(Your Favorite Quote) Part 1, #3. Blogging Challenge Question.

Welcome to my blog @davidbolu34. This is the day 3 of my entry to the 30 days blogging challenge, an initiative of the #bloggingchallenge community.

Kindly spare me few minutes of your valuable time as i share with you my favorite quote.


One of my favorite quotes States "YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE IN YOUR MIND"

Let me shed more insight about what I believe about this favorite quote of mine.

Whatever life presents to you, you can either accept or reject it in your mind. We live from inside to the outside. Whatever is happening in your life today whether Good or bad is a function of your mindset yesterday. The choice of engaging in any form of relationship with people, career choices, your purpose for Living is a choice you should make from the inside (Mind).

No one is to be blame for your current situation, no matter how you choose to shift the blame you are responsible for your life.

So! don't let someone else opinion about you nor circumstances around you determine your character, goals and purpose in life because after God and the influence of your earthly parents till you reach the age of accountability you are solely responsible for the daily and holistic outcome of your life.

Don't have an entitlement mentality. Rather take responsibility for your life.

However! You can be inspired by positive minded people that have proofs in your area of interest and career path, yet don't forget you are your greatest motivator and cheer leader because it's out of the abundance of positive knowledge you have invested in your mind about your self and dreams that determines how far and well you will go.

A negative mindset without a self esteem and vision will have no direction, focus for life and can be easily tossed to and fro. Such life is at the mercy of other people's validation and societal pressure.

When you have the picture of who you are and where you are going in your mind, no matter what people says, no matter what your current experiences are you will always find inner confidence and strength to keep moving towards your goals without giving up easily nor blaming anyone for your step backs.

If everybody around you smiles with you all the time then something is wrong and you are fake.

There are people that challenge you in a negative seeming way but this is actually a continuous test of love, patience, character, determination level daily. Try and maintain your positive attitude.

There are those who challenge and inspire you positively to become a better version of your self in different aspects of life daily. Be open to constantly unlearn, learn and relearn. This is the proof of life.

Ultimately! You are to choose how you respond and utilise every influences around you.

Remember! All this influences do not ultimately determine who you are.

You are what you say you are in your mind.

Conclusively! Let's have a positive mindset about our self, life, business, relationships, finances, career, family, future and we will have the chance to withstand every opposition and challenges life throws at us.

The big question now is; Who are you in your mind?

Your answer is what you really are, not what people say about you today nor the situation you are currently experiencing.


My appreciation goes to the Administration of #bloggingchallenge initiative @tripode @starstrings01 and @cwow2 for this intellectual initiative and I will encourage interested #hiveans to join this lovely intellectual community #bloggingchallenge ASAP.

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