2023, May

Bitcoin Billion Mexico Cartel Run Monday the first day of May of 2023. 2015 Periscope 8-bit Elon Musk Tuesday. Green house pots cleaning. Covid Vaccines Make Humans Robots Wednesday. Lila Hart's Mom on Alex Stein Thursday. Google Takeout Lauren Southern Tim Pool Vaccine Jesus Friday. RAPTURE STOLE MY BIKE Saturday.

Viva Frei Nap Hose Sunday the 8th. Stumps Removed Monday. Trees knocked down. Trump raped Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson Twitter Show Tuesday. Fishing. Wood trailer unloaded. Trump CNN Town Hall Wednesday. Not Dead Cuz Russia Thursday. WEF Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Friday. Steph Pizza FNT Saturday.

Rothschild Trillions Sunday the 15th. Wood Splitting Soros Magneto Monday. Banned on Minds Tuesday. YouTube Attacked Steven Crowder For Alex Jones, Trump Jr on Timcast Wednesday. Covid Vaccines Holocaust Thursday. Equality vs Exceptions Friday. Firewood termites. Leftist Liberals Kill Rightist Zombies Saturday.

CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY Sunday the 21st. Ian Audio, Firewood Stack Finished Monday. Chain Saw Bug Factories Tuesday. Firewood project finished. Black Little Mermaid Video Wednesday. Ron DeSantis Kids Masks Thursday. Shirley Temple Little Mermaid. Keyboard EFI Neurolink Harvey Davidson Budweiser Woke Friday. Black Mermaid Saturday. Michael J. Fox Scam Sunday. Happy Memorial Day Monday. Warlord Blocked Oatmeal Tuesday. Order Your Oatmeal Shirts Wednesday.

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Oatmeal Monthly - 2023-05 - May of 2023 | Published in May of 2023


Bitcoin Billion Mexico Cartel Run

2023-05-01 - Monday

AOC HOT LADY 343578974_1332649210615933_1749900479663313106_n.jpg

Sexy AOC.

Bitcoin is going over a million dollars soon, probably before 2024, banks are failing, the dollar is dying. Alpha Male Bad Bunny Whites should hop on this train while they still can.

Mexico is RUN by cartels who along with Chinese, Muslims, Jews, Rothschild, & others, are buying up American land all over the United States. We're being conquered. Lara Logan talked about this. Never mind The Russians.

Are you Team Steven Crowder or more so his wife? Viva Frei asked Robert Barnes about it and about Candace Owens and RFK Jr. Barnes also mentions his opinions on Owen Benjamin. Do smear campaigns work, are you taking the bait, the timing?

2015 Periscope 8-bit Elon Musk

2023-05-02 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-05-03 02-36-56.png

Christina Bobb is sexy, Democrats and Republicans colluded to steal the 2020 election from Trump.

2015 Periscope 8-bit Elon Musk code in a live stream in 2023 on Tiwtter, yeah kind of funny.

Timcast IRL - LEAKED Tucker Carlson Videos Appear To Be DEEPFAKES By Leftists w/Tayler Hanson. I have a thing for Jessica Alba. She has been hot for the past 20+ years. She is Angelina Jolie level sexy.

Covid Vaccines Make Humans Robots

2023-05-03 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-05-03 23-59-14 GAY.png

Gay Slippery Slope

COVID VACCINES turn humans into ROBOTS, it changes the composition in the blood to make it more COMPATIBLE for ELECTRONIC CURRENTS, the WALL-E CYBORG MATRIX STAR TREK BORG is HERE, resistance is futile, you'll eat the bugs, AGENDA 2030. Moderna commercial promotes mRNA inside KILLER COVID VACCINES as our savior, begins with a little black girl to hook you with this scam. Never mind Julian Assange/Alex Jones/Tucker Carlson/Jeffrey Epstein/Trump/Jamie Foxx/Putin.

Christina Bobb is sexy, Democrats and Republicans colluded to steal the 2020 election from Trump. We just have to clean up the Republican side to do a lot better in 2024. CONTENT CREATOR. Grew up in the OREGON GHETTO. Taught English in VIETNAM. Worked in HAWAII. BASKETBALL. BITCOIN. TRUMP. SIMPCAST. TECH.

Steven Crowder: Alex Jones on the FAILED Murder of Putin in Moscow, Russia; Cobra Commander, Armageddon. Sean Penn. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a death penalty bill for those having sex with children under the age of 12, Jeffrey Epstein stuff. Trafficking/sex slavery is very bad. I like this bill. But I still prefer Trump for President 2024.

How are doctors using thermography to detect blood clots caused by KILLER COVID VACCINES in order to then develop treatment, this was on Alex Jones today. Forget Jamie Foxx. Forget the DOJ and FBI. The dark lines (in the legs) of this 23 year old athlete are BLOOD CLOTS caused by COVID VACCINES, foreign structures are forming in the blood stream of millions if not billions of people, this is worse than Epstein.

