Archive of texts on the steps to a Great WAR (2021)

War and Revolution 2-5xwna1.jpgИли ће револуција спречити рат, или ће рат изазвати револуцију

In 2021 fake pandemic enter the poisonous stage with the ‘vaccines’ whose side effects not all the power of the corporate media could hide. Perfectly healthy athletes started falling dead on the pitch after the ‘vaccination’ all over the World. The greatest step towards the war was made…

Support for belligerent Nazi structures in Ukraine was rising in the USA and EU during 2021, with open armament of its military formations directed towards Donbass. Eight-year war against the Russian-speaking population did not move anyone in the West. Nor did anyone in the West tried to remind Ukraine to fulfill its obligation from the Minsk agreements. From month to month it was getting more clear and obvious that we will have soon have a war terrible enough for everyone to forget a Coronavirus Hoax and its criminal organizers…

Following a path to the Great War which would allow plutocratic psychopaths to evade responsibility, and could allow the Evil Empire of Lies to rise again, we have gathered a number of texts. It is time to make yearly archives for the easier orientation and search…

Timeline is going from the bottom of the text up.

57. THE WAR: A Psychopath Contest [eng/срп] РАТ: Конкурс за психопату (Dec. 15th, 2021)

Whenever psychopathic plutocracy want to make ‘The Great Reset’, ie. the Great War – it must create some necessary preconditions. Minimal two preconditions are: Bringing the population into a state of despair, and then then same plutocracy will offer a ‘savior’ whose ‘solution’, as you can guess from the previous two examples, will be hard but neccessary – the war. Only desperate population is ready for anything, even up to the unimaginable things. As the French philosopher and writer Voltaire once said: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” And a psychopath contest for a lunatic who will start new war is already underway…

56. THE WAR Against Population [eng/срп] РАТ против популације (Nov. 28th, 2021)

In recent days, a campaign of resistance to ecological destruction has been raging in Serbia, brought by the mining giant Rio Tinto. At the same time, things are reaching the public that show how the financial plutocracy is waging war against the people…

55. THE WAR: Demise of a ‘Civilization’ and the Great Reset [eng/срп] РАТ: Одумирање цивилизације и велико ресетовање (Oct. 12th, 2021)

A Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix in order to master the minds of people, occasionally changes the terminology by introducing different names for things that are repeated throughout history. Why is the ‘Great Reset’ an euphemism for the Great War?

Еvery cycle of a huge robbery is always ends with a Big Bang. Before Klaus Schwab this Big Bang was called the World War. Before it was called the World War, it was called the conquest campaign. But it is always the same, cruel way of exterminating the population that needs to be robbed. Еvery cycle of a huge robbery is created thanks to the centralized control of financial system. Pierre Jovanović and Max Keiser prepared an excellent documentary on corruption in France and the long and bloody period of the ‘Great Reset’ of the whole of Europe that began with the French bourgeois revolution and grew into Napoleon’s conquests. Now the ‘elite’ needs another psychopath for an ending of a current cycle…

54. THE WAR: Propaganda [eng/срп] РАТ: Пропаганда (Oct. 9th, 2021)

There is in Serbia (maybe in other countries too) a saying: “Never ask a woman for her age, never ask a man for his wage, and never ask German corporation what they did from 1938 to 1945.” Well, in this text you can see a series of war posters which explain what German corporations were doing at that time…

53. THE WAR… is Business [eng/срп] РАТ… је бизнис (Sep. 22nd, 2021)

In 2016, France signed a contract with the Australian government for the construction of 12 diesel-electric submarines, worth just over 90 billion dollars. Then we have learned that the Australia, United Kingdom, United States (A-UK-US) tripartite coalition has torn that treaty behind the back of France Government and agreed a new one – to build nuclear-powered combat submarines – all with the noble aim of ‘preserving peace in the Pacific’. And while China expressed its dissatisfaction diplomatically with restraint, realizing that the agreement was primarily directed against them, France choked with rage… but business is business, and the war is also business.

