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This post is a compilation of chapters 1 to 3 of my manga.
At the time of these chapters, manga title was "-Jingi-" but I recently changed it to "-MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖-".

There are no major changes in the storyline, so the story is still connected from chapter 1 to the latest chapter7.
But it might be a bit complicated because I like to draw the story in a unique timeline.

Well, I don't think much of my readers because I just enjoy drawing manga myself…😆

Anyway, here we go

What is -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖-?

This is the story of a Ninja girl Maya and a Japanese Yokai=妖怪(or "ayakashi" as they are called).
The Yokai are "spiritual beings" of legend that have existed in Japan since ancient times.
Their legends are preserved in many old Japanese documents and I was very much fascinated by their mysterious world.
This is the story of their mysterious and unique world that fascinated me so much!

A Guide to Reading Manga

  • Japanese style manga is read from the right
  • The red text is Japanese.The meanings of the words are listed in (※)
  • At the bottom of each page is the text within each page. You can translate it into your own language and read it
  • There are some expressions that are unique to the Japanese language but don't affect your understanding of the story
  • I apologize to you for some of my English mistakes. I hope you enjoy including them

※A list of past chapters is at the bottom of the post

Chapter 1

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We are not forgiving...
Now say it…where is our "that legacy"?

I don't know anything!! I swear to Buddha that it is true! please help!!!

…Alright, What do you think we should do? Maya…



So~I think he's no longer of any use

…I agree, Ok Maya, then I'll finish work…


All those who used to serve the Oda member are supposed to be killed


I don't believe that someone would break into here…!

No doubt…
That is the work of Shinobi(Ninja)

Then, if we don't notify the Lord as soon, he will be in danger...

Calm down

Look…only those who came from the Oda member were killed...
Probably only those are the targets of Shinobi

Come to think of it, Recently the former Oda member was killed in a neighboring town...

Yeah…Perhaps this is their revenge...


Perhaps…the Oda member is still being sacrificed somewhere again...

Hey…Did you hear?

What about?

It seems that anyone who used to serve the Oda family has been hunted recently...



Apparently it's the work of a Shinobi...
the death toll is increasing one after another...

Shinobi…why are they doing that?

There is nothing strange about that…
Oda family and Shinobi have been feuding for a long time...
Now that our power has weakened, they think it's a good opportunity to act...

So…that is revenge…?

Not only me of the former Oda member, but the men of the bouncer will ruthlessly kill...
Don't let guard down

Ha! ※Yes sir

Mmu…Here is closed today...?

Sorry Mr, That is holiday today

Would you like to hang out here?
Today, Here has just got a very beautiful young girl

Oh really?

Comeon…he's easily caught


Please come in Mr!
I'll give you a lower price!
Mr…you are lucky!
She came from the neighboring town and was the best beauty in that town!
So she is called "Kōyō" as a beautiful autumn leaf-like girl

Kōyō…it's good…

Well, Mr…she is here…

You guys wait outside


Kōyō! I'm in…

Ah…Hai… ※Yes


So…Sorry, I'm still taking care of my hair...

Wow…she is amazing…!!!

Yeah…she's only 17, but she doesn't know the man…

Are you serious!?

Yes…I'm ashamed but it that's right…
So please be kind to me…

of course…

Well take your time...

Hey…signal this place to them

I got it


Aah…I'm sorry…

Don't worry Kōyō…
Your probably nervous, right? come…I'll rub your shoulders for you…

Th…Thank you…Mr…

Alright…let's calm down and talk a little bit...
Why did you come to work here despite being so beautiful?

That is…

Don't worry, comeon

Actually my parents are in debt...
I'm in here to return it...
I would have had other options if I had a good education, but unfortunately I had no money for a long time...
And we finally had to repay our debts and jumped into this here yesterday...
so I haven't mastered any entertainment yet…

Oh…that must have been hard...

Yeah…so now I can't provide the entertainment to entertain the Mr...


The only thing I can offer to you right now is this one body...

Could you kindly give me a lesson…?

I'll teach you everything!!!

Oh sorry…
I forgot to say that there was another body in my body


Kawauso!!? ※otter

His name is "Momohachi"

What happened!?

Ugokuna ※Don't move



You're also a easily guy!
Your good work Momohachi

Are you a Ninja who is hunting the Oda member lately...!?

