Blogging Challenge

Our aim is to give more movement to the blockchain, help authors with the ¨what to write¨ and engage with each other.

We encourage authors to check out other entries published, engage on their publications with comments. Most importantly, build relationships as you can find other people who might just be in the same situation you are in, other people with the same self interest as yours or people who likely reason like the way we do.

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- It's a free and personal challenge, feel free to skip a day, or not answer some questions.

- It doesn't have to be written in English, but we appreciate that it has at least some of it translated to it, as we have people from all over the world in the challenge (Nigerians, Japanese, Chinese, Venezuelans, Spanish, among others) who speak totally different languages, so English is the language we all understand and communicate openly.

- We will LOVE if you publish in this community, we will give more love to the ones who does, but you can publish it where you want. Can also check the Discord server where we have some friendly communities where you can upload depending on the topic you play every day.

- Cross-posts are also welcome here.

- It is free to interpret, the fun is to see how everyone has a different point of view.

- We appreciate the commitment to the other members of the challenge, so stop by the other posts and leave a good comment for them to know you.

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