52. THE WAR: 9/11 - Birthday of Terror/Industrial complex [eng/срп] РАТ: 11. септембар рођендан терористичко/индустријског комплекса (Sep. 11th, 2021)

A grim anniversary: 20 years since 9/11 terrorist attacks. That event, more than anything else, exposed the murderous nature of the Empire, but also the nature of the war. As Orwell well said:

“The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labor. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.”
— George Orwell

Devoiding masses of education keeps them more controllable. If they can’t be controlled, then they should be exterminated by large in a World scale clash…

51. THE WAR: History of Fascism [eng/срп] РАТ: Историја фашизма (Sep. 1st, 2021)

Аn excellent documentary movie titled “Fascism: A History” showing that fascism existed before and after Hitler. Nazi Germany was only one form of its manifestation. A historical overview of this vicious ideology not only explains its roots, but also helps to view contemporary events in a completely different light…

50. ХИБРИДНИ РАТ: Манипулација страхом (Serbian – Aug. 23rd, 2021)

Масе никад нису жуделе за истином. Оне окрећу главу од доказа који им нису по укусу, радије глорификујући грешку која их опчињава. Когод може да им обезбеди илузију, лако постаје њихов господар; когод покуша да им разори илузије, увек постаје њихова жртва.
– Густав ле Бон

У ‘серији о рату’ помињао сам хибридни рат у контексту злоупотребе спорта као још једне линије фронта. Нажалост, хибридни рат је креиран за нешто много горе од напада на поједине државе. То је систем за рат против човечанства. Али на страху није могуће изградити никакво одрживо друштво. Више о томе објасниће вам сјајни професор социологије др Слободан Рељић.

49. HYBRID WAR: Manipulation with Fear (Aug. 23rd, 2021)

In the ‘War Series’ I have mentioned Hybrid War in the context of abuse of sports like another war frontline. Unfortunately, Hybrid War is designed for something much worse than an attack on individual states. It is a system for war against all mankind…

In this text you can find an excellent explanation of the mass psychosis creation, and compare it to the current situation and the manipulation done through monstrous corporate media mechanism to which we are all exposed. And James Corbett from ‘Corbett Report’ focuses mainly to the Malthusian lie about the overpopulation and Club of Rome’s fearmongering in their document called ‘The Limits to Growth’ from 1972. You may count on new fears as you can count on death. The rulers are preparing and serving them without a breather, in which population could stop and think about the meaning of life in fear…

48. Невидљиви рат (Serbian – Jun. 21st, 2021)

Културни рат као изузетно важан део хибридног рата – објашњава професор социологије др Слободан Антонић, писац изузетно занимљиве књиге ‘Демонтажа културе’. Он на примеру Србије описује елементе културног рата, тако да те исте елементе можете препознати у употреби против других држава – укључујући ту и саме Сједињене Државе.

47. USA: The Force Lost (May 23rd, 2021)

Decline of an Empire is best personified through the self-destruction of its levers of power. Since the WWII, Army was a pride of the United States Empire. Now that Army has a gay pride – first completely gay helicopter crew, and a bunch of woke ads for the new recruits. The Empire today is lacking the real men for exercising the War as a Racket…

46. May 9th 2021 – 76th Victory Day [eng/срп] Девети мај 2021 – 76. Дан Победе (May 9th, 2021)

Eighty years ago, mighty war machine of Nazi Germany set out on a campaign in Europe. They have crushed European nations in a matter of days. All except one…

45. Revenge of the Empires or the Decentralized World (Mar. 26th, 2021)

There is an excellent short consideration about the Nation State destiny by Dominic Frisby. In his opinion, the concept of the nation state is exausted. Is that good or bad?

Too bad YouTube censored even this video…

44. The Roots [eng/срп] Корени (Feb. 28th, 2021)

Full year before the Special Operation of the RF Army in Ukraine, Croatian journalist Lana Shegetin exposed Nazi roots of EU and NATO. Everything she has written in her text entitled “Sounds familiar? Let’s wake up!” came true with a dose of demonic racism when EU & NATO fully stood behind the open Nazi fighters trying to exterminate Russian population from Donbass.

