Your dream job: Part 1, #4. Blogging Challenge.

Welcome to my blog @davidbolu34. This is the day 4 of my entry to the 30 days blogging challenge, an initiative of the#bloggingchallenge community.

Kindly spare me few minutes of your valuable time as i share with you my dream job.

I dream to be a Pharmacist before i later decided to go for Chemistry.



My mother was into patent drug store business since my childhood, I grew up within a medical atmosphere.

My mum was limited with her patent drug store business because she was not a pharmacist nethier could she employ a pharmacist so as to use that influence to break her business limits.

I developed interest in becoming a pharmacist not just because I desire it also to help my mothers business stability in the future.

I obviously worked towards it. However! I wasn't given the admission after trying twice even with my merit. Imagine!

I'm also interested in pure and applied sciences as a second choice.

So I was given admission to study Chemistry which is a still in line with my interest. Even though my parent weren't cool with my second choice but after a while of orientation and exposure I was allowed to enjoy my Applied Chemistry choice.

Today I have obtained master's degree in Applied Chemistry and I practice within pharmaceutical, medical and industrialised environments.

Though! To be candid, I found Chemistry as one of my favorite studies. I believe no pharmacy without chemistry😍 because they all work in synergy. Awesome.

Chemistry is one of the foundations of sciences.
Medicine, Pharmacy etc, are built-up on the principles of Chemical reactions and substances.

Whatever involves daily life applications scientifically, medically is worth being a dream job to me.

I wished to be a Pharmacist Nevertheless I'm still within the career path as an Applied Chemist. All within the brotherhood of applied chemical and scientific studies.☺️



My appreciation goes to the Administration of #bloggingchallenge initiative @tripode @starstrings01 and @cwow2 for this intellectual initiative and I will encourage interested #hiveans to join this lovely intellectual community #bloggingchallenge ASAP.

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