Lila Hart's Mom on Alex Stein

2023-05-04 - Thursday


Girls love Andrew Tate.

Put me in prison, @FBI, I was going to be there on Jan6 to peacefully stand there. Like the Proud Boys, I was going to not break laws in 2021 in DC. Come arrest more Americans for simply being patriot. If they are guilty, then we all are. Lisa Haven - Elites Just Went Full Panic Mode—Wait Until You Hear Why & How They Intend To Stop It! Minority Report Movie. Worse than Jan6. Thought Crimes. Michael Jackson was right, globalists hate you. Hate Speech turns government into a PREVENTION AGENCY, it's Minority Report Pre-Crime Tyranny, THOUGHT CRIME IS A SCAM. Simply put, it's better to focus the courts INSTEAD on CORRECTION primarily.

The Capitol was not closed. Therefore, it's NOT TRESPASSING because it was open. Therefore, you cannot be guilty of walking into a PUBLIC BUILDING. I walking into a capitol building too. Send me to prison. I did the same thing. NEW LAWS TO IMPRISON FREE SPEECH HUMANS. If you say something online, they are going to arrest you. They better arrest OATMEAL. Multiple countries got these HATE SPEECH bills they're passing.

How does Star Gate compare with Star Trek Next Generation? I've only seen a few minutes of Star Gate. I do like the premise of space travel through these worm hole like space doors. On @Timcast, @theserfstv talked about mental health without mentioning how many things affect us including KILLER COVID VACCINES in food, geoengineering, GMO, fluoride, bad schools, etc. He wants to give the same government who started it even more money.

Google Takeout Lauren Southern Tim Pool Vaccine Jesus

2023-05-05 - Friday


Best VACCINE ever is JESUS.

Did Alex Jones just say government is not primarily run in WASHINGTON DC but more so from the Space Force Cheyenne Mountain Complex bunker in Colorado Springs, NORAD, USNORTHCOM, FEMA, dating back to at least 1957?

Alex Jones asked callers why did WHO declare the COVID LOCKDOWN PLANDEMIC SCAM over? THOUSANDS of PEOPLE were trying to call in with their answers, what do you think? Terry from Alaska won the contest.

Preclude means prevent from happening. I am against RINOs and leftists. It's a red blue uniparty of puppets manipulated by lobbyists, donors, etc. Americans can get along with each other apart from the extremes.


2023-05-06 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-05-06 21-12-53 RAPTURE STOLE MY BIKE JA.png


If you walk around in a robe like Klaus Schwab, then you might be a Star Wars Sith. I would love to see @DaPholosopher meet @lovelilahart or @ChrissieMayr, I want to compare her to @TheLaurenChen.

The origin story of @Timcast, born 1986 in Chicago, quit high school, worked at a cafe, started assembling computers early on. Tim is a personification of the American Dream as a counter to MrBeast Naughty Bronny Klaus Schwab Great Reset.

CONTENT CREATOR. @TeamYouTube deleted my 10K+ videos. Grew up in the OREGON GHETTO. Taught English in VIETNAM. Worked in HAWAII. BACKUP ACCOUNT @JOEYARNOLDVN1.

@MeowMistiDawn to @kimguilfoyle: "Well which is it? He’s he old and senile or a criminal master mind? Can’t be both." But the truth of the matter is nuance. People do bad. Some people do very bad. And some people are even worse. And this is regardless of how old or young they are. It doesn't matter how aware they are. Like you can ask if Joe Biden is a criminal mastermind or what. Like that is a good question. But people like Misti are not really asking these questions in order to get to the bottom of the investigation. They use these questions as counter. Like the questions themselves are used as proof of something. Like evidence. In reality, they only make you look like a fool when you are unable to see the logical fallacy. But such is life. Biden to some extent is a puppet meaning not completely a criminal master mind. But perhaps in part he is. But other players are involved. He is old. Some people are old. He has some problems. But that is only the top of the iceberg. This question Misti is asking is limited. I am now unfollowing her on Twitter. She is a historian but fails to really study history. Biden has body doubles, like twins. Movie stars have stunt devils, stand-ins. Many celebrities and politicians and others have them. Globalists are murdering us by putting Covid Vaccines into our food to kill us.

Viva Frei Nap Hose

2023-05-07 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-05-07 15-26-30.png

The second black ranger.

