2021, August

UK gov warns 2.6 billion people may die because of the Covid Vaccines Sunday the first of August of 2021. Is thinking banned yet Monday. People regret getting Covid Vaccines and many of them are dying from them Tuesday. 7-day Facebook Timeout Wednesday. Lawn Mowed Thursday. Owen Benjamin has a mother Friday. Friday Night Tights Saturday.

Annual church picnic. People are marching in Paris Sunday the 8th. Prison Planet Meet Prison Cars Monday. Osama Bin Laden is Tim Osman Tuesday. Wind Destroys Viruses Wednesday. Covid Vaccine Kills Mother In Front of Boy Thursday. Sofia Date End. Moles Flooding. Friday Night Tights in Las Vegas Friday. Las Vegas Looks Nice Saturday.

Come and take us Sunday the 15th. Potato Harvesting Monday. Rocks By Fence Tuesday. Agent Orange in America Wednesday. Moving compost. Antarctica Thursday. Sofia Thinks I'm Banana Friday. Trump Alabama Saturday.

Cookies Criminal Liability Over Civil Sunday the 22nd. Studies Show Over Experts Say is Real Science Monday. Covid Vaccines is the New Medical Nazi Tuesday. Covid Vaccines Giving People Polio-Like Symptoms Wednesday. Forest Grove Exit Post, Ranger Villains, & Play Money Thursday. Pizza Eating Lady on Friday Night Tights. How do we RECALL BIDEN Friday. No idea. But keep the ballot audits going folks. Group Chat Services Post Saturday. Aligning With Common Law Sunday the 29th. Killer Hospitals Volleyball Monday. Fishy Scales Coming Off Tuesday.

My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold.
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Oatmeal Monthly - 2021-08 - August of 2021 | Published in August of 2021

Published by Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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UK gov warns 2.6 billion people may die because of the Covid Vaccines.

2021-08-01 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-08-01 22:54:01 Covid Vaccines 2.6 billions.png

UK gov warns 2.6 billion people may die because of the Covid Vaccines.

UK gov warns 2.6 billion people may die because of the Covid Vaccine induced mutations, billion with a big big big big big big big big big big big B. Keyword here is induced. And not really may but is already and it will be if things continue at this rate thanks to sheep getting vaccinated.

I pray that all 50 states will decertify their electoral college vote because there was fraud in every state in 2020 in America.

Is thinking banned yet?

2021-08-02 - Monday

Think Not Illegal Yet 229733112_127320079598656_2783876556225561479_n.jpg

Is thinking banned yet?

Freedom Day. Get your Freedom Chip. Trust us, we are your overlords. We would never lie to you and it is called FREEDOM. Why would you doubt it? It is called FREEDOM. We will stick the FREEDOM CHIP into your body to give you FREEDOM because you can only obtain FREEDOM from us. We know you love us and worship us because we CREATED and INVENTED and GAVE YOU some FREEDOM thanks to the FREEDOM CHIP. Happy FREEDOM DAY.

Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment was published in 1974 and it covers the 2020 lockdowns and beyond, it was all planned out decades in advance and we could have stopped it had we simply knew how to read published books which we could have found and read. These are not secret books.

The purpose is to get everyone afraid, to lose trust in all governments good or bad, to leave people sick or worse in the billions, to divide and conquer. It looks like the control-freaks have you by the balls.

JUST SAY NO TO THE BAD BAD BAD C00V11D GAGCC1NES. THEY WILL LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE and say the rising caaaases due to those that dont get guuuuuubed. But the truth is the reverse. But they will demand for lockdowns coming in August of 2021 in many countries. Could be any day now. They're trying to get all the states in America to clamp back down. Just say no. Stand up or you will never get another opportunity again.

Mike Adams predicts millions will be dead in the next 12-36 months from now due to c00kiev1d gaggcc1nes.

Black lady says turn off your brain because they're the experts and we just pass on the information. No need to scrutinize or analyze when you're a zombie. Do what we say and no questions asked says the black lady at the White House.

2020 U.S. riots caused at least two billion dollars in damages, at least 25 dead, many injured. But they want you to believe the real monsters are related to that of a thing called Jan6.

People regret getting Covid Vaccines and many of them are dying from them.

