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Hello I am RYO!

1: I have changed the title of the manga "-Jingi-→MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖-"

This is not my past work. This is the latest chapter of my original manga -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- that I'm currently working on. Based on my beliefs, I'm decline for the rewards! About my beliefs👇

I regained my true heart

What is -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖-?

This is the story of a Ninja girl Maya and a Japanese Yokai=妖怪(or "ayakashi" as they are called).
The Yokai are "spiritual beings" of legend that have existed in Japan since ancient times.
Their legends are preserved in many old Japanese documents and I was very much fascinated by their mysterious world.
This is the story of their mysterious and unique world that fascinated me so much!

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  • I apologize to you for some of my English mistakes. I hope you enjoy including them

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-MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- Chapter7


The thing when they were training…

10…When the enemy leaves the castle
11…When the enemy army arrives at the castle
12…After the enemy returned in the rain
And 13…

A time of confusion immediately after the battle…

That's right, Sabito

The most important infiltration basic rules for a Ninja...
They are 13 patterns in total…
The key is to always remember the basics...
You should have confidence and pride in yourself as a Ninja, but if it's too much…it creates carelessness in your minds…
That's just overconfidence
So don't forget the basic rules…
You should always have a sense of urgency...


…Your beautiful…
Hey Maya…
He'll be mad at you!
wake up!

Mmm…what the hell, shut up…!


CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_103.jpg

Maya-nechan, look awful!

shut up~…
I haven't been able to sleep much lately because of strange dreams…

You can't win Sabito-nichan over because you keep making excuses like that!

What part of me is losing to him!?



Wooow great!!
Sabito-nichan, shuriken is a master!!

Hey guys, want to see something more interesting?






Wooow!! Are you serious!?

You had your eyes closed…!?

Close your eyes...cut the leaves...and hit the target!


Sabito…looks like his ability to sense "Ki(氣)=energy" has increased considerably...
It's time for the next step…

Hey Hey!!

Don't get too proud of yourself for that!!
I can do that too!!

you can't~

Shut the hell up!!!
watch me!!


The perfect no hit


I knew Maya-nechan is just a big mouth!

She does not have the ability to focus...
Is that…
There was a pit viper nearby...!

You're never going to win against Sabito-nichan in your life

Uuu~…I'm going to practice throwing shuriken a thousand times a day from now on~…

Being near her will kill me...

Sabito Maya


Touryou!=※It's an old word meaning master"

Except for Sabito and Maya, you should continue your training.
You two, come with me


Alright…would be fine here


It's a practice for weapon…
Pick one you like...
Sabito Maya, you two tag-team and come at me…
It's been a while since we've had a Kumite
=※practice match


CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_20.jpg

Chapter 7 END

I posted about my philosophy again the day before yesterday👇
Don't need to make dreams come true. Because we are already complete

Maybe a lot of people have the goal of making your work popular (famous) or getting paid for it.
But I don't see the point or the need to get them.

If you don't get popularity or money, is your work a failure?
Are you worthless if you don't get Likes(vote and reward)? Are you unloved?
Those are the wrong ideas that your school and media have given you.

I would be happy even if no one in the world had seen my work.
because it is my greatest pleasure to exercise my creativity.

Right now, I'm able to use my creativity to the fullest in manga.
That's the "best" for me😌

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