Viva & Frei did a good show on some of the bigger trials out there. It's a crazy world we live in. I may be falsely imprisoned or murdered for example. Many people are. Why not me too? Good people are being attacked. Not talking about it only makes things worse. But some people are talking. Some people are doing good legal non-violent things. But people like me are punished. If you don't hear from oatmeal in a while, you can assume I was WRONGFULLY imprisoned, murdered, robbed, etc. They lie about me and about others. They try very hard to lie about patriots, conservatives, moderates, freedom lovers, and Hell even classical liberals even. You are next. I don't want to say I told you so. But good people are arrested and murdered in many countries including even the United States of America.

Stumps Removed

2023-05-08 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-05-08 05-05-28.png


AI is HRT, Human Replacement Technology. 2 RIVAL MEXICAN CARTELS MET in April 2023 to COORDINATE ATTACKS, EXPECT MASS SHOOTINGS, TERRORISM, all over the UNITED STATES, Biden is using this to pretend to tackle the BORDER CRISIS, title 42, but that is a cover scam meant to disarm AMERICANS. Here is a photo, proof vampires are real, the coronation of King Charles III of England in 2023.

The FBI black hats hide out COMMUNICATING TO EACH OTHER in their own child porn servers run on government property. FBI BLACK HATS hide out on child porn chat rooms, had PETE SANTILLI took a SCREENSHOT of the evidence, the FBI would have arrested Pete for spreading the porn even as the websites are owned by the government itself, that is evil. They want us not to talk about it. Oh no the migrants coming into America from Mexico can't charge their phones, MSNBC Reports.

NEW SCAM. People cross the border from Mexico into America. But if you don't pay the cartels, they come into the United States and murder the illegal immigrants. After that, Biden says BAN THE GUNS as fake saviors. Biden Admin is working with Mexican cartels to inflict terrorism in America, mass shootings, running over people with cars, they're blackmailing people to MURDER as we speak. Alex Jones.

Trump raped Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson Twitter Show

2023-05-09 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-05-09 23-52-27 Trump.png

Trump raped Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson Twitter Show

Trump raped Alex Jones. GLOBALISTS ARE DESTROYING FAMILIES, THEY PROVOKE CONFLICTS, THEY SOW SEEDS OF HATRED, PUTIN IN RUSSIA TODAY. Never mind Taco Tuesday or Friday the 13th. "They destroy traditional family values that makes humans humans. They do all this to continue dictating and enforcing their will upon nations." Putin in Russia. The United Nations told China in the 1900s that if they want to be a leading pillar of the New World Order, then China would have to participate in DEPOPULATION, that is why China killed around 300 million baby girls in China, because of the deal.

Secret Election Interference Meeting in Washington DC today, Big Tech and others are there ILLEGALLY COLLUDING. Laura Loomer was there confronting these criminals. Alex Jones. You may say CONSPIRACY THEORY, Big Tech, & National Elections Officials were meeting at the SPY MUESUM in Washington DC, THE CENTER FOR ELECTION INNOVATION & RESEARCH, it's Facebook Zuckerberg funded, Soros tied. Laura Loomer on Alex Jones. Imagine Dragons. CAN SUPERMAN SAVE US FROM ELECTION INTERFERENCE? U.S. Election officials are meeting with The Center of Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) who got almost $70 million dollars from Zuckerberg, @LauraLoomer reporting.

Outlander is a romance time-travel story. Fact checkers can say KILLER COVID VACCINES were not experimental. But according to who would be the question. It can take many years to test vaccines. Did they spend many years testing them or did they EXPERIMENT with them on the general public? Bring on Nuremberg Trials 2.0.



Trump CNN Town Hall

2023-05-10 - Wednesday


Trump CNN Town Hall

My IT COMFORTS MY HEART KNOWING video. DOMINION is owned indirectly by CHINA through the UBS LLC, is that what Scott Bennett said? Look at what Arizona did to @KariLake, why were so many signatures forged? Globalists are like men behind curtains in the WIZARD of OZ. Weak. Small.

Was it not a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT when Dominion was BOUGHT by UBS LLC which is a firm formed by CHINA and the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), is that why they fired Tucker Carlson? Scott Bennett reporting on Alex Jones. FOX SUED for a billion dollars by DOMINION; 2009: the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) entered into a contract with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to create UBS LLC, they went through Staple Street Capital to acquire DOMINION/etc.

CHARLES MANSON IS @AOC. The URL for the videos part of Twitter, be it Periscope, Vines, or whatever, should be TWITTER . TV. Trump undertook therapy like in the 1990s or whenever it was in order to teach himself how to shake people's hands because he is a clean freak, a germaphobe. Trump should sign a law PROHIBITING the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT from getting involved, make it ILLEGAL for the FED, let the states decide for all you PRO-LIFE and PRO-CHOICE people out there, the Roe v. Wade debate, it's NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S JOB to DETERMINE. Trump CNN Town Hall.

Tim Pool, the 2020 election was rigged in that there were fake signatures, dead voters, some ballots were counted multiple times, some ballots were not counted, etc. A number of things happened. Whether or not the fraud was big enough to change the outcome is a different matter.