2021-08-03 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-08-03 17:32:45 Covid Vaccine Regret.png

People regret getting Covid Vaccines and many of them are dying from them.

The Devil hides being puns, speaks with forked tongue. Case in point, White House Jen.

Globalists plan to give up their bodies in the name of transhumanism to merge with what they believe is their god(s). They believe they must sacrifice all humans on the planet before they can transcend off-world. That is simply what they believe and are doing right now. Are we going to let these LUNATICS blow up our planet? That is what these TRILLIONAIRES are doing right now.

The general public is being conditioned to kill other people in order to get their EBT cards to work to get free food, we are talking The Hunger Games. You must red-pill people but also make friends with like-minded folks and be ready for having other people turn on you. Know who your friends are now before it is too late.

White House announce you have to have vookc1ne passports and when vookc1nes make you sick, they say it is actually the un-vooooked who made you sick.

7-day Facebook Timeout

2021-08-04 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-08-04 23:01:03 Facebook Banned This.png

Facebook put me on a 7 day timeout for sharing an edited poste about Covid Vaccines

Did you know that YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU do and you are right now living in North Korea?

Covid Vaccine from a mother went into breast milk and then into the baby boy who later died because of it.

Rachel from Friends tells us we have to get c0v1d vookc1nes because as the song goes, "Nobody told me life was going to be this way... when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year. But I'll be there for you" to help you jump off this cliff of logic.

The sp1ke pr0tein in the glooob gives you cancer.

If Alex Jones, as crazy as he is, can wake up Tucker Carlson, then who can you not wake up? If he can do it, then so can you. That is the hope we have. That is the influence we have on each other. It does work and it is contagious. The truth will set you free and the truth is a storm you cannot tame. You cannot stop the truth from getting out.

Lawn Mowed

2021-08-05 - Thursday

Covid Meme 219284336_308889107682229_1824637651841503452_n.jpg

Masks are jokes just like this meme

Super Germs are created mostly in hospitals and Covid Variations are born likewise from the tip of a needle.

If you get sick or die from Covid Vaccines as many are, schools and employers and insurance are saying they don't cover that because it is outside their scope of financial coverage.

Fox executives would hold meetings with staff talking about finding ways to trick parents into putting Covid Vaccines into their own children, pure propaganda, collusion between governments and corporations. Covid Vaccines are killing at least half a million Americans in 2021 already.

Was ancient magic actually unknown technology from long ago forgotten in the sands of time?

Owen Benjamin has a mother

2021-08-06 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-08-06 14:58:11.png

Mike is having a thing on the 10th to the 12th of August of 2021

Fake news said there was an Indian variant of Covid. Officials in India said that was not happening. So, fake news then said, after that, there is this brand new Delta Variant of Covid. In reality, the variants come from Covid Vaccines and they are killing people. Covid is not killing people. But Covid Vaccines are killing millions of people.

They don't make vaccines for the common cold because the common cold is inside a protein jacket that is the same as the protein in our body. If you tell the immune system to kill it, then it is trained to kill your own body.

Why haven't we had vaccines for the common cold even after a century of knowing about them going back to the 1920s? Because it causes autoimmune responses which causes the body to eat itself up to make holes inside of it which then causes strokes and heart attacks, blood clots, seizures.

Engineer man came to fix a commercial boiler. They said, "Where's your mask?" He replied, "Oh, I can leave." They were quick, "Wait, never mind, go ahead and fix our boiler please."

Historically, black people was slang for lower class people who work in the sun, they would get darker skin and would live longer because of it. Kings and the ruling class in many countries for thousands of years would generally stay out of the sun and have lighter skin. We all know Arnold, his surname, Schwarzenegger, translates black ploughman in German. Schwarz means black. Negger means black person. And schwärzen means to blacken. So, it does not mean African or black person but a person with darker skin due to working out in the sun as a farmer. You should work in the sun because that is a good source of Vitamin C.

People cannot believe Bill Gates wants to and is in fact killing them even after Bill Gates saying to the world he wants to kill humans, he said it on Ted Talk which was uploaded to YouTube many years ago for everyone to see.

