HYBRID WAR: Manipulation with Fear


In the ‘War Series’ I have mentioned Hybrid War in the context of abuse of sports like another war frontline. Unfortunately, Hybrid War is designed for something much worse than an attack on individual states. It is a system for war against all mankind…

In short, Hybrid War involves a continuous war in every field. The goal of hybrid warfare is to break the will of the opponent. Hot war is only its most drastic expression, because it is being fought literally wherever you can imagine – it is fought as propaganda war, economic war, financial war, trade war, culture war, science war, biological war, chemical war, cyber war, neocortical war… You name it. PsyOps are one of its most effective tools, perfected in conflicts between states. Today, psychological operations are becoming the dominant way of managing and controlling the masses. How it works?

A Killing of the Mind

The trick in every PsyOp is to cause a mass psychosis. And it is not hard to do if you are controlling mass media. Joost Merlo wrote in his book ‘Rape of the Mind’: “It is simply a question of reorganizing and manipulating collective feelings in a proper way.” So, which is the most efficient ‘proper way’ of manipulation? As the Nazis have already demonstrated, it is – fear!


At this point you have to watch an excellent explanation of the mass psychosis creation, and compare it to the current situation and the manipulation done through monstrous corporate media mechanism to which we are all exposed:

How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL – Duration: 21:48

The part in the last five minutes of the video is especially useful, in which there are ways in which it is possible to break the mass psychosis. Unfortunately, it means that a sufficient number of people (critical mass) get acquainted with the applied manipulation and decide to oppose it. Prognosis of a collective madness is highly uncertain. History shows us that it never ends without mass suffering and a huge number of victims. Those who pretend to be the rulers of this World have made Coronavirus Hoax, but they will not end their manipulation with it. I suggest you watch ‘The Corbett Report’ from August 21st 2021, with the explanation how corporate media creates false reality constantly feeding new ficticious fears to the global population:

Duration: 1:41:39

James Corbett-snapshot.jpg

This ‘Corbett Report’ is focused mainly to the Malthusian lie about the overpopulation and Club of Rome’s fearmongering in their document called ‘The Limits to Growth’ from 1972. You may count on new fears as you can count on death. The rulers are preparing and serving them without a breather, in which population could stop and think about the meaning of life in fear.

Fear is the Mind killer

Going back to the last five minutes of the Mass Psychosis video – there are listed several effective ways to counter totalitarianism and the fear it projects. I will add another which can also be effective – first throw your TV set out, and then repeat this until you are cleansed of fear:

Dune – LITANY AGAINST FEAR. Duration: 5:58

You know you can't live in fear, right?

Never forget that Julian Assange was one of those who took off the mask from the corrupted political system in the U.S.

* * *

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Empire of Everlasting War

* * *

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