1892 Austrian 20 Francs/8 Florin Gold Coin

I saw a squirrel recently. Maybe you saw it too in a photo on my recent post. You know squirrels work like crazy gathering up food when times are good and store them for the coming Winter. And they work frantically while time allows them. They know that they have to store up food to survive the Winter and they work with a sense of urgency, or they are done.

No choice

My Dad use to say “when the sun shineth, make hay”; taking advantage of a good situation or of good conditions and making the most of your opportunities.

Have you noticed the rising health care cost, rising fuel cost, rising food cost? It is hard enough to have a normal life today. But the bottom line is we don't have a choice.

It could be your job, it could a health scare, it could be your adult kids who are screw-ups and a drain, but they are your kids...

I protect myself by buying gold and silver. Although by design my lifestyle is very modest, it can be under attack by many things. I stack as a hedge against inflation. I stack to save. I stack with a purpose.


In 1892, the Austrian Mint struck these gold coins as a commemorative release. 20 Francs gold coins were popularly used throughout Europe at the time and the Austro-Hungarian Empire had first issued gold coins in this denomination in 1870. What makes these particular coins unique is the dual denomination they hold with a value of 20 Francs and 8 Florin.

1892 20 Francs / 8 Florin Austrian Gold Coin

The reverse of the 1892 20 Francs/8 Florin Austrian Gold Coin includes the crowned arms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The empire was forged out of lands controlled directly by the House of Hapsburg and included Hungary following his ascension to the Hungarian throne in 1867. The crowned arms feature a double-headed eagle and engravings of the ceremonial date mark and both denominations issued to the coin.

On the obverse of 1892 Austrian Gold Coins is the right-profile portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I. He reigned predominantly as the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary from December 1848 until his death in November 1916, making him the third-longest-reigning monarch of any European country. His portrait here depicts him with a wreath crown and his name and title in Latin around the design edge.


This year, I have shown you these gold pieces:

Source: Apmes, JM Bullion, SDbUllion

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