Wow did you know us?
It's a very stupid thing to get caught despite that


No one is coming out despite the confusion...
I see, admin here is you…

That's right
No one is coming for help…

I don't think so…It was good I signaled the location of this room…


Alright…There was also a two bouncer outside…



This Kid!!!


What a Fu…

Kokoyo♥️ ※I'm here



No…No way…
I can't believe all four of them could be beaten at once…

Is our work done?
It was surprisingly easy Haha


You are lacking in vigilance, Maya

Ah…I…I was going to finish it now!

That's a boring lie

Sabito, You also still immature because you don't even notice the outside bouncer

Yes, I'm sorry…


the former Oda member…let me ask you about our legacy...



Sure…a book of secrets created by our ancestors…
Where are the our four scrolls?

He took it from us when our ancestors fought the Oda family...
And the Oda family used our power to once conquer this country

I've heard of it, but I've never seen the real thing!
However…what are you going to do with that now!?

of course

Regain the authority of Shinobi…and rebuild our Shinobi country

Chapter 2



Oh master…

kept you waiting...It's finally over

Otsukaresama de gozaimasu
※Words that honor work

Did the courtesan leave?

Yeah, I've given them a reward


So…Did you get the information we wanted?

Fumu…I call everyone before I say that…

Alright guys…


Otsukaresama ※Words that honor work
Maya, Sabito, Fu-ma


I was standing by after Maya, but this job was enough you alone…

Chiyo-ne! ※"ne" is used for close women of older age

How was my Kunoichi no-jutsu?
※Techniques using sexy


You were so good, but you still don't have enough breasts

Wha…Don't say that!

Don't talk about that now…

Sure…how was the result than that?Where is the scroll?

Unfortunately, he didn't know anything…

He was a man who was a former high official of the Oda member...
I expected that he had a little of information…but disappointing…

…Alright, did get information about other former Oda members?

I couldn't get anything from him other than what we already knew

Well, don't have to be so depressed,
We can try the next one

But we can't relax, he knew us

Oh really?


Yeah…Our rumor seems to have spread more than I expected...

Well…however that's one of our goals, right?
If our fame spreads, Shinobi comrades will gather

That's right,
And although they knew about us, but they were easily caught in our trap.
really stupidity!

But don't forget, though he was a high official, but only in that position by blood-line...not clever.
Others are tougher

Now that their vigilance has increased, we must add more comrades

Shinobi's comrades are still hiding all over the country...they should stand up

The battle between the Oda family and the Shinobi began about 300 years ago…
We were defeated in the war, and all but a few Shinobi were scattered all over the country and lived in hiding for a long time...


However, power of the descendants of the Oda members was defeated by a force called NMG about a year ago and dispersed all over the country...
Our Shinobi who heard it finally had the opportunity to dispel the humiliation that lasted more than 300 years
That's just the beginning...
Furthermore, Shinobi comrades will gather.
The Oda family rapidly strengthened it's power and ruled Japan by the power of the secret Ninja scroll that they had taken from us 300 years ago...
Now is the time for us to take it back and build a new Ninja country here again!!
And never forgive...
The remnants of the Oda members who have humiliated us for 300 years!!!



※"Go" in Ninja term

Alright what are we going to do next?
Looking for a new target?

No need, I've already got next target…


A man named "Yasuke"

Yasuke…I've heard of that name...What does he look like?

Don't need information on his looks

Why? I've never seen him…

You don't have to worry about it,
Because if you look at him you'll immediately know that he is the target

What do you mean by that?


Because Yasuke is a foreigner...and he's incredibly big

Oh! I've heard! he's a different type of foreigner from the Dutch, right?

Sure, Foreigners already stand out, so he seems to have wandered all over the country after the dissolution of the Oda members in order to hide himself...

But we finally got several sightings of him in the neighborhood

Foreigner...But don't you think we'll win easily?
Only the wealthy or merchants can get into this country, right?

No…He is different from those positions...rather the opposite
And he was the first foreigner to get a certain position

certain position?

Yeah…He is the first foreigner to become a…






Please wait…
I will build one more time with you... your empire…!



CamScanner 08312020 15.59.57_452.jpg

The first foreigner to become a samurai, Yasuke…
Well I'm anything is OK!
I'm sure I'll win easily anyway,
I'm ok to go it alone now, right?

