Archive of texts on the steps to a Great WAR (2019)

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The mechanism of sleepwalking World population into a hot war is well known and used twice during 20th Century. This time, the same mechanism is improved with tremendous technological advancements…

Following a path to the Great War which would allow plutocratic psychopaths to evade responsibility, and could allow the Evil Empire of Lies to rise again, we have gathered a number of texts. It is time to make yearly archives for the easier orientation and search…

Timeline is going from the bottom of the text up.

29. THE WAR: OPCW or Destruction of the International Law (Dec. 29th, 2019)

The OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) affair with the leaked true results of the Douma investigation in Syria did not only show a massive corruption in that organization, but also that International Law is only a fiction…

28. THE WAR: Wrong Learned Lessons (Dec. 16th, 2019)

There is a wise saying that “the first casualty of war always is the Truth”. All wars start with big lies. Just look at the past two decades: Iraq, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and don’t forget Ukraine… But the Truth also has an uncanny knack to strike back. In the recently revealed report about Afghanistan war “The Afghanistan Papers”, full of unpleasant truths, large part of it is publicized under title “Lessons Learned”. But are they really?

27. THE WAR: Use of Sports in a Hybrid War (Dec. 7th, 2019)

Imperial idea of a Hybrid War encompasses war on every field: hot war against the interest of ‘enemy’ states, propaganda war, economic war, financial war, trade war, culture war, cyber war, neocortical war… you name it. And don’t forget sports war.

26. THE WAR: China Defends Sovereignty (Dec. 3rd, 2019)

It is not the question if there will be a war between U.S. and China, because the war already started. The events in Hong Kong at the end of 2019 show that a distinction between hybrid and hot war can be quite blurry…

25. TRADE WAR: Burning Down the Planet (Sep. 20th, 2019)

How the corporate interests and corrupt politics are literally burning down the planet…

24. THE WAR: Monkey Wrench Out of the U.S. Policy (Sep. 11th, 2019)

At least one small step towards sanity: The National Security Walrus, whose worst nightmare was a world at peace, got sacked from Trump’s administration!

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23. TRADE WAR: The Law of Unintended Consequences (Aug. 21st, 2019)

Trump opened a can of worms with a trade war between the two largest economies of the World. The consequences of such an act are always unpredictable, and there are always unintended consequences that can strike like a boomerang.

22. THE WAR: Cyber War (June 26th, 2019)

New York Times published an article about U.S. cyberattacks on Russia’s electric power grid. The newspaper even claimed that the president's administration had seen the article before it was published. Trump denied. Moreover, he accused NYT for a “virtual act of Treason” and called them “enemy of the people“…

How does cyber war really works and in which fields it can be effective? And why is U.S. self-destructing its own cyberpower?

21. THE WAR: The Final Step — Attacking Iran (June 21st, 2019)

In June, Trump is escalating tension in the Gulf threatening to enflame whole World in a multi-faceted crisis with unforeseeable consequences. Voices of reason are very rare. Tulsi Gabbard is among those few honourable

20. THE WAR: The Glory of the American Experiment (Apr. 24th, 2019)

Usually, after the great wars and mass atrocities, question arises among those who survived: How did we come to the point of war? That’s why it is important to set a trace in the blockchain…

“I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole…” – Mike Pompeo

19. A Dark Anniversary (Mar. 24th, 2019)

Exactly 20 years ago, the North Atlantic Treaty, also known by its NATO acronym, for the first time stepped out of its defensive mandate and became an aggressive alliance in service of globalism. That way, the third open attempt to conquer the world, officially began…

18. Мрачна годишњица (Serbian – Mar. 24th, 2019)

Пре тачно 20 година, Северноатлантски пакт, познат и под скраћеницом НАТО, искорачио је по први пут изван свог одбрамбеног мандата и постао агресивна алијанса у служби глобализма. Тако је званично започео трећи, отворени покушај освајања света…

17. THE WAR: Nuclear Tripwire (Mar. 20th, 2019)

While I thought the Third World War has officially begun when NATO rejected its defense use and became aggresive alliance (with the bombing of Federeal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999), Saifedean Ammous, author of the excellent book “The Bitcoin Standard — The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking”, thinks that we are actually living one perpetual war since 1913 and formation of the Central Banking system. That perpetual war is just changing its nature. Since World War II it morphed to ‘cold war’, and then morphed into the ‘war against terrorism’, and then to a ‘hybrid war’… At the end of the line there is clear and present nuclear war threat. Will it explode?

16. THE WAR: India and Pakistan Adds to the Rising Chaos (Feb. 27th, 2019)

On Tuesday, Feb 26th 2019, a dozen Indian jets conducted air-strikes on — what New Delhi called — terrorist camps, over the Line of Control in disputed province of Kashmir. Both sides in this clash, India and Pakistan, have nuclear weapons. And on this day, March 11th 2022, the Indian Ministry of Defense announced that a rocket was accidentally fired at Pakistan. According to their data, the case happened due to problems during technical maintenance. No one was killed, an investigation will be launched.

So, don’t look only over to the U.S. and Russia relations as a danger of potential nuclear war…

15. THE WAR: Expansion (Feb. 15th, 2019)

Of corporate media hidden colonial wars (with the interactive map of World clashes) and an arbitrary use of “International Law”…

14. THE WAR — FAR EASTERN FRONT: Operation Huawei (Jan. 11th, 2019)

The war has evolved. It’s a new kind of war. There is no clear front line any more. The war is happening all over the globe, right now. And taking of hostages is now allowed. especially if they are Chinese people…

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Archive of texts on the steps to a Great WAR (2018)

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