Friday Night Tights

2021-08-07 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-08-07 12:48:57 Friday Night Tights.png

I was watching Friday Night Tights

The belief that Hillary, Rothschild, etc, are untouchable, unstoppable, etc, is a black pill, it's a chasm of fatalism, nihilism, pacifism, etc, etc, etc, a series of feelings, ideology, perspective. And such a point of view pushes you into the mud of a can't-do attitude and a series of things. Some people can be too optimistic. Other people can be too pessimistic. But either way, both perspective can be off. But truth is stranger than fiction. We should seek a balance in perspective. We should be ready for the worse, always be preparing, we can accept it, and we should also be always ready and always expecting the best at the same time, always open minded, always striving for miracles regardless, no matter what, one step at a time, one day at a time, in a practical manner, in a gradual manner as life is the essence of love which is truly the essence of justice and grace which stands as the fortress of life itself. That is the meaning to life. That is the meaning to love, it is an endless loop. It is everything and more and it does work and it always has and always will work.

In regards to abortion, technically, the brain does not simply form or finish forming completely while you are in the womb but instead the brain continues to form more and more for the first 20 to 30 years of your life. So, is a brain a brain during the beginning stages of formation or the ending stages when you are 20 years old or possibly older than that as well? The argument can be that an unborn baby is a person when the brain or heart or certain organs are formed or perhaps finished forming. But with the brain, the problem is it is forming in the womb and yet it also continues to form outside of the womb as well. So, it become more a question of which stage of the formation of the brain is the stage that you consider the brain fully developed or developed enough at that stage in contrast with the fact that it will in fact continue to develop for years to come.

Non-profit organizations hide behind 501(c)(3) forms and yet don't tell you about their 501(c)(4) filing where they can get donations. So, a CEO may say he or she is making $30,000 a year or whatever is a small enough money. In some places, they're also making millions of dollars in donations but do not disclose it. In some cases, there are a bunch of different organizations they're connected to, we're talking money laundering, money is moving around. They hide behind legalize.

People are marching in Paris

2021-08-08 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-08-08 18:34:40 Paris March.png

People are marching in Paris

14 million Africans were murdered by globalists via lockdown in 2020 which caused starvation.

Graphene level. Imagine getting tested in the future and they say your graphene level is not high enough. They will try to normalize it even tho graphene was put into our body from Covid Vaccines. But they will try to say it is normal to have it and that it must be high enough. So, must get your booster. They will try to make it look normal and yet it is toxic and foreign and not normal and the body tries to flush it out.

David Icke said at a rally, probably in the UK, now is the time we no longer think of consequences when doing right, we simply do it. Just do it as Nike's motto goes, just do it. Do what is right, that is integrity.

There is a Microsoft Bill Gates sponsored video game made for children and teens who play as military and police who are sent on a mission to murder peaceful anti-lockdown protesters, people walking around in marches and rallies. I'm not talking about Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), ISIS, KKK, and other violent insurrectionists and domestic terrorists and so on and so forth. I'm talking about a video game where you kill peaceful protesters who simply want freedom. So, in other words, you play as the bad guy. Worse than Dexter Morgan which I like Dexter. So, bad comparison.

Prison Planet Meet Prison Cars

2021-08-09 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-08-09 01:03:31 Obama.png

Obama Party

YouTube removed all of my videos off Joeyarnold7 it appears or made them private or only visible for adults who are logged in.

There may be over 100,000 Chinese agents inside the United States as of 2021, some of them being soldiers, some of them college students, some if not all of them undercover of course, not to mention thousands of troops being spotted in Canada and Mexico.

14 million Africans were murdered by globalists via lockdown in 2020 which caused starvation.

What is in this infrastructure bill? Cars will have tracking devices and eye scanners and different things by law to make it so you have to pass the tests and that the U.S. government can by law steal your vehicles and arrest you. They plan to tax you by the mile. They plan to track and scan and watch and record and copy everything in your phone. When you take a photo of your 2 year old child in your bath tub, they will squat team you.

When you see the tops of the eyes, above the black pupils, the white parts, people who show you the tops of their eyes are insane control freaks or leftists or something.

Osama Bin Laden is Tim Osman

2021-08-10 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-08-10 21:55:02 Tim Osman.png

Osama Bin Laden is Tim Osman

Osama Bin Laden is Tim Osman.

Journalists, stop doing your job and do your duty.

