LeoGlossary: League Caps / Limits

SplinterGlossary: League Caps / Limits

Every league is capped by a combination of player rating and collection power.

Here are the league caps:

LeagueRatingCollection PowerReset
Novice0-990+No Reset
Bronze III100-3990+100
Bronze II400-699WF: 1000+ MF: 500+300
Bronze I700-999WF: 5000+ MF: 2500+400
Silver III1000-1299WF: 15000+ MF: 7500+550
Silver II1300-1599WF: 40000+ MF: 20000+750
Silver I1600-1899WF: 70000+ MF: 35000+1000
Gold III1900-2199WF: 100000+ MF: 50000+1300
Gold II2200-2499WF: 150000+ MF: 75000+1600
Gold I2500-2799WF: 200000+ MF: 100000+1900
Diamond III2800-3099WFx: 250000+ MF: 125000+2200
Diamond II3100-3399WF: 325000+ MF: 162500+2500
Diamond I3400-3699WF: 400000+ MF: 200000+2800
Champion III3700-3999WF: 500000+ MF: 250000+3100
Champion II4000-4299WF: 500000+ MF: 250000+3400
Champion I4300+WF: 500000+ MF: 250000+3700

where WF=Wild Format and MF=Modern Format.

Players who haven't played any ranked battles in a particular format during a season, won't drop down the rating at all at the end of the season. That allows them to take longer breaks without falling all the way down to Bronze.

Additionally, the league you play in also could limit your summoner (and therefore your monsters). These are the max level for monsters, by league and their rarity:

Diamond & ChampionMAXMAXMAXMAX

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