AI Against Humanity


In a very good book called “Global Catastrophic Risks” Nick Bostrom and Milan M. Ćirković, have made a comprehensive list of 25 gravest risks facing humanity in the 21st century. One of them is the risk of technology…

In the Chapter 15 of that book, entitled “Artificial Intelligence as a positive and negative factor in global risk”, Eliezer Yudkowsky lays out the problem of making an Artificial Intelligence friendly to humans. ‘What problem?’ you may ask. Normal people would simply feeding friendly human information to AI, and there would be no problem. Unfortunately, the research in any new technology always starts with a military purpose in mind, which means that those who are making AI, are making it with the primary aim of destruction. Those who are leading research are not normal people, but psychos. And there you have a serious global catastrophic risk. Let’s see how far they have progressed in development:

Duration: 2:48

So, the two decades of data harvesting through emails and ‘social platforms’ have led to a creation of a monstrous surveillance mechanisms, development of a Technology for control and enslavement, and now is ready to directly influence your decisions. At the link you will find a full text of the study entitled “Adversarial vulnerabilities of human decision-making”, and if you don’t want to read technical terms, you may find another explanation in the article at the site under the title “New Data61 study reveals AI can exploit the vulnerabilities of a person’s decision-making habits and patterns.”

Today they may be dancing, but what will be programmed into them tomorrow?

There are things you have to see to believe, and there are things that are hard to believe even if you see them. This thing people have to see and believe, or they will be continuing to sleepwalk into the ‘singularity’ World of a psychos who are creating the Great Reset for us as we speak…

Never forget Julian Assange was the first to expose global criminals

* * *

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