Do you enjoy the process? My manga -Jingi- work process


Hello I am RYO!

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It's been about a week since I started my new manga -Jingi-!
I've seen reactions to -Jingi- during for while and I'm glad there were people who saw it positively!

Also about my English I have some challenges😓
But I'm not a good artist enough to draw perfect English, perfect art, and perfect manga…And I don't have a beautiful belief

But still I continue my artwork here.
because "Imperfection" is what I am😉

Well, this time I posting my -Jingi- work process!
this is new title pictures↓

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_20.jpg

My drawing is making with all my hand,
I haven't computer so I can't digital work

so it's started my artwork with paper on draft↓

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_25.jpg
And next, it's on the black pen↓

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_26.jpg
If I make a mistake I fix it with white ink but fortunately I was able to draw it without mistakes

And what I always worry about most is their outfits…
Design and color ... must reflect their personality and characteristics
CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_27.jpg
Another name for Maya is "Kōyō".
it means autumn leaves So I drew it on her clothes

It's my pictures of autumn leaves in 2019↓





First I paint all her clothes in yellow.
The colored pens I use are the Copics used by Japanese cartoonists!

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_28.jpg

Paint the leaves with orange…
Then paint red

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_29.jpg

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_19.jpg
I use 4 or more colors for each of red and yellow.
For Maya clothes, I used dark red and yellow at the bottom…It's a Japanese way of using colors🇯🇵

The other characters used colors that were faithful to the Ninja.
It's dark blue, not perfect black
Maya's clothes are flashy red clothes that a real ninja would never wear.
However, manga needs flashy colors. Because she is the main character😉

And next, It's manga draft↓

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_15.jpg
It's "thin" because the paper I use is made using traditional Japanese methods

I will improve the quality after I shoot it with my smartphone
CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_16.jpg
And I add the words of the characters.
It’s basically a repeat of that

It's the same process↓

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_17.jpg

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_18.jpg
There weren't many women in my previous chapters, so this time I tackled the sexy scenes anyway😄
She is the "flower" for -Jingi-!

CamScanner 07-04-2020 22.09.03_20.jpg
I wanted to draw her hair beautifully.
I think hair is a symbol of women's beauty

And I will also introduce a little process of the title image of this post↓


This was all edited with the app

Well, I will work on the next chapter!

Next, I'm going to drawing a real-life black samurai, Yasuke, who existed about 500 years ago!
I've been wanting to draw his story for a long time so I finally got it!


And my opinion…
do you enjoy the process?↓

Even if there is a critical opinion from someone, that is not a bad result.

You should not give up your life work for one process as it is just one process.

I was worried about manga but it's just one of the little processes in my long life.
I enjoy my life work!😉

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Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!