Five (5) Current Goals: Part 1, #8. Blogging Challenge Question.

A life without goals is a life without focus, direction and discipline. Having specific goals per time is a necessity required to be successful and have an impactful lifestyle.

Welcome to my blog @davidbolu34

Kindly spare me few minutes of your valuable time as i share with you my five (5) current goals.


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1. To attain minimum of 2,000 Hive power by the end of 2021.


I joined the hive blockchain May 2020, it has been a roller coaster of social interactions and connections within few months. I must say, it's not very easy acquiring up to 164 hive power within 2 months on hive. So! My goal is to maximise the little knowledge I have gathered so far and improve my engagement on hive platforms, establish more connections and further contribute to the growth of the blockchain. By doing this I will get more visibility and rewards. This will enable me meet up minimum target of 2000 hive power by December 2021.

It is said that "A journey of a thousand miles begins and ends with one step at a time" This is very true. With my Commitment and Consistency on hive my goal is achievable.

2. Create a mini music studio in my house.

Music is life for me, In pursuit of my minimum 2000 hive power goal by December 2021. I intend to invest in quality original music content creation.
Many authors and curators on #Hive are lovers of music. They appreciate quality, original musical contents of any genre. Although! I seldomly create guitar music contents but I want to make it more quality, consistent and comfortable within my home. I will work on this within now and September by God's grace.

3. Invest in Ethereum.

Many users on hive are aware of the Ethereum.


Ethereum is more like the current sliver digital P2P currency after Bitcoin.

Unfortunately! I don't any amount of Ethereum even thou I have digital account for it

Recently! I have seen the trend and potential of Ethereum matching and eventually outmatching Bitcoin between 2021 and 2022.

One of my current goals is to earn ETH if possible or Invest wisely. Knowing fully well that it's growing wild like fire lately and not easily earned.

4. Acquire and Power up other major hive community token such as my POB, VIBES, NEOXAG to about 1000 power.

For me to achieve this, I must improve my engagement with the #proofofbrain, #musicforlife, #bloggingchallenge, #spknetwork etc. By participating in community growth, challenges and contest.
I will also require great deal of financial discipline.

5. Introduce and Initiate more users into the hiveonboard platforms.

In the process of getting used to the blockchain and sustaining reasonable reputation and understanding of the blockchain, I plan to establish others and train them on the modules operandi of hive blockchain.

I must contribute to the #hive vision of crypto tokenization, distribution and decentralization for financial freedom purpose of future generations.


My appreciation goes to the Administration of #bloggingchallenge initiative @tripode @starstrings01 and @cwow2 for this intellectual initiative and I will encourage interested #hiveans to join this lovely intellectual community #bloggingchallenge ASAP.*

Kindly follow @davidbolu34 for prompt visibility of my blog. I will appreciate your comments, upvote, reblog and support. Thank you for your time.

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