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Hello I am RYO!

I am decline reward for my artwork due to my beliefs. If you want to know why I'm Decline, please read this post of mine👇

I regained my true heart

This is the new title image process for my manga -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖-.

I think I spent about 10 hours on this work…
First I have to decide what kind of composition I want to use↓

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_108.jpg

I decided to create a composition that would be recognizable as a Ninja manga at a glance.
In order to do that, I needed a hand to make the Ninja symbol

And in this composition, I drew Maya's front side, so it was difficult to draw her in a balanced way.
Especially since I like slender body lines, I wanted to highlight her slenderness😁

Finishing the draft in pencil and putting in pen... I think this process took about 4-5 hours↓

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_123.jpg

I love autumn and the leaves around Maya are autumn maple leaves.
So I wanted to express the sunset-like hues that remind of autumn

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_128.jpg

It was very difficult to represent the sunset.
This is because the skin tone, hair color, and clothes color all need to be selected to reflect the sunset.
If fail to choose the right colors, It end up with a daytime atmosphere or a picture with a completely different impression

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_129.jpg

The Copic color pens I use are designed for professional use, so there are many different types↓



For example, there are so many types of blue alone↓


It need to combine several colors to find the best one for drawing situation

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_130.jpg

About7-8 or more colors such as orange and brown are used for the shadow part of the fox mask↓


For Maya's hair color, I mixed the beautiful orange, red and yellow of the sunset.

I think hair is the most important thing to draw a woman beautifully

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_131.jpg

By painting her hair beautifully, we can feel that her hair is silky and smooth


It is very time consuming to find the best combination of these various Copics.
My art does not use any digital equipment until it is finished, so if I make a small mistake in color selection, it is very difficult to adjust.

In All-hand art, repairing a mistake can leave the whole art feeling uncomfortable.

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_132.jpg

After drawing Maya, I painted the maple leaves.
This is my favorite autumn leaves. I drew the details of the leaves realistically and faithfully.


My picture↓

The title image of the chapter10 I recently posted also uses the autumn leaves I took as a background↓



And all the hand work is done now↓

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_133.jpg

After this, I'll do a little digital editing on my smartphone↓


The total time for all this work took about 10 hours or more!
I could draw her beautifully! Especially the sunset reflected in her hair, so fantasy beautiful!
And the combination of her and the autumn leaves is just perfect!✌️

This time it was just Maya, so I was able to complete it relatively quickly.
The previous title image took more than 15-18 hours↓

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_20.jpg

I also explained other day how long it takes to make a 1page of a manga.
It takes about 4hours to create 1page of a manga.

(From chapter10)

Probably 4 hours per page is very fast for a single person to create a manga.
If an unfamiliar person creates 1page with the same quality as I do, it could probably take 20 hours or more.

Story, composition, drafting, put on pen, painting the black parts (mainly hair)... 4 hours is very fast to do all of these tasks in an original way with almost no mistakes.
This is the biggest super power I got in my life✌️💪😆



Well, of course, this is just one of my personalities, not an ability to compete with someone else and win.
My art is always number one in my world and your art is number one in your world.
So this art is number one in my world, as always.

My art is second to none and win to none.
This is the best number one work in me that only I can draw!

All my pictures are copyrighted to me, so if you want to share any of my pictures, please mention my profile link(@ryo-6414) along with it

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