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1: I have changed the title of the manga "-Jingi-→MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖-"

This is not my past work. This is the latest chapter of my original manga -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- that I'm currently working on. Based on my beliefs, I'm decline for the rewards! About my beliefs👇

I regained my true heart

What is -MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖-?

This is the story of a Ninja girl Maya and a Japanese Yokai=妖怪(or "ayakashi" as they are called).
The Yokai are "spiritual beings" of legend that have existed in Japan since ancient times.
Their legends are preserved in many old Japanese documents and I was very much fascinated by their mysterious world.
This is the story of their mysterious and unique world that fascinated me so much!

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  • I apologize to you for some of my English mistakes. I hope you enjoy including them

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-MAYA of the Ayakashi:妖- Chapter8


Kumite…!=※practice match

You can use any of those weapons…
And two against one…
Now come up with a strategy for a combination attack and come at me with the intention of taking me down
If you can show me a attack that I can appreciate...
I'm gonna take you guys to the next step

Next step...could that be...


You just focus on taking me down first.
You guys have to have a strategy by the time this leaf flies, okay?

I got it!
Alright Maya…...I'll use melee weapons... and you...

I guess it's time to show him what my true power…
the days when he mocked me and made me angry…I never forget!!

Maya…we made a strategy and...


I'll kick his ass with all weapons!!!

Calm down Maya!!

One left...

Maya…You need to learn to chill out a little…

Ahaha sorry❤️



Now we're ready…!!

Alright, You are all set…
If you can hit me with even one attack, I'll let you pass.
Don't worry, it's easy…Because I don't use any weapons

He's underestimating us…!

Relax, That's his strategy


I know!!!




One more time!!

And more!!

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_118.jpg


He closed his eyes and stopped the we attack...

Alright…He’s pretty good…


If I had a Katana, you guys would have had legs amputated...
You need to think about defense as well as offense.
If you don't know partner's characteristics and haven't a solid combination strategy, you'll end up li...


I don't need a f**king strategy!!

Comeon...Tell me how your bad attitude and mouth can be improved…

I can still fighting too…Touryou!


Sabito, how many weapons do you have left?

I only have one Kunai...

I told you…
You guys need to come up with a combination strategy...
If you want to use the weapon, you can use what's left in the bag…
But remember this,
There is no time for that in actual battle, and you are not a true Shinobi if you can't fight without weapons...
What a Shinobi needs is a brain to strategize


Cover each other's weaknesses and take advantage of each other's good points...
If you can't do this, you shouldn't take the next step…

good points...

Kku--!! damn!!
I just happen to be in a bad way today, but if other day...

Hey Maya
Your good you want to use of it…?

my good points?


Cute…beautiful…strong…good personality…and sexy…
I still have lots, but do you think it will work on him?

They don't work on him and you don't have any of them!
comeon listen!

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_20.jpg

Chapter 8 END

Well, I talked a bit about my other manga the recent day👇
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Im not going to draw it yet but it is one of the things I want to draw someday.

Anyway, drawing Maya's story is a lot of fun for me right now.
I'm amazed myself that I can enjoy my hobby so much even I get zero votes or comments, but I think that's proof that manga is not just a hobby for me.
Maybe drawing is like my mission in this life.

So…now, on December 22, the celestial movement changed and we entered the Age of Aquarius.
This means a fundamental change in the way we live our lives and our sense of values.

Aquarius is the "Age of Wind". I am convinced that I was born for this Age of Aquarius because I have overwhelmingly strong wind characteristics in my fortune.
I am convinced that I was born for this Age of Aquarius.
Previously, it was the "Age of Earth" which was very difficult for me to live in.

But now, as the poster child of the wind, I will show the way of life that symbolizes the Age of Aquarius.

The new era has already begun.

And…happy merry christmas🎄✨

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