Not Dead Cuz Russia

2023-05-11 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-05-11 13-26-47 Border Biden.png

Biden Border

WE'RE NOT DEAD because GLOBALISTS AFRAID things might get out of hand as they try to INVADE & CONQUER RUSSIA. You'll know it's too late when the richest people sneak off to their BUNKERS, YACHTS, OCEAN LINER SHIPS like Titanic/Avatar James Cameron & @Google founder Larry Page already did. Alex Jones reporting. GLOBALISTS HAVE DEADLY DISEASES WHICH CAN MURDER/GENOCIDE US. Covid was developed in NORTH CAROLINA, globalists had it moved around 2015 to Ukraine & China so they could later blame them, that's the game which was launched in 2020 with the lockdowns. It's called plausible deniability, Alex Jones reporting.

NEXT PANDEMIC PLANDEMIC would have been released by now if the globalists had control over China & Russia as they already control most of the other countries said Alex Jones. What CNN did was try to mock Trump. ONLY REASON we are NOT all DEAD as the GLOBALISTS already admit they want to DEPOPULATE over 90% of the 8 BILLION HUMANS ON EARTH is they're afraid things might get out of hand as Russia still has nukes, PUTIN SAVED US STORM SHADOW.

The Read Cash @readcashblog @ReadcashAgg @readcash_nycto website at read.cash or https://www.read.cash said my account can no longer post links. Why not? I was able to do so in the past but not now? I am not happy about this. I can no longer support this website.

The United States of America is a PRISON because MILLIONS of PEOPLE can enter through MEXICO but Owen Shroyer on Alex Jones cannot exit the USA to interview the illegal immigrants who are coming in. Americans are NOT ALLOWED to stand on American soil even as illegal aliens come in, the border patrol told the Americans to leave while they let undocumented citizens come in. BORDER PATROL enforces that AMERICANS cannot get real close to the wall as they let ILLEGALS come in, they give them FREE phones, bus rides, plane rides, housing, and they make the tax payers and the economy in general pay.

Early on, it's critical to give CHILDREN good experiences with good things, foods, values, people, and places; BECAUSE they will later ASSOCIATE other things with those former things for better or for worse, ASSOCIATION is a powerful tool that can be CHERISHED or WEAPONIZED. Why is the DOJ trying to stop the FBI? Never mind Titter, GameStop, or the Twitter CEO. Is the DOJ afraid of FBI STATS? Isn't that kind of anti-science and anti-statistics?

WEF Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino

2023-05-12 - Friday


Black Mermaid

CONFRONT Linda Yaccarino @lindayacc and/or Twitter leadership @elonmusk, ask them their thoughts on the World Economic Forum (WEF) @wef regarding killer Covid Vaccines, PLANDEMIC LOCKDOWNS, Agenda 2030 where you'll own nothing, DEPOPULATION, GEOENGINEERING, vaccines in food, etc.

Some women who had ABORTIONS were then MEDICALLY UNABLE to have CHILDREN (AFTER THAT) in the future, said @KariLake on @Timcast's Culture War, something must have happened, a real Fast XXX. 680 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS in AMERICA by 2035 is the official plan of the UNITED NATIONS who have a lot of indirect CONTROL over the United States.

HASHTAG MyFridayNightPlansAre SNEAKING IN ILLEGAL ALIENS INTO AMERICA WHILE THE MEDIA AND BORDER PATROL SAYS NOBODY IS COMING IN. The American melting pot has EXPLODED, the pot is gone. COME into AMERICA, get a FREE OBAMA PHONE paid for by AMERICAN TAX PAYERS, your court case won't be until 2035, Let's collapse the United States. We'll tell you who to vote for. You get welfare. You can shoplift. Crime is booming.

HUNDREDS of BUSES which don't exist they say are SHIPPING MILLIONS of PEOPLE into AMERICA, NO BORDERS, WELFARE STATE, BIDEN is LYING about it, what would The CEO of Twitter Mask Musk Zelda do? Why are MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into AMERICA right now getting FREE PHONES, are they being told where to go, what to do, who to vote for, does that mean your vote won't count due to this COUNTERACTION?

Steph Pizza FNT

2023-05-13 - Saturday


Steph eating pizza on Friday Night Tights on Nerdrotic.

Which science fiction movie/show was right about the future, was it Wall-E, Ready Player One, Matrix, Terminator, Minority Report, Sixth Sense, Battle/Star Trek/Wars, Westworld, Upload, Black Mirror, Demolition Man, Lawnmower Man, etc?

Will you cancel Twitter Blue? If the new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino @lindayacc refuses to say she changed, we must assume she is RIGHT NOW who she was as evident in videos and what not relating to WEF, NBC, terrible Comcast, killer Covid Vaccines in food, the equality scam, etc.