Facebook said Russian bots are spreading fake news about Covid Vaccines which are killing millions of people which it is. In other words, it is not fake news, those are not Russian bots, they are simply real people spreading truth and getting punished for doing so.

Legislators are being censored in state senates for stating that China stole the 2020 election from Trump which they did and those who censor that are colluding with China.

On Twitter, accounts are saying Covid Vaccines have not murdered them yet. I took some screenshots because millions of people are dying from those vaccines right now globally these next several years and especially in 2021, this current year in an aggressive acceleration.

You can't call Ashli Babbit an insurrectionist if she was not charged with insurrection. They put over 500 peaceful Americans into DC jail but didn't charge them with insurrection. But on the news, they say they were insurrectionists. But they were not.

You start with a graph of the total population of a county based on the 2020 U.S. Census. Under that line is the line of those registered under that line. And under that second line, you can cast a prediction of how many votes you may get. You can look for patterns, signatures, keys, between one county and another county. In other words, you can look for algorithms. You can contrast the predictions or the numbers we were given with patterns found in previous election cycles found in history. You can be Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery.

Where's your mask? I was rape victim. They made me wear a mask.

Wind Destroys Viruses

2021-08-11 - Wednesday


Facebook colluded with government

UV light destroys viruses. Wind tears viruses apart. Water can dissolves viruses depending on the pH levels.

Don't cut out only 80% of the cancer tumor because it grows back like weeds, it starts pooping out babies all over the body and then it becomes even harder to stop each time they end up restarting because it multiplies and accelerates each time it restarts.

Covid Vaccine Kills Mother In Front of Boy

2021-08-12 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-08-12 21:03:08 Mom dying.png

Covid Vaccine is Killing Mommy, The Son is Terrified, Bill Gates is Laughing.

It's not Big Tech, it's Government Tech. Watch out for these people. It's not Big Tech, it's Government Tech. See, Big Tech lie when they say Big Tech ban people. Actually, government tells Big Tech to censor people. But in a court of law, they lie to judges and say they censor, ban, etc. No. It's government colluding with Big Tech. There are laws against that. People must go after the real people who are actually doing it and not the puppets, the cover-stories they hide behind. Watch out for these people.

What we want is not diversity of skin color but diversity of ideas.

We have 6 trillion cells but 300 trillion bacteria and viruses.

If you took the shot, there are crystals which will continue to grow inside you until you die, it may take a few years, we are talking about billions of people who cannot have children dead before 2030 and many before 2025. China refused the jabs from America.

Doctors and nurses give this girl MAD COW. She is crying. Crystals will grow in her body and kill her. Mommy is there too. Mommy is MURDERING her baby. Mommy is hugging her and so happy her daughter will die a painful dead. Billions of people soon. Are you excited to see everyone around you die die die die die die? Are you ready?

Going down the same path, same shared principles, goals, path, missions, heart, is critical.

They're trying to get Anti-Vaxxers to protest in America so they can create another Jan6 all over again, they will try to blow up hospitals or schools and blame it on the Anti-Vaxxers. So far, the globalists are angry because there are no giant rallies, protests, marches, in the United States. But when there are, they will try very hard to use the fake news to spread the lies and force military to take Americans to FEMA camps, the CDC internment Death Camps where you will rot and die in. That's the plan, to have police stationed on so many highways ready to pull you over to test you and then make up an excuse to throw you in these camps. You have been warned. They want to either go crazy or to do nothing at all and either of those two choices are the wrong choices for you.

Friday Night Tights in Las Vegas

2021-08-13 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-08-13 17 38 11 OATMEAL JOEY ARNOLD.png

I was on the SofiaDate.com website.

In 1976, there was a commercial talking about getting protection from the swine flu. It was the same fear mongering, the same shot, the same movie script, the same lies, as what we all see in 2021. After that, so many people were suing them that they had to trick Ronald Reagan to give them a Get Out Of Jail Monopoly Card.

In 1976, they had a list of celebrities who they said got the swine shot. For example, Mary Tyler Moore said in an interview that was a lie, she didn't take the shot, nobody asked for permission to use her name in the advertisements, the commercials.

Texas warns Austin restaurants that their liquor licenses could be revoked for requiring proof of Covid vaccinations.

