LeoGlossary: Loot Chest

SplinterGlossary: Loot Chest

Season and focus mission rewards in ranked play come in the form of loot chests.

There are 5 types of loot chests, corresponding to each league:

The loot chests for the focus missions and the ones for the season generally differ, at least until one ranks up in the second part of the season.

The reason is this: loot chests for the season are based on the maximum league one reached the previous season, in either modern or wild formats.

Loot chests for the focus mission are based on the higher league the account is in, considering both modern and wild formats, at the beginning of the new focus mission.

Note that, with a loot chest type based on current league evolution, loot chests for focus missions start worse than the ones for season rewards, but they can go higher. It is possible to reach a better loot chest type than the one for the season rewards if one beats one's best league from the previous season.


If the previous season, one's max league was Gold I for the Modern format and Diamond I for the Wild format, the current season's loot chests will be diamond.

However, focus mission loot chests will start with gold chests because the account drops to Gold II in Wild at the beginning of the season.

As the account advances to diamond (in either Wild or Modern), focus mission loot chests change to diamond chests.

If the account reaches the Champion League, then one would play for champion chests for the focus mission and for diamond chests for the season.

Here's a table with the breakdown of rewards by type of loot chest:

Chest TypeSPSReward CardsPotionsPacksMeritsToken MultiplierGold/Rarity Boost
Bronze33%33%23.995% (1)0.005%10%1%0.2% Legendary, 0.5% GF chance
Silver33%33%23.95% (1-3)0.05%10%2%0.8% Legendary, 2% GF chance
Gold33%33%22.00% (4-12)2%10%8%1.2% Legendary, 3% GF chance
Diamond33%33%21.50% (8-24)2.5%10%16%1.6% Legendary, 4% GF chance
Champion33%33%20.50% (24-72)3.5%10%32%3.2% Legendary, 6% GF chance

Merits are received based on this formula (per chest): 475 * multiplier * guild store bonus.

Card rarity chances and max multiplier for loot chests that contain reward cards:

Chest TypeCommonRareEpicLegendaryGold
Bronze79.30% (RF 1 - GF 1)20% (RF 1 - GF 1)0.50% (RF 1 - GF 1)0.2% (RF 1 - GF 1)0.5%
Silver77.20% (RF 3 - GF 1)20% (RF 2 - GF 1)2% (RF 1 - GF 1)0.8% (RF 1 - GF 1)2.0%
Gold75.80% (RF 7 - GF 3)20% (RF 5 - GF 5)3% (RF 2 - GF 2)1.2% (RF 2 - GF 3)3.0%
Diamond74.40% (RF 11 - GF 5)20% (RF 9 - GF 7)4% (RF 2 - GF 2)1.6% (RF 2 - GF 3)4.0%
Champion68.80% (RF 15 - GF 5)20% (RF 11 - GF 7)8% (RF 2 - GF 2)3.2% (RF 2 - GF 3)6.0%


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