Out of the question.
The four of us go together

I can do it alone, right!?

You still unskilled

Alright, So can I go with Sabito…


Maya, give it up…he's right

Yasuke isn't as easy an target as you might think


Sure, you guys have been forces on training for a long time, so you are not familiar with the outside world...
But Yasuke is now one of the most powerful samurai


His ability was recognized and he became a bodyguard as Oda's right-hand man in a short period of time.
You know? He's not the same as an just a official.
Besides, he has a big foreigner's unique physique, so never know what kind of moves he's going to use...he's definitely a strong

Hu---mm…I don't think so~…
Sabito, what do you think?

I just follow the instructions of the "Tōryō… ※
It's an old word meaning master"

Come on~!
You don't have independent spirit!

You lack humility…
That arrogance will kill you…

So, where are we going first?

He's in there...



That's great…
You stopped it always…

Yasuke-"Nisan ※Words used as honorific titles for men peculiar to Japan"

But it was very good timing...
You've grown up, Ranmaru


Okaeri! ※welcome home

"Oba-chan! ※Nicknames for older women"
Yasuke-Nisan is back!

"Tadaima ※I'm home" Oba-chan

Oh Yasuke-chan

Hahaha Oba-chan.
Don't call me "chan"...because that's how call a child or a woman, right?

Are you kidding me? You're my child!
You've come back well...I'm happy…

Me too…


Alright Yasuke-chan.
This is the only meal that I can serve right now, but you eat a lot

Thank you Oba-chan.
"Itadakimasu ※word when eating a meal"


Ah…I know…Oba-chan's miso soup is the best

hahaha That's good

So how's it going lately?
How have you been doing?

I'm going very well

So did you give NMG(Government is trying to control Japan) guys a good beating?

Hahaha, I still need to prepare to do that...

I remember when I see you.
Your master Oda-Jousho...
If he wasn't at that time...

Yeah…We were dead


Sure…but he's gone…

…Hey Yasuke-Nisan! I've found a new fishing spot! You want to go fishing with me?

Oh alright…
Ah…No, sorry…I've other things to do now, and I can't stay here for long…

Comeon~! It's just for a few minutes, please!

NO Ranmaru!
He has things to do, you shouldn't be selfish!

Sorry Ranmaru…
But when my part is over, we can all live here together...
And then we'll go fishing every day...I promise



Oh I remember.
Let's play that Shogi I gave you!
I can do that one time

I don't like it because Yaske-Nisan always wins!

But I told you that a Samurai is all about brains!
Come on bring it on!

I wanted to go out there and play…

Alright, So if you can beat me…I'll cancel my plans for today and go fishing


Sure, but that's if you win, okay?

All right! I’m gonna do it!!

…Well, it's time for me to go

UuU~I Lost...

Hahaha, You need another ten years to beat him.
But…Yasuke-chan, you're going already?
It's okay to stay here for a while…


Thank you…
But I am always in danger…you two are in danger if I long stay here.
And there's a lot of things I need to do now.
I'm sorry

But I just hope you to be only safe…
Come here again anytime

Thank you Oba-chan

Let's go fishing together next time!
And I'm waiting for you next time while training more Katana and Shogi!


I'm looking forward to it
It's rain…
That's going to make "them" happy...


Who are you…

Calm down…It's me



…Can I come to you?

Sure…come here

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Chapter 1-2-3 END

Well, I posted about my thoughts here the other day…
Right now, I am very happy to be in a world that is out of the competitive world👇
The world of the perfect self

Now, in my opinion, over the next 5 to 10 years the current value-based entertainment will collapse.

Perhaps AI will create more perfect entertainment in the future.

It will be a more sophisticated version of the current Marvel movies with no contradictions and missing.

AI can create a perfect story based on data about what kind of story humans like and what kind of storyline can move them.
Even a single picture will be better than a human.
When such an era arrives, the artists who are currently striving to create perfect works will disappear.

Therefore, I believe that the artists who create more unique, personal, and "human" works will survive in the future.

Their works are hard to understand and full of flaws, but that's the charm that AI doesn't have.

Perhaps I am drawing this manga for that era…This is just my intuition.

Anyway, I just enjoying drawing the manga.

And I'll post a new chapter in the day after tomorrow. picture from next chapter👇
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