An Untold Love Story !!!

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. This Post is my entry to Weekly Featured Content in the #Hivelearners community. Today's topic to write about is Tell Us A Story

I would like to start this post with this beautiful quote about an untold love story.

"The beauty of an untold love story lies in its clandestine existence, where emotions brew silently, painting a masterpiece unseen by the world"

I have read about many Successful and unsuccessful love stories in my life. Most of the time, in these love stories, when a girl and boy meet with each other, they call it a successful love story and when they don't meet each other, they call it an unsuccessful love story.

I accept that this is true to some extent, but there is another angle which I want to talk about in this post. As a Muslim, it is my belief that GOD has created us in pairs and we are going to marry/meet with the person who he has chosen for us.


But in this world, Sometimes we fall in love with a person who is not created by God as our pair and in the end, we end up marrying different people, but the love we have for both never ends, and I think true love start from here, if you love someone, and couldn't marry him/her for some reason.

You should have respect for her/him, nowadays, young boys or girls start teasing their loved ones even after marriage. This is where things start to go wrong, you can destroy the whole life of that person. This is not love, this is lust.

If you love someone, you can't even think of hurting that person, no matter if he/she is in your life or not, the respect you have for that person always stays in your heart, and you always pray for that person, no matter that. this is true love.


Now I will tell you a story, it's up to you to decide if it's fictional or if it's real.

There was a girl and a boy, they used to live in different cities far from each other, they were in their teenage, most probably the boy was in his early 30s and the girl was in her late 20s.

One day from out of nowhere, they met in a Facebook Group, It was a chat group, but not a good one, The boy was there for some fun, but the girl was there because she was hurt and now she wanted to release her tensions, by doing something silly.

The Girl Texted the boy in the inbox and they started talking about things as they both were in that bad group, in the start they talked dirty, but as time progressed, they stopped talking about the bad things and they became friends.


within two months of friendship, all the bad actors were removed from their relationship, and now the relationship had become a pure relationship of friendship, and they both had an immense amount of respect for each other.

they started to discuss their family matters with each other, seeing suggestions from one another on complex matters, the friendship remained like this for almost two years and after two years, something happened and the boy fell in love with her friend, but he was hesitant to tell her.


There was a fear in his mind that, if he spoke about it, he might lose her, and he couldn't even think of losing her, but you never know, every day is a new day and it comes up with new things and new challenges.

he wanted to tell her that, he loved her, but he was weak, and one day, he got a call from her, she told him that, their family had decided to marry her to the guy of their choice and now they couldn't stay in contact.


The boy who was in love with her and never wanted to lose her, was about to lose her in 5 minutes? maybe? it was his chance to tell her what he has for her in his heart? was it? he wasn't sure.

but he decided to tell her, that he had fallen in love with her long ago, but doesn't have the capacity to accept it in front of her, it was a love that many may not believe because they had never met each other.

they only talked on phone calls and video calls. how anyone can fall in love with only talking on calls or texts? Strange?

It is what it is.

There was nothing he could do now, and he also didn't want to do anything that could hurt her now or in the future. They both decided to End the contact, that was their last Video call, and they both cried on that video call, The last 5 minutes of the call was a deep silence.

they promised they would never ever contact each other again, but they will have deep respect for each other and they will pray for each other all their life.


It's been 4 years and they both are keeping the promise and never contact each other !!!

This is one untold True Love story


Take Care Everyone.

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