Trump failed to get good Supreme Court Justices, even Amy is a swamp creature as she refuses to tackle evil Covid Vaccines which are killing millions of people.


What do you do if your employer requires me to get vaccines?
First, find out there are actual policy requiring vaccines for staff. Second, look for exemptions. Third, look for medical reasons why it would be unwise to get vaccines. Fourth, find out if you're already immune and therefore not in need of vaccines. Fifth, find out if you can obtain religious exemptions. Sixth, if a vaccine may be violating the Nuremberg Code which is both national and international law punishable by death. But if you have to, quit. Try to sue. Try to let people know what they're doing. Become a whistle blower. It may violate disability acts, laws, systems, as it labels people without disabilities with alleged and perceived disabilities.

Black Rock is buying up all of the houses, apartments, when you go to rent, they will say, "Sorry your social credit score too low, you shouldn't have been Pro America. You should have been more Pro Communist. Hope you enjoy being homeless. Have a beautiful day comrad, good bye and die soon please, Bill Gates needs to use your body for a new experiment."

Las Vegas Looks Nice

2021-08-14 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-08-15 00:12:11.png

Geeks + Gamers were running on wild in Las Vegas, check them out on YouTube and on their website.

Censorship killed people. There are so many natural remedies, cures, medicines, vitamins, for destroying Covid. But Big Tech and Fake News censor these cures. That led to people actually dying in 2020.

Come and take us

2021-08-15 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-08-15 08:37:37 NBC News, Covid Opposition is terrorism.png

Come arrest me because I believe in freedom.

It was on news on television, if you question c000v1d, you are a terr00r1st. Right now, they're hatching out big false flags to blame on Americans, a new Jan6. They'll trying blow things up, shoot people, etc, and then blame it on patriots, etc.

Potato Harvesting

2021-08-16 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-08-16 12:40:14.png

Covid Vaccines Messing Up Mommies

You die without iodine.

5 million Afghanistan refugees to come to Europe and thousands coming to Texas soon, some will be terrorists, open borders are designed to divide and conquer.

Doctors were censored in 2020 on social media and on the news for talking about Covid Cures. Vaccines were coming out on the assumption that there were to be no Covid Treatment. The vaccines are killing millions to billions of people these next few years, in the 2020s, and these vaccines are not vaccines.

Taliban is going door to door murdering people on their list.

Rocks By Fence

2021-08-17 - Tuesday


Get The One Ting That Can Kill You, Covid Vaccines Are Killing People

Get the FUCKING COVID VACCINES which will kill you, will give you cancer, they actual put this up in front of people.

The main cause of Polio was the Polio Vaccines, it messed up so many people for so many years.

Agent Orange in America

2021-08-18 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-08-17 22:42:55 Crazy Woman.png

This crazy preschool teacher likes talking about genitals with your children, your babies

Agent Orange is being sprayed on crops in America. They're literally running around destroying forests and farmlands all over. That means no food. What are you going to do about that?

Infinite amounts of realities, parallel universes, would potentially or logically speaking cancel each other out meaning if an infinite amount of all possible and impossible combinations of events happened, is happening, and will happen, in an infinite amount of parallel timelines, then that would probably include events leading to the destruction of all realities of the future, present, and past.

Which reminds me of the last episode of Star Trek Next Generation where the reality of all the parallel dimensions were and was and is and are and will be thus and therefore, paradox or not, on the brink of total destruction.


2021-08-19 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-08-20 01:09:09.png

Is this something you will find at Antarctica?

Covid Vaccines lower your T-Cells by 1/6 which I think is around 15%.

Transplant patients are told they must get Covid Vaccines or else they cannot get the transplants.

Provide to your children what was denied to you. Stefan Molyneux was denied non-violence and rational discussions or ability to talk logically through philosophical issues growing up.

Sofia Thinks I'm Banana

2021-08-20 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-08-21 01:45:43.png

I don't know if Sofia Date is a fake website or what but this is the reply I got there.

Covid is an engineered cold virus. Just be healthy. And sick people will die from anything. The real problem is Covid Vaccines are murdering millions of people starting in 2020 and into these next few years.

