LeoGlossary: Booster Packs

SplinterGlossary: Booster Packs

This is the main product sold by Splinterlands. Each booster pack is part of the current main edition and contains 5 cards of different rarities. At least one is guaranteed to be rare. The same principle applies if the pack is part of a mini-edition.

The chances to receive a card of a certain rarity vary depending on the rarity. You have the highest chance to find a common card and the lowest chance to receive a legendary card.

Every card has a 2% chance of turning gold foil after being revealed. So, technically, the lowest probability to find in packs and generally the most valuable on the secondary markets are Gold Foil Legendary (GFL) cards.

Potions can double the chances to discover Legendary cards or Gold Foil cards (or both).


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