LeoGlossary: Land

SplinterGlossary: Land

Land is part of a huge expansion under way to Splinterlands, which will ultimately give owners the ability to craft items and spells to use in battles (or to sell to others).

There was a presale for land at the end of 2020. All land was sold out by Splinterlands. Tokenized versions of

may still be found on secondary markets like Hive-Engine or AtomicHub, but most of them were claimed into land deeds and surveyed already.

Therefore, currently, land can be found in one of these states:

  • unclaimed (original land from the presale that doesn't have a fixed position on the map)
  • claimed (this land has a fixed position on the Praetoria map)
    • unsurveyed
    • surveyed (claimed land that has been surveyed, knowing, besides position, its rarity and category)

SPS rewards are distributed to land owners since October 2022, when the vote on an SPS proposal decided that.

Another recent proposal that passed will switch SPS rewards only to surveyed land starting from April 11th.

When Land 1.5 will be released, these rewards will be distributed according to the Secret of Praetoria whitepaper, if another proposal in this direction passes (it is likely it will).


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