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Kindly spare me few minutes of your valuable time as i share with you my proudest moment.



I have so many adorable moments so far, but!

My proudest moment was when i secured a better job after my masters program and I shared my first income and earnings with my parents and siblings.

Although! I have been giving them gifts in the past but this time around I was very intentional about it and It was my proudest moment. I will keep getting better and doing more continuously and also take responsibility for many other people and projects.

I always feel happy and proud of my self when I'm able to take responsibility within my capacity and put smile on peoples face.

After my first degree, I got a part-time teaching placement which I majorly used to support my masters degree program with the help of God.

I was not really taking much responsibility for others because my income was very limited. However! I do the little I can. I always wish to do more, So! after my masters degree I was privileged to secure better sources of income and I intentionally shared with my parent and siblings.

This was the proudest time for me so far.. Taking Responsibility, Giving back to my parent and loved ones.

On that fateful day I received parental blessings and wishes for my intentional act of responsibility and appreciation.

I was surprised and overwhelmed when I received happy responses. It was an indication that they were proud of my act of service which make them believed more in me to be matured enough to have my own family and life without doubt of me succeeding more in life.

I considered those moment, the proudest moment for me due to the fact that my efforts were recognized and well appreciated.

It was the beginning of better days and it will keeps getting better and better with the help of God.

Better days ahead.



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