My Nerdy Home Stephanie @mynerdyhome on @Nerdrotics FNT eating Hawaiian Pizza which was always my favorite in the 1990s. Don't forget to eat the crust too which tastes like bread sticks.

Rothschild Trillions

2023-05-14 - Sunday

Rothschild FvlZSAxXsAU8d5o.jpeg

Rothschild Trillions

1/ People should record the process be it on the phone or online. Tell them you're recording. Try to do your homework on the steps required to cancel a service, to terminate an account, a contract, products, whatever it might be. 2/ Tell them what you want. Tell them where they must redirect you to. Tell them this will be published, uploaded, etc. Don't ask them what to do. You got to know what to do somehow. You have to tell them. You have to demand it. 3/ You have to try to wear them down before they wear you down. But most people would not really have the balls to do this. It would take a lot of work to do all of this. We got Comcast here. So perhaps we will have to cancel someday. We will see.

Trump would begin negotiating with Ukraine and Russia before his inauguration day in 2025, possibly in December after the election. Trump was doing some negotiations or was talking to people a little in 2016 before his first inauguration in 2017. As we move closer to 2024, countries will feel like Trump will win again for a third time. I mean how can you doubt it? But it becomes more clear as we get closer to 2024.

I am downloading the Manjaro operating system (OS) which is like Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Unix. I prefer alternatives generally over Apple, Microsoft Windows, Android, Google, etc.

Wood Splitting Soros Magneto

2023-05-15 - Monday

Kanye West FwGirTFXoAgwwbk.jpeg

Kanye West with hot girl.

How do we stop AI? Should we have online borders? If a platform like YouTube doesn't support free speech, they should brand it as some speech, excessive speech, a lot of speech, moderate speech, extreme speech, unlimited speech, super speech, regulated speech, or limited speech. 1/ There are so many variables you must consider for your website, it can cost too much money to let everybody post everything all the time regardless of whether or not you allow unlimited free speech or not, social media networks like Facebook has totally spoiled us in our mind.

2/ So whether it is the Twitter DMs or anything really online, your website should not bait and switch by promoting unlimited free speech as the bait and limited regulated speech as the switch, and yet that is what we saw over the course of roughly 20+ years, basically.

9/ When @TeamYouTube DELETED my 10K+ videos on record according to @SocialBlade and others, @Google should have simply UNPUBLISH the videos, make them private, and give me a thirty day warning. Just say my videos will be erased in a month. Give me time to download my content. 14/ YouTube, why do you continue to lie about Oatmeal Joey Arnold online and everywhere really, why not let me download my content and then you can SUSPEND the rest of my 40+ YouTube channels, why not give me 30 days to download my content? 15/ YouTube stopped my reach, I never got famous because Google burned up my 10K+ videos, that is financially damaging, where are my REPARATIONS, you DESTROYED my life worse than other ghetto social media networks did, you owe me $1,000 per video equaling to OVER TEN MILLION.

17/ Leave Britney Spears Oatmeal and his ten thousand plus videos alone, Kathy stole my bike, YouTube stole my life, TikTok stole my wife, the EVIDENCE to all of this is ALL OVER THE INTERNET, but most of it was buried, most of it was DESTROYED by bad people with White Out.

Soros Magneto the can opener did a stellar job fighting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, thanks Elon Musk for training these dinosaurs.

Banned on Minds

2023-05-16 - Tuesday

Deep State FwSOW1fWAAYZ1U4.jpeg

lock them up

Soros Magneto don't like this fifth ninja turtle in black, Tim Pool of Tim Cast on PragerU. Why would you get paid more for working less? A sexy black white supremacist hanging out with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I'd never divorce Target Hillary and Biden, Kentucky Donna Putin and Zelensky, just kidding? Go Elon Musk OpenAI.

Is @minds trying to accuse me of spamming, this is what I got in my DMs, I will telling Minds a long story, I didn't say I was, I said allegedly, long story. But you can think whatever you want, I've been encountering censorship since at least 2010 or longer. 1/ WE DID IT BABY Magneto, just kidding, @TeamYouTube stole my Vietnam Kathy Bike, I mean my 10K+ videos. But that's what expected from a ghetto big tech tyrant platform, not so much from Minds. Even @bitchutevideo and @rumblevideo removed my I'm From German Mango Haze videos.

Memes World Discord is dead. I should probably just invite people only to my server instead.

