LeoGlossary: Daily Focus

SplinterGlossary: Daily Focus

The daily focus (aka focus mission) offers players the chance to earn loot chests every day. It is the replacement of the daily quest from the past.

Every day, players have a random daily focus. If they don't like the focus, they can try a new one, only once. The second one will remain as the daily focus, no matter if one likes it or not (there's no going back to the previous one or trying another one).

Attention! If you play the daily focus and earn some loot chests then ask for a new daily focus, you will lose the loot chests earned with the old daily focus!

Daily focus can be a splinter or based on a group of abilities.

The splinter focus is not guaranteed to be active, but one can earn focus points (and season points) by winning any battle, regardless of whether cards matching the daily focus are used or not.

Each card (summoner or monster) matching the focus without any additional buffs gives an additional 10% bonus to the rshares won for the battle. The max bonus is 70%. for the summoner and 6 monsters, all matching the focus requirements. The daily focus bonus adds on top of the base earnings, and together with other bonuses like:

All splinter daily focuses (except dragon) are available from the Bronze league. Dragon splinter daily focuses are available from Gold.

Here's a breakdown of the ability-based daily focuses:

Daily FocusAbilitiesFrom
DefendShield, RepairBronze
HealingTank Heal, Heal, Cleanse, TriageBronze
SlealthSneak, Snipe, OpportunityBronze
Anti-MeleeThorns, RetaliateSilver
Anti-MagicVoid, Phase, Void ArmorGold
DisablePiercing, StunGold
ExploitsOpress, Giant Killer, Death Blow, Knock OutGold
AilmentsPoison, Affliction, WeakenDiamond
BuffsSwiftness, Inspire, Protect, StrengthenDiamond
ImpairDemoralize, Silence, Headwinds, BlindDiamond
FatalitiesBloodlust, Life Leech, Redemption, ScavengerChampion
NullifyShatter, Cripple, DispelChampion
ReflectBackfire, Return Fire, Magic ReflectChampion

The daily focus is the same for the two formats, Modern and Wild.


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