Winning a Lottery is a situation whereby a success or outcome is governed by chance.

Lottery can be won by buying numbered tickets and when the numbers are drawn at random, if you are an holder of the numbers drawn prizes are given.

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So! What will I do if I won the lottery?

Let me share few ideas 😁

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Ofcourse! If by chance I won the lottery I will be happy, we all know how glad it is to win a lottery. It worths celebrating.

Now! what I'm likely to do when i win a lottery if monetized is utilise the entire money generated for investment.

One of the best methods of investment now is to stake on Hive platform for Hive power so as to be able to help the blockchain develop.

To this effect, I will have substantial returns on investment constantly.



The beauty of staking substantial amount of on money on hive is that it will help me earn more daily curation rewards and support as much as possible persons and Communities on this platform.

By supporting people to grow on the platform will enable them to support others thus creating a system of uniform distribution of reward.

After investing on hive platforms, Obviously the Liquid rewards generated from this platform can be cash out for my basic need when suitable and I can always take responsibility and render prompt assistance to my loved ones and many others.

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