YouTube Attacked Steven Crowder For Alex Jones, Trump Jr on Timcast

2023-05-17 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-05-17 15-48-38 Biden George Washington.png

Biden George Washington

Stupid @TeamYouTube deleted Mug Club Louder with Steven Crowder @scrowder for having Infowars Alex Jones on again even as the frog has been on many channels. Jones was banned for similar reasons @realDonaldTrump was banned. But even DJT was restored Google oddly enough. 2/ YouTube is covering up for HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN in the United States of America, Alex Jones was showing the buses, the smuggling of sex slaves into hearts and bowels of the USA, @YouTubeCreators is guilty of going along with the crimes of cartels. You call it Gonzo Logging.

Welcome to Impeachment Week, this is how we fire people who REFUSE to do their job, Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) @mtgreenee is laying out the groundwork for draining the swamp. Do you love Elon Musk or Hannity or Laura Ingraham?

16/ I was investing so much time and energy not just into building the Cool Kid Empire but I was also trying to build up Memes World Productions or so I thought, I ran around in 2022 like a Krystal chicken with no head trying to give the world some WCW Nitro. Was it a lost cause?

5/ YouTube MURDERED my Blake Webb with a pillow, the LEGENDS of BILLY BREAKER OATMEAL is real, Crowder is exploding @rumblevideo $RUM even as Masks YouTube buries itself in a hole full of my over ten thousand plus Vietnam Kathy Bike Videos. You CANNOT Touch My Belly Button Baby, Said Mother, Never Mind Babies in the Mouth of Alligators Who Didn't Ask For Permission.

Covid Vaccines Holocaust

2023-05-18 - Thursday

Democrats FwY6a-vWAAExNe1.jpeg

Democrats Suck

Is cancer on the rise because of the KILLER Covid Vaccines? Bilderberg AI. Disney Pulls Plug. More than $1 Billion. US government has had secret police? They've had fake groups go around since the 1960s say racist things to discredit the right, conservatives, non-RINO republicans, moderates, classical liberals, freedom lovers, etc? If you're trying to stop a crazy person on a subway train in New York City, you're going to prison. If you're the other passengers on that train and you didn't stop the GOOD SAMARITAN HERO who is stopping the CRAZY PERSON, prison for you too. Timcast.

Alex Jones said they killed around 500,000 people globally in hospitals since 2020 using certain methods all in the name of fighting Covid. Alex goes on to describe those methods, what they did, how they started setting it up in 2019.

Alex Jones said we are in a modern day HOLOCAUST as Covid Vaccines kills millions to billions globally potentially during the course of this current decade of the 2020s. Speaking of POWER RANGERS, why are our lovely REFUGEES not getting our BEAUTIFUL killer Covid Vaccines, why would Big Pharma fear lawsuits, that's an ALEX JONES GAY FROG conspiracy theory.

Equality vs Exceptions

2023-05-19 - Friday


Alanis Morissette Ironic Mystic

It could be a bad thing or it could be your body saving energy at an extreme level to avoid sweating in the heat of summer. I'm sometimes like this because I lived in Hawaii/Vietnam. Question might be if your body can adapt to cold weather if need be when the time comes. It's truly a war between EQUALITY and the ever liberal concept of having EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE, meaning it depends outside of vague generalities, leftists & humans on average can get lost in logical paradoxes and what have you and that's the heart of comedy, that's the point.

37/ If you could get long lost @facebook content, if it's good enough, if it's big enough, then I may give you one free day of interaction on Discord, I am willing to give you that trade as @Meta started their CENSORSHIP on me at least by 2010 at the VERY LATEST or earlier too.

Leftist Liberals Kill Rightist Zombies

2023-05-20 - Saturday


Simpsons Girl

How are the Nazis FAR-RIGHT, what that even mean, wouldn't FAR-RIGHT mean SUPER FREEDOM, but I thought CLASSICAL LIBERALISM was all about increasing freedom on the left and would that make Hitler extremely PRO-FREEDOM on the right. I would use four directions: right/left/up/down. I want my money back. Before 1913, Americans would get all of their income/paycheck. Now they do not.

When will the left start calling the right zombies as an excuse to take down the walkers in a real life version of The Walking Dead where every extreme liberal gets to be Rick Grimes. My Robot Body Guards will protect me from my Hacked Robot GF. Made a Video About You Video. You Got Loomered Baby.

People made less money in the past. But also, things cost about 95% less money back then too as the dollar has inflated over 90% or closer to 99% since the early 1900s. They will try to put back into Covid Camps or whatever they want to call them again in the future in as many countries as possible be it a new Covid or any number of things, they're the FAKE saviors of the world.


2023-05-21 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-05-22 01-16-22 Simpcast.png

Xia on Chrissie Mayr's Simpcast

The Devil becomes powerless when he has nothing to offer in exchange for your soul. What kind of alternative timeline are you from, where do you come up with these fictional fables of history, I've never heard of CORPORATE TOWNS especially as TRAFFICKING is on the rise, SMART CITIES, Chinese suicide nets, KILLER COVID VACCINES, geoengineering, etc. DOGGY I THINK HE KNOWS how to destroy AMERICA, overwhelm it with shock, destruction, THE CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY being a PERVERTED version of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR to turn the United States into a COMMUNISM HELL-HOLE.

