My original manga -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- Chapter6


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First I have to explain two things first

1: I have changed the title of the manga from this time onwards.
You can read about the reasons for that at the end of this post

2: I decline to receive reward (votes) in my manga and artwork due to my beliefs.
See this post of mine for the reasons why
I regained my true heart

This is the latest chapter of my original manga -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- that I'm currently working on!

This is the story of a Ninja girl Maya and a Japanese Yokai=妖怪(or "ayakashi" as they are called).
The Yokai are "spiritual beings" of legend that have existed in Japan since ancient times.
Their legends are preserved in many old Japanese documents and I was very much fascinated by their mysterious world.
This is the story of their mysterious and unique world that fascinated me so much!

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  • I apologize to you for some of my English mistakes. I hope you enjoy including them

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-MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- Chapter6


Kagome~♪ Kagome~♪
Kago no naka no Torii wa~♪
Itsu Itsu deyaru~♪
Yoake no ban ni~♪
Tsuru to Kame ga subetta~♪
"Ushiro no shomen…=※Behind you are"

That voice…
Behind me is…


chan=※Used as a word, primarily when calling a noun that describes a woman in a friendly manner

Wow! You got it right!
How did you guess?

Maya-chan's voice is easy to guess~

Alright, next time we'll go around Maya-chan!

Ok! So I'll play the central Oni!
I'll guess who's behind me too!

Kagome~♪ Kagome~♪


Kago no naka no Torii wa~♪
Itsu Itsu deyaru~♪
Yoake no ban ni~♪
Tsuru to Kame ga subetta~♪
"Ushiro no shomen…=※Behind you are"

I got it!
You Miyo-chan! right?




Where did you go!?
Don't be mean, come out!
…sound of drums...?
Hey everyone!! where!?






Maya-chan! Are you alright?

…What happened to me…?


You collapsed in the middle of a Kagome-song…


Are you okay?

What was that earlier...?
It's dream…?

Maya-chan, are you alright? Can you get up?

Yeah…Thank you


It's that…dream again…




Momohachi, wait here a second…

What is...doing?

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Chapter 6 END

In this chapter, I especially incorporated some of my favorite old Japanese traditions and lore.
Kagome-song is a Japanese song that is hundreds of years old but has so much mystery and horror lore.
I love listening to this song because it makes me feel like I'm entering a magical world.
And I like the legend of the fox's mask too, because it is linked to the Yokai.


I changed the title of the manga because I wanted to refresh my mind.
I've written all about why here
I regained my true heart

I wanted to incorporate more of my old favorite Yokai stories into the story because I could hear the my true heart's voice.
So the story gets a little disjointed, but I decided to prioritize what I wanted to draw more of. (But so far the stories in chapters 1-6 are all connected.)
Anyway I am looking forward to seeing myself how I will portray the story in line with my true heart's voice from now on

I decline reward and deleted the Twitter account I was using to promote my manga and artwork.
So…I'm just going to focus on my life's work. that's all!

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Thank you for reading!
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