60th Anniversary Great Britain Gold Sovereign

2016 marked the 60th anniversary of the modern Great Britain Gold Sovereign. The Gold Sovereigns coins were produced since 1817. During the World Wars I and II production was halted, and circulation use of the coins ended before the bullion coins were released.

They were minted from 1817 up until 1917, and then followed by a one-year production in 1925. Thirty two years thereafter, they were re released in 1957.

The gold bullion products are named “Gold Sovereigns” because of the depiction of the sovereign leader of the British Empire on the obverse of the coin. The Gold Sovereigns were fully circulating British coins until 1932.

Benedetto Pistrucci created this in 1817. St. George slaying a dragon, such a timeless design! This is the reverse of the coin. On the reverse side of the coin is also engraved the mintage year of the coin.

St. George is on horseback in right-profile relief as he slays a dragon with a spear. It is a design that was used for each Gold Sovereign coin minted by the mint’s branches in India, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth II. She is shown at the age of 89 wearing the George IV State Diadem Crown. This design was developed for the Royal Mint in 2015 by Jody Clark, and its 1st appearance of the Queens fifth-generation portrait.

The 2016 issue of Great Britain Gold Sovereign


I think I will get another one!

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