LeoGlossary: Novice League

SplinterGlossary: Novice League

Every new player starts in the Novice league and is matched only against other novices.

In the Novice league, one can't win rewards (either seasonal or daily), but on the other hand, one can only go up in rating, because losing a match doesn't lower the rating, like in any other league.

All matches in the Novice league will be with the Standard ruleset.

Every win brings 10 rating points, so one needs ten wins to advance to Bronze.

Once a rating of 100+ is reached, a player advances to Bronze III, where rewards start being distributed.

Once in Bronze, rating can go down too, if a match is lost, but the player will never drop to Novice again.

At season reset, novices don't lose any rating points.

Also, note there are two formats, Modern and Wild, and the rating and leaderboard are different for each of them.

In the Novice league all monsters are capped to level 1 and there is no collection power requirement.

Since no rewards are involved (other than the rating increase), one can play only with the free starter cards in the Novice league until one reaches Bronze III. Then, starter cards reduce rewards, and it's best to buy or rent the cards needed to play and earn.


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