Covid is a real virus which was engineered in labs for years. Every time a person got ran over by a car, they say that person died from Covid. No, the car killed that person. But some people did die from Covid but they would have died from anything because unhealthy people can die from the common cold. Covid is a modified common cold. Covid is not any worse than the flu which suddenly disappeared.

Covid Vaccines were also engineered for years now. They tricked Trump into Operation Warp Speed and yet Bill Gates and others had the vaccines all ready even before March of 2020. The vaccines were carefully studied and tested on the Chinese population going back years. That is why they locked up their apartments, houses. They created a prison in China. They boarded up the buildings so Chinese could not crawl out of the windows. Millions of Chinese were murdered in just 2020 alone. It was worse than what you find in North Korea. The vaccines is killing millions to billions of humans globally these next few years, that is in the 2020s. You can save people from this Black Death. There are things we can do. But sitting there will only make things worse. Ignoring this warning will increase your chances of dying from those vaccines, even if you don't take the vaccines yourself as it spreads person to person. There are natural remedies and things we must do each day as every second counts.

Imagine living in North Korea eating rats with dead bodies all around you. Worse, imagine having your house boarded up on the outside. Imagine being welded in so you cannot crawl out of the window like millions of Chinese in 2020 and also before that too. Millions of Chinese were trapped in their homes and apartments and rooms, they starved to death.

The government experimented with the Covid virus and also the Covid Vaccines to experiment and test the vaccines on their bodies as if their bodies were guinea pigs. They had giant fires and ovens and places were they would burn up the Chinese bodies, you could see it from space or even from South Korea possibly. There are videos online of millions of Chinese crying and screaming in large cities all over China as they could not get out of their houses.

The monsters are trying to kill all humans on earth including you. The Covid Vaccines are killing millions to billions of humans all around the world these next few years in the 2020s and the vaccines spread from person to person. So, even if you do not get the vaccine, the vaccine spreads through the air to you too. When you get it, you may become infertile and get cancer and HIV and more.

You may get blood clots, brain seizures, heart attacks, and especially autoimmune diseases and disorders which will cause your own body to eat itself. There are some natural remedies but it will be very tough and you may die slowly or quickly now from cancer and tumors caused by those vaccines.

Trump Alabama

2021-08-21 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-08-21 15:47:23.png

People getting problems after getting Covid Vaccines.

Rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man. That is the slogan of a movement started by African American Jesse Lee Peterson many years ago.

Chris said the Old Testament was original called the Book of Remembrance which blacks were the keepers of the book, to preserve for centuries. That is why they use things like Covid Vaccines in an attempt to target and murder blacks.

Cookies Criminal Liability Over Civil

2021-08-22 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-08-22 15:13:03.png

Owen Shroyer is going to prison Monday.

Cookie companies may have civil liability protection. However, they don't have criminal liability protection meaning individuals can take them to court. You can file reports, complaints, lawsuits, etc. You can call people. You can walk on up to the local buildings in a city near you.

In California, they can see your vote, that is if you want a new governor, from the outside of the envelope. People see them and they end up stealing these envelopes, these ballots meaning huge election theft in 2021. Show these photos and videos with your friends. Raise the awareness to this scam of conveniently placed holes in the envelopes which exposes the paper inside.

Studies Show Over Experts Say is Real Science

2021-08-23 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-08-23 16:15:34.png

Why are they going after Owen Shroyer for Jan6?

Science is founded on "STUDIES SHOW" and not on "EXPERTS SAY."

Pilots who get Covid Vaccines may end up unable to fly planes during the flight.

At least several dozens of airline employees and pilots are filing lawsuits against airlines over the forced vaccination of Covid Vaccines which are not vaccines and which are killing millions to billions of humans globally potentially these next few years in the 2020s.

Covid Vaccines are bio-weapons says doctors, scientists.

Covid Vaccines is the New Medical Nazi

2021-08-24 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-08-24 17:49:02 Nazi Medical.png

Covid Vaccines is the New Medical Nazi

The goob was approved by the eff-dee-aye but the results of the v000kc1ne studies, tests, will not be finished until 2025.

Covid Vaccines are "SAFE, EFFECTIVE, AND NEEDED" FOR DEPOPULATION as it kills millions to billions of humans worldwide in the 2020s said Oatmeal Joey Arnold in 2021 many times, potentially at least.

