Blogging Challenge: Part 1, #1. EXPLAIN YOUR BLOG NAME

Hello Great Minds


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Today is my day 1 engagement with #bloggingchallenge community after a while of procrastinationšŸ˜

Welcome to my blog. I'm @davidbolu34 and this is the part 1 and day 1 of my entry to the blogging challenge an initiative of blogging challenge team.
I have been invited to engage with this amazing blogging challenge team by @daniky @starstrings01 so as to improve my social interaction and engagement with many other users on the blockchain.


Please spare me few minutes of your valuable time as I share with you my part 1 day 1 blog question.



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My blog name is davidbolu34

I'll be shedding more light on my blog name "davidbolu34" in this post.

I'm known popularly as David Boluwaji biologically and in my circular life so far.

The "davidbolu34" is an abbreviation of the name David Boluwaji. In my attempt to be unique i distinguished my name from many other people bearing David Bolu on social media platforms by including the number 34.

Reasons i retain and used "davidbolu34" on hive was because the name includes my biological name, a unique numerical choice 34, I have used it for every of my social media handles. If it's needed for me to modify a new nick name to run other communities in the hive blockchain all I need to do is to change the numeric characters while my real identity davidbolu remains intact.

My blog name davidbolu34 avoids the confusion of being identified by another nickname from my social media friends, families and colleagues. The more reason I choose to use davidbolu34 as my blog name here on hive is because I appreciate uniformity and my username on hive should not be totally different from my generally known name elsewhere.

My appreciation goes to the Administration of #bloggingchallenge initiative @tripode @starstrings01 and @cwow2 for this intellectual initiative also @daniky who often encourage me to join and explore more activities on hive. I will encourage interested #hiveans to join this lovely intellectual community #bloggingchallenge quickly without any further procrastination like I didšŸ˜‚

Kindly follow @davidbolu34 for prompt visibility of my blog. I will appreciate your comments, upvote, reblog and support.


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