LeoGlossary: Ranked Battles

SplinterGlossary: Ranked Battles

The gameplay of Splinterlands is focused primarily on the ranked battles.

Besides ranked battles, Splinterlands also has:

Other elements, like the land expansion, will add to the complexity of the gameplay, once released.

For ranked battles, seasons are organized that follow one after another, without any break.

In ranked battles, players are matched against each other randomly, but ideally at similar ratings and within the same league. That also depends on the availability of opponents to choose from at the respective time of day.

Each battle has two phases:

  • selecting and submitting your team
  • playing the battle itself (automatically - the result is already known when you hit play, that's why you can "skip to results" if you don't want to watch the battle)

From finding an opponent to the conclusion of the battle, each game lasts at most a few minutes.

Each battle consumes one energy point.

Players start in different leagues, based on their ratings at the end of the previous season and their collection power, and (ideally) earn their way up the ladder and the leagues.

Each league has a leaderboard and at the end of the season, the top players in each league receive special rewards for their top leaderboard ranking.

There are two formats for ranked battles, modern and wild, each with its own leaderboard, but both using the same ECR pool.

Besides the leaderboard rewards, which are rather limited, every player can earn daily focus mission rewards and season rewards at the end of the season.


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