LeoGlossary: Rating

SplinterGlossary: Rating

In ranked games, every player has a rating, which together with their collection power and their choices, determines the league where they play.

The rating is a points-based ranking, which establishes a hierarchy among players. This hierarchy is used to determine who gets the prizes for each league's top leaderboard.

A new player starts at 0 in the Novice league and goes up with every win. From the Bronze league upwards, the rating can go both up or down, depending on whether one wins or loses the game. On draw games, the rating doesn't change for either combatant, but the ECR still goes down.

What influences the number of rating points one wins or loses in a game?

  • the rating of the opponent
  • one's win streak
  • if one already has enough points to advance to a higher league but has chosen not to

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