Growing together with automatic upvotes

Hi guys, I consider (already for a longer time) not to spend so much time per day on Hive in the next weeks, so I’ve been thinking about amplifying my list of people I’m automatically upvoting to all of you that are currently upvoting my posts regularly.

This is for 3 reasons:

  1. like this I can concentrate on more and different things inside and outside of Hive
  2. I won’t fail to upvote your posts
  3. My voting power wouldn't be unused when reaching the 100%

I’m aware that this will result in lower upvotes than usual (I’ll try to balance over time!) for some of you – who know that I like to upvote your content as much as I can - BUT I’ve got 2 solutions for this as well:
1)Keep on interacting and I’ll answer and give you tip tokens instead
2)I can still “overrule” the vote when I do curate and give you a higher upvote

I've been attended on a great other benefit as well: The automated upvote will count as an upvote within 24h after publication, meaning you'll get part of the curation rewards from the people who are upvoting during the next 6 days.

If you want to keep on helping to grow my account as well as I want to help you growing yours, please consider as well the automatic upvotes. It’s very easy.
STEP 1: Login to
STEP 2: click Fanbase
STEP 3: Fill out “svanbo” and click “follow” on top of the page
STEP 4: Increase the "weekly limit" and "daily limit" by tapping the "settings"-wheel next to the person you're "following" and upvoting automatically now.

This is the list of people I preselected and will add for automatic upvotes:
If you like to take part in this, don’t hestitate to leave me a comment, and I’ll add you to this list as well. On the other hand now I'm editing this post (Christmas 2023) I'm planning to edit this list as well as unfortunately I don't hear anything any more from some of you guys and for some reason you haven't been adding me. I'll spend my curation rewards to other accounts who did...

and the guys of @cryptoctopus

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