1897 France Gold 20 Franc Lucky Angel

I bought another gold Lucky Angel coin from the year 1897. My other one is from 1877, 20 years apart. The France Gold 20 Franc Lucky Angel Coins were minted from 1871 to 1898.

The coin is AU (almost uncirculated), and it is not much of a difference with the first one which is also AU.

Well... I really don't know because I am not a coin expert. I just stack them, 😜hehehe.

AU in coins is defined as:

Almost Uncirculated - A coin or paper money note that is very close to being uncirculated. Upon first glance it may appear un-circulated. When inspected closely it will have a slight amount of wear or friction. Same as "About Uncirculated". Sometimes abbreviated as "AU", or "A Unc".

Source: Numismatics

Reverse: The value of 20 Francs and1877 date surrounded by a wreath. The motto of France, "Liberté Égalité Fraternité" (Liberty, equality, fraternity) is inscribed above it.

Obverse: on the obverse side of the coin there is the image of an angel standing with a pen before the sheet of parchment on a stand. Above him, there is the inscription “RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE”. To the right of the angel, behind the stand is depicted a rooster, a symbol of France. Below there is an autograph of the coin designer, Augustin Dupré. Source

For a coin this age of 125 years, it looks very, very good!

Did you know that Napoléon Bonaparte had a 20 Franc Gold Angel Coin on his pocket every day? Except that he misplaced it days prior to the Battle of Waterloo.

The guardian Gold Angel Coins were known to be carried by soldiers, fighter pilots, and ship captains during both World Wars.

This tradition continued with American pilots who also carried the Gold Angel Coin for its "protective powers" during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and during Desert Storm.

I have shown you these gold pieces:

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2 columns
1 column