Freedom, not diversity, is what gives people opportunity to compete and succeed in sports and in life in general, it doesn't matter what color or ethnicity or race or gender or religion or culture or size or height or age you may or may not be of, what matters is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog to quote Micheal Jordan.

Apple is spying on you, Apple scans Apple computers every minute or every so often. In other words, if you have an Apple phone or computer or laptop, Apple is spying on you and will do things to you if you are against tyranny, Covid Vaccines which is killing people, etc.

Covid Vaccines Giving People Polio-Like Symptoms

2021-08-25 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-08-25 23:28:42.png

Female Hitler of YouTube

Pfizer has 2 Covid Vaccines, the FDA approved the one that is not yet available and the other Pfizer Covid Vaccine is not FDA approved.

3 tracks, the track of the good, the track of the bad, and the majority is on the track of headless chickens running around not knowing what the Hell they're doing.

See, the first 2 Covid Vaccines are designed to lower your immune system and the 3rd one or booster shot is designed to take you over totally.

They say people will be getting Polio soon but will not you why or how. People are getting Polio-like symptoms caused by Covid Vaccines.

Small Pox is said to be deadly, contagious, viral. When compared to Covid, you can see the real pandemic would be Small Pox. but now we got Covid Vaccines which is really deadly as it tells your body to manufacture more viruses and such to destroy you from the inside-out and to then spread through the air to people near by to murder as well.

Why would you get Covid Vaccines to get immunity if you already have immunity? See, if you are already immune and you get Covid Vaccines, then then that takes away your natural immunity and gives you synthetic immunity with deadly potential side-effects.

The gateway from the conscious to the subconscious mind is emotions. The technique used in brain washing begins with triggering emotions in order to poke a hole into the subliminal superego and is followed with inserting propaganda into that hole. There are a variety of means used, often simultaneously, to create this hole right into the depths of your own soul without your awareness and that includes music, fear, love, lust, visuals, audio, doubt, curiosity, bias, a variety of emotions, feelings, moods, perspective, thinking, and especially in yanking onto the cords of our own internal central beliefs.

Forest Grove Exit Post, Ranger Villains, & Play Money

2021-08-26 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-08-26 20:20:15.png

Look up Robert Malone


They created thousands of trillions of dollars but most of that is imaginary money so to speak that is not backed by gold or other means. A lot of money has been credit, debt, theoretical, and such. The globalists and others hide behind their Sim City money, their Monopoly Play Money. We have to stand up against them. They print it and make as much as they want. We have to move away from it. They use money to enslave us.

Australian people are laid back but the plandemic is waking them up and they intend to hold Nuremberg 2 Trials to hold everyone guilty to accountability to pay for their crimes against humanity. Other countries will do this too.

Hospitals put patients onto ventilators against their own will, spouses would even say this and question them. In most cases in 2020 in regards to Covid, a major problem is that ventilators was a major factor that led to the deaths of thousands of people in just America alone. Blood is on the hands of Trump and especially the governor in New York.


2021-08-27 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-08-27 22:40:03 Chrissie Mayr Pizza.png

Pizza Eating Lady was on Friday Night Tights on YouTube on Nerdrotic


Japanese confirmed Covid Vaccines contains liquid metal.

Israeli study just came out showing Natural Immunity is 13x more effective than Covid Vaccines at stopping Delta Variants. Plus, Covid Vaccines are killing millions to billions of people, no big deal.

They're trying to pass laws banning vitamins from being allowed to ship to your house in America. THese kinds of laws can destroy the health of world.

Covid Vaccines are killing millions to billions of humans globally, Trump simply telling people about that only helps. We are already in a civil war. So, in other words, it is a lie to say that Trump is doing the right to tell people to get Covid Vaccines which are killing people, giving them cancer, tumors, blood clots, autoimmune diseases, disorders, brain seizures. Japan government just came out saying the vaccines, which are not vaccines, have liquid metal in it. An Israeli study just came out saying natural immunity is 13X more effective than Covid Vaccines. And we are still in Lockdown. So, saying we would still be in lockdown.... WHAT THE FUCK.... We are still in lockdown and a variety of things. It is only going to stop if we stop ot. Like Chris Sky says on Infowars Alex Jones, JUST SAY NO to vaccines and tyranny and everything. Trump should say no to vaccines. Trump should tell us everything. Not doing that is not good.

