.

Facebook, Twitter, Google YouTube, and other social media ghetto networks in general have said they'll be blocking people from simply sharing the results on Tuesday the 3rd of November of 2020. Today is Thursday, the 29th of October of 2020 and I want this article to be online a few days before the election in order to let people know how important this is to the USA and to the world. This affects all humans all around the globe and will be affecting us for better or for worse for decades to come.

Massive Censorship!

Big tech will be banning people in five days, people who simply share the actual results on election night.

Massive contesting.

They'll be trying to contest the election up unto the day of the inauguration in 2021 and beyond. Pelosi and her gang will try to utilize the 20th amendment in order to bring in Biden and then use the 25th amendment to take Biden out and bring in whoever they want be it Harris or Michelle Michael Obama or whoever they want. Alex Jones said today and many times before Trump would and WILL win reelection 2020. I totally agree.

Fox News

Trump holds 'Make America Great Again!' rally in Pennsylvania

A caller called in during the Alex Jones Show and said he did not vote Trump 2020 because of the vaccines. Now, Trump is trying to take it from Bill Gates and other crooks.

But Trump also said it would not be forced. Now, even if it was, Biden is worse. And that is a problem when people don't see the bigger picture in life. Sure, Trump is not perfect but not voting Trump only makes things worse. So, encourage people to take a step back to really think, it's called eternal perspective.

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