Also in this text you can find the history book “When Money Dies” by Adam Fergusson, describing collapse of Weimar Republic and rise of National Socializm in Germany, and in Serbian language an excellent text by Ivan Vukadinović “The roots of the EU in the plans of the Nazis.” There you can see that the realization of the Nazi plan received only a slightly changed, but perfectly recognizable terminology:

Third ReichFourth Reich
Europaische WirtshaftsgemeinschaftEuropean Economic Community
European Currency SystemEuropean Exchange Rate Mechanism
Europabank (Berlin)European Central Bank (Frankfurt)
European Regional PrincipleCommittee of the Regions
Common Labor PolicySocial Chapter
Economic and Trading AgreementsSingle Market

And you absolutely need to see the architecture of the new NATO headquarters in Brussels…

43. AI Against Humanity (Feb. 20th, 2021)

In a very good book called “Global Catastrophic Risks” Nick Bostrom and Milan M. Ćirković, have made a comprehensive list of 25 gravest risks facing humanity in the 21st century. In the Chapter 15 of that book, entitled “Artificial Intelligence as a positive and negative factor in global risk”, Eliezer Yudkowsky lays out the problem of making an Artificial Intelligence friendly to humans. ‘What problem?’ you may ask. Normal people would simply feeding friendly human information to AI, and there would be no problem. Unfortunately, the research in any new technology always starts with a military purpose in mind, which means that those who are making AI, are making it with the primary aim of destruction. Those who are leading research are not normal people, but psychos. And there you have a serious global catastrophic risk…

42. Creating a Fake Reality (Feb. 13th, 2021)

Not that we didn’t know that. There is a plenty of literature on the topic, with the most prominent authors like Nicolo Machiavelli, Yevgeny Zamyatin, Aldous Huxley and, of course, the inevitable George Orwell. All the dystopias they described have been overcome today. The idea is not new at all. Every Empire tried to bend reality according to its ideology. And they all failed…

Modern totalitarianism is no longer, as in their dystopia, limited to monster-states. Today it has a global nature and no longer looks back at reality. It has completely mastered the media, finance, science and state governments, thus gaining unimaginable power that allows it to ignore reality and instead dictate fake reality – by force.

41. Hypocrisy as a Prelude to a Hot War (Feb. 5th, 2021)

The larger the Empire is, less are the chances to demise peacefully. And in case of an imminent collapse, the Empire is always looking for ways to start a war by blaming the other side for it…

40. USA: Falling Apart… (Feb. 1st, 2021)

The downfall of an Empire is a process. It happens incrementally during long periods, it lasts until one critical moment, and then the Empire can vanish in a matter of days. Post-republican period of the ancient Rome, called Roman Empire lasted for half a millennia, and its long period of decadence was very well documented. When the disintegration reached a critical point, it vanished during only one military campaign of the Germanic warlord Odoacer with a mere 8000 warriors.

An Empire that inherited ancient Rome, The Byzantine Empire, also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantium, lasted over a millennia. Experience from the past did not help. Their decadence ended Ottoman Empire, which has lasted for 500 years, and was dissolved in the numerous rebellions of the people they have conquered. Collapse came at the beginning of 20th Century.

During the four years of the Great War (WWI) four Empires disappeared: Austro-Hungarian, German, Russian and Chinese. Never learned anything from the past lessons. Ottoman Empire was formally dismantled in 1922.

British and Japanese Empire exists pro-forma, but they actually vanished in in reality during the WWII. Soviet Empire collapsed at the end of the 20th Century under the weight of its own propaganda. Now the time has come for the US Empire…

USA falling apart20210116_131632.jpg
Source: Ipsos/Axios poll of 1,019 U.S. adults, Jan. 11-13, 2021

39. An American Gulag (Jan. 12th, 2021)

We stand at a turn of a historical event: New age Bolsheviks have taken over United States, and are now turning them into an American gulag at an accelerated pace. In the meanntime between this text creation and this archive creation, we have another evidence of a gulag implementation: Full media censorship of the opposing naratives…

* * *

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