See is an Apple TV show which came out in 2019, it starts off with Covid depopulation the human race to 2 million people who then become blind. Covid kills 99% of humans in See, an Apple TV show. Everyone becomes blind until 2 twins are born. One finds a book named 1984.

Rockefeller came out with a plan in 2010, it had 4 scenarios or steps, the first being stealth mode meaning carousing the general public into globalism. If that fails to work, step 2 in Lockstep or Lockdowns which was initiated in 2020. Step 3 involves hack attacks which is happening in 2021. The 4th step after that in called Smart Scramble.

The decline towards globalism begun with the tribes thousands of years ago, it can be better when humans are as independent and as decentralized as possible because tribes is a transition towards communism which tyrants take advantage of.

Group Chat Services Post

2021-08-28 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-08-29 00:11:25.png

Even Bill Maher is against the jab.

Tim Cast mentioned how they have these laws in America, if you are caught with more than $8K in cash, even if you are going to deposit it into a bank, cops will grab it from your wallet, your car, wherever it is, and steal it and you never get it back. Talk about violating private property rights.

They're trying to normalize disappearing people to minimize how many people fight back as the police disappear people in different countries. They're trying to drug up the general public globally to fall back asleep.

Aligning With Common Law

2021-08-29 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-08-29 23:00:20 Military vs USA.png

This so-called U.S. military lady wants to murder Americans. She said so in a video.

But the good news is some police and some officials do choose to align with common law and especially if government is trying to force people to violate the Nuremberg Code for example which is international which probably means it is a violation of maritime law as maritime law deals with or should deal with international treaties and agreements and contracts between nations, countries, states, territories, governing bodies, different places, different jurisdictions, different groups, different bodies, different unions, different groups of people, etc.

Killer Hospitals Volleyball

2021-08-30 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-08-31 12:04:24 Never Ending Narrative Horse Carrot Stick Act.png

You're a horse, follow the carrot but don't take horse medicine you horse.

Hospitals are MURDERING people. They are lying about it too.

Covid Vaccines contain live viruses, it sheds, as the viruses mutates, it becomes deadlier and deadlier as it spreads from person to person. Governments around the world plan to force humans to get booster shots at least twice a year. The shots will weaken your immune system, give you cancer, that is if it does not kill you first.

Life expectancy is a fraud. For example, if a baby dies at birth and and another person dies at the age of 100, then the average of those 2 numbers, the life expectancy would be 50. But that is retarded and not true. Averaging out those types of numbers is not really going to help you. Life expectancy is dropping a few years in 2021 thanks to Covid Vaccines and not thanks to Covid.

Fishy Scales Coming Off

2021-08-31 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-08-31 17:31:51 Veritas Tips.png

Veritas Tips is changing the world.

Why did Japan ban COVID VACCINES? Men and women are dumb if they refuse to watch Infowars Alex Jones at Banned.Video.

DR. JUDY A MIKOVITS said Covid Vaccines contain blueprints for the engine driving cancer which murders people.



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UK gov warns 2.6 billion people may die because of the Covid Vaccines. Welcome to August of 2021.

Is thinking banned yet?

People regret getting Covid Vaccines and many of them are dying from them

7-day Facebook Timeout

Lawn Mowed

Owen Benjamin has a mother

Friday Night Tights

People are marching in Paris

Prison Planet Meet Prison Cars

Osama Bin Laden is Tim Osman

Wind Destroys Viruses

Covid Vaccine Kills Mother In Front of Boy

Friday Night Tights in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Looks Nice

Come and take us

Potato Harvesting

Rocks By Fence

Agent Orange in America


Sofia Thinks I'm Banana

Trump Alabama

Cookies Criminal Liability Over Civil

Studies Show Over Experts Say is Real Science

Covid Vaccines is the New Medical Nazi

Covid Vaccines Giving People Polio-Like Symptoms

Forest Grove Exit Post, Ranger Villains, & Play Money

How do we RECALL BIDEN? No idea. But Ballot Audits do help.

Group Chat Services Post

Aligning With Common Law

Killer Hospitals Volleyball

Fishy Scales Coming Off



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