2021 Gold Round PG&G

A favorite design in coins is in the United States fifty-cent piece: The 1925 California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar.

It is the American Prospector panning for gold.

I like it so much that I am on a tubular journey to collect rounds with this design.

So it is not a surprise that I like, and therefore buy, the Prospectors Gold & Gem round.

The 2021 Gold PG&G Round

By Prospectors Gold & Gems in Colorado, USA.

The reverse depicts a head of a bald eagle facing right. Made form .999+ fine gold of 24k, available only in 1/10 ounce rounds.

The obverse is adopted from local sculptor Jo Mora's design of the 1925 California commemorative coin... the American Prospector facing left.


Here's a little bit history of California and the production of the beautiful 1925 California Diamond Jubilee Commemorative coin.

The discovery of gold in California in 1848 focused attention on that western territory as few other events ever could. The siren call of “riches for the taking” spread rapidly around the world. Tens of thousands caught “gold fever,” braving the rigors of voyages “around the Horn,” treks across Panama’s deadly jungles or the time-consuming overland journey through hostile Indian territory. So many came in search of the yellow metal that by 1850, the “Forty-Niners” and those who followed them west numbered over 100,000 strong, a far cry from the fewer than 500 American traders and settlers who were in California just several years earlier. With the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, the Mexican War came to an end. Along with Texas and New Mexico, this newly-rich territory of California was ceded to the United States.

The California coin became part of the Act of February 24, 1925. A noted local sculptor Jo Mora was asked to design a coin that would capture the spirit of the state’s diamond jubilee.

Fashioning both the obverse and reverse of the coin, Mora sought to embody the essence of California during the 1850s. He employed two symbolic motifs: a “Gold Rush” prospector and a grizzly bear. Initially, James Earle Fraser (designer of the Buffalo nickel). Mora added an interesting touch to the design of the California half: the fields were left unpolished, appearing as boldly textured on the finished coin.

Jo Mora’s simple, two-figure design captured the spirit of 1850s California in a direct manner that few other commemorative issues can rival. As a singularly artistic work and a necessary issue for collectors of the commemorative series, the California Diamond Jubilee half dollar will remain as coveted by numismatists of the future as it is by those of today.

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