LeoGlossary: Summoner

SplinterGlossary: Summoner

Summoners are the central piece of the Splinterlands gameplay.

The summoner is the one that summons a team of up to 6 monsters to fight in combat. Only one summoner can be used for each battle.

Generally, the summoners can only summon monsters from their own splinter, but there are exceptions:

  • dragon summoners can summon both dragon cards and monsters from the chosen splinter
  • Lux Vega promo card, the first neutral summoner, also works by selecting a splinter at the beginning.

Summoners may come with buffs for their own team, debuffs for the opponent team, and/or abilities that are either added to every team member or impair every opponent monster, unless they are immune.

Summoners come with their buffs, debuffs, and/or abilities from level 1. When leveled up, summoners raise the level cap for the monsters that they summon.

For example, at level 1, the max level cap for monsters used with such a summoner is 1.
For a rare summoner, at level 5/8, it allows the following levels, depending on the rarity of monsters:

RarityCap Level

These details can be seen on the stats page of the summoner in Splinterlands.

If a monster has a higher level than the cap permitted by the summoner, it can be used, but limited at that max level.

That's why, as a rule of thumb, it is better to upgrade summoners first and then monsters to the summoner's level caps.

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