Archive of texts on the steps to a Great WAR (2020)


Year 2020 opened a whole Pandora Box of disasters. It has started with the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq, and then continued with the breakdown of NYSE, and fake pandemic…

You can consider this a beginning of a ‘terror tsunami’, sponsored by the corporations & governments all over the World in a serious attempt to control global population. Psychopathic ‘elite’ who organized all of this have two powerful weapons: Terrorism and the dollar. And they will not stop unless they are stopped with brutal force.

Following a path to the Great War which would allow plutocratic psychopaths to evade responsibility, and could allow the Evil Empire of Lies to rise again, we have gathered a number of texts. It is time to make yearly archives for the easier orientation and search…

Timeline is going from the bottom of the text up.

38. THE WAR: Financing Terrorists [eng/срп] РАТ: Финансирање терориста (Sep. 28th, 2020)

Speaking of terrorism as a state-driven tool in the hands of psychopathic lunatics, in this text we have documents that expose how massive Syria propaganda operation is waged by Western govt contractors and media. You can compare it with the current anti-Russian propaganda…

37. BITCOIN vs. Banking Cartel [eng/срп] БИТКОИН против банкарског картела (Sep. 26th, 2020)

If dollar is the most powerful weapon of globalist plutocracy in their effort to control whole World, then we have even more powerful weapon in this game – ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in The WAR series we have BITCOIN! It is on an unstoppable mission to destroy corrupt banking cartel…

36. THE WAR: ‘Nuclear’ Option in a Trade War (Jun. 11th, 2020)

Weaponization of the dollar began long ago, before the SWIFT crisis could be anticipated. There were events which forced the rest of the World to prepare for a World without dollar. One of those events happened in June 2020:

35. THE WAR: How Corporate Media Hides the Truth (Jan. 27th, 2020)

The things you can find in corporate media are not news — they are FAKE news. The real news is what they are trying to hide. These are the news you won’t find in corporate media…

34. THE WAR: Terrorism as a Tool II (Feb. 22th, 2020)

There is one thing that we are obliged to clarify: There is no terrorism in this World without ‘intelligent’ services. Terrorism is a state-driven tool in the hands of psychopathic lunatics who will never let it go.

33. THE WAR: Terrorism as a Tool (Jan. 15th, 2020)

Since the end of cold war, NATO has searched for a mission to justify its own existence. Attack on 9/11, in 2001 was a perfect pretext for a whole new war theater — a never ending “war on terrorism”! The Empire only has to proclaim some organization or person a “terrorist”, and then bombs start to shower upon their heads. But do we know what terrorism is? And who are the real terrorists?

32. THE WAR: Iran Crisis Q&A (Jan. 12th, 2020)

Key questions of Iran crisis: Who wants war? Did U.S. achieved their goal? Did Iran stood down? Will then be peace?

31. THE WAR: United Corporations of America vs. Iran (Jan. 8th, 2020)

From today’s perspective, at the beginning of 2020 a ‘Great Reset’ button was pushed. In January, United States assassinated top Iranian General, and Iran retaliated. In February Dow Jones fell like never before in history. In March we had a Coronavirus Hoax ‘pandemic’. Since then, we only had an escalation…

30. THE WAR: Provoking a Great War (Jan. 3rd, 2020)

Assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq, and its consequences to the World peace.

* * *

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