They are trying to destroy our representative, decentralized, transparent, private, free speech, 2nd amendment, state government, local militia, constitutional republic by turning it into a NWO mob ruled democracy. Tim Pool Timcast AI art of Trump.

My point was taxes are bad. This person is trying to say things were worse in the past. But that is not relevant to my tweet on Twitter. I was talking about how I like money. I want more money. If you want less money, that is your loss. I first saw Mr. T on the A Team. They were kind of like super heroes to me, like a live-action version of Scooby Do and the gang in a van. I would have prefer a live-action version where The Little Mermaid Ariel looks exactly like the Disney cartoon version. That's why I love Angelina Jolie as she personified the video game version of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

America is under a real SECRET INVASION. Many different invasions SIMULTANEOUSLY underneath your freakish nose. What is scary is you do not know. You think you know that I am wrong. You think I am crazy. What is crazy is you don't know that you don't know; and you don't care. RFK Jr said 50 CIA agents collaborated to fix the 2020 elections for Biden against Trump. Zuckerberg's Facebook, Twitter, etc said that was fake news. YouTube deleted my 10K+ videos over it.

Ian Audio, Firewood Stack Finished

2023-05-22 - Monday


Is ending the world worth it over simple trivia?

HOME ALONE III: Kevin McCarthy is doing nothing. Will the FBI expose Biden as seen in the Durham Report? Remember James Comey regarding Hillary Clinton's 30K+ emails smashed with hammers? 85/ My confession is I try too hard, that's my weakness is in my endurance, passion, commitment, focus, drive, determination, rage, revenge, justice, wrath, fire, OCD, bipolar autism, perfectionism, gullibility, Rambo Rocky eye of the tiger, patience, faith, curiosity, etc.

71/ It bothers me Roy Merrick sits at discord.gg/SjKcddF5St where not even Indiana Jones dare trot while the State of Emergency thrusts me into extinction, this Memes World Production warlord refuses to help find/archive my autobiography, life, videos, articles, content, etc. 72/ Please go to http://discord.gg/SjKcddF5St to tell Roy Merrick his Niggles Oatmeal Joey Arnold fetish is futile if he refuses to help with foundation of my story regarding the classic ARNOLD ATTIC or buy me 100 TB. Roy is sitting there like sad legless dog waiting for me to return.

Waterworld is kind of like the Star Wars prequels in that there is potential, the story is intriguing, the world is inviting, but the execution and the plot itself may need some work. I was about ten years old and I was excited about boobies. Leftists attack people like Chrissie Mayr & Tim Pool for simply commenting/observing on Dylan Mulvaney. Meanwhile, those same LIBERALS are silent as Budlight, Disney, and others, lose many BILLIONS of dollars, that's crazy. Trump Org.

Chain Saw Bug Factories

2023-05-23 - Tuesday

Bill Gates Monsanto 348457113_722744283194353_6023043107366219149_n.jpg

Bill Gates Monsanto

Farms are BURNING DOWN all around the world, soon there will be none before 2030. Don't worry, we're building BUG FACTORIES. You will own nothing. You will eat the bugs. You will be happy. Trust us. We're doing this for the greater good. WEF Agenda 2030. Twitter with Elon Musk. COVID CONCENTRATION CAMPS are still being built AROUND THE WORLD into 2023 and beyond. It's for your own good, so don't tell anybody you loser. Twitter with Elon Musk.

Fake it until you make it. Oh wait. Lebron James already made it. He could have replaced Kobe and Michael Jordan as an NBA god. But James is too busy pandering to the left to rival the greatest basketball players of all time. Is this real? Lakers will win title in 2023 against the Boston Celtics? This is like a Will Smith slap. Some people might be too skinny (less than 10% body fat might be a problem generally). Doctors tend to read teleprompters which will tell them what to say. As long as there is no famine coming. Like as long as your body has enough vitamins/etc. I think you look great.

Secret to success for globalists is implemented through the art of INCREMENTS, they gradually take things away from society piece by piece slowly over time, BOILING ALEX JONES FROGS, step by step, while feeding us DISTRACTIONS. If enough people realize this, we can stop them.

Black Little Mermaid Video

2023-05-24 - Wednesday


Chrissie Mayr of the Simpcast, Tim Pool never taking off his head, I mean beanie.

Hey kids, SATAN RESPECTS YOUR PRONOUNS, get your own LGBT propaganda in the CHILDREN section at your local @Target store. RIP Queen. Please don't BUDLIGHT these men dressed in drag who want to pervert your kids into unaliving. One step back BUT TWO STEPS FORWARD. Even when they RETREAT, remember the war is not over even after fake apologies, retractions, removals, they're returning next time even stronger be it Target, Budlight, Disney, etc. Don't ever stop boycotting them. Because they will return. Good to see Kaylee Campbell Layton @thekayleec on Alex Jones today as Target GROOMS CHILDREN in a pretty evil way. Did you say @tiktok_us banned you 11 times? Yeah, TikTok is crazy whether it's suspending accounts or randomly removing videos unannounced.

Will you buy a Safe Hammer to help yourself break glass windows to escape your car at the bottom of the lake, do you think this new invention works? Dear Turning Point USA @TPUSA, how dare you get rid of Kaylee Campbell Layton @thekayleec, why are the weirdo RINO getting rid of the strongest people in the fight, the real conservatives? TP people like Charlie Kirk are never on Infowars. Kaylee Campbell Layton @thekayleec had her Children Grooming @Target video go viral, I would love to see Kaylee on @ChrissieMayr's Simpcast or perhaps others should check her out.

Black Little Mermaid 2023, Official Trailer, Spoiler Review. Best part are the comments on YouTube. Never mind iPad Hong Kong Spider-Man 2. Never mind Ron DeSantis with Elon Musk on Twitter, I see black people swimming in the ocean, RIP Queen Disney. Trump 2024. Let's Go Brandon Dark Biden. What's Love Got To Do With It. Trump will win in 2024. Ron DeSantis and others should debate Trump to put Pressure on Donald to be aware of what we the people want, all of that is good, but Ron is also splitting the vote kind of like parliament, like Canada. That's called Divide & Conquer. But we should unite.

2024 Election Results:
Mike Obama/Hillary Clinton: 75 million votes.
Donald Trump/Kari Lake: 74 million.
Ron DeSantis/Mike Pence: 2 million.

Ron DeSantis Kids Masks

2023-05-25 - Thursday

Ron DeSantis FxAlduFXwAg9GD_.jpeg

Why are they wearing masks?

Tomi, I love you but Trump has more support than Ron DeSantis Meatball does. Period. Ron will only split the vote. We all know Trump is better for the job. Also, Trump has experience as a boss. Trump needs his revenge tour. Trump won 2020. Ron sucks. Ron doesn't have it.

123/ My review of The Little Mermaid I dubbed the black Little Mermaid which reminds me of when Brandy played Black Cinderella 20 years ago. George from Seinfeld was in that movie. Also Whoopi Goldberg.

Keyboard EFI Neurolink Harvey Davidson Budweiser Woke

2023-05-26 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-05-26 13-47-56 Shirley Temple.png

Shirley Temple in 1961 as The Little Mermaid.

Shirley Temple Little Mermaid. You can't protest in America because all they have to do is call it terrorism and throw you in prison for 18 years like they did for Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers. They went after Trump, Snowden, Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Jan6, etc. Jessica Watkins of January 6 could have been me, I could be thrown in prison for decades for being a non-violent/peaceful Jan6 patriot who did nothing wrong. They're going after anybody who is non-zombie. If you got a brain, they're coming for you.

Never mind Long Covid, just let us hook a Elon Musk Neurolink computer to your brain so we can zap you with electricity. Why do I say that? Because a computer is electricity. Imagine having energy zap into your head. It's like in the Matrix when Smith hopped into Neo Anderson. 152/ The TRI-MET WART PEOPLE were chasing COOL KID internally, witches with thrilling scars melting the eyes of the OATMEAL BOY, Lego Fred was the least of his worries as Wonder Land OMSI was on the Target Harley Davidson Budweiser horizon of failure.

Please lock me up FBI for peacefully loving the constitution of the United States of America which leftists and leaders at the top of these three-letter agencies are against. The FBI, IRS, CIA, and others interfered with the 2020 election, we're talking treason, espionage, etc.

First they brain wash people with a set of indoctrination including how group b is bad. Second, they follow that up with illegal sentences of group b members in order to justify the indoctrination, never mind John Wick 5, they are not just killing our dogs. Terminator Wall-E. I didn't know @ChrissieMayr starred as The Little Mermaid back in 1961 on NBC, Shirley Temple is rolling around in her grave wishing she could see the day we could turn all our favorite characters black.

Ron DeSantis splits the vote. Mike Obama may get 75,000 votes in 2024, Trump may get 74,000 votes, and Ron may get 2,000 votes. Ron may not get too many votes but enough votes to stop Trump from winning against the radical woke left. The liberals will try to cheat to steal the election even harder than they did in 2020 and people like Ron are only making matters worse by splitting the vote which turns it into a lose-lose situation. That's called DIVIDE & CONQUER, they want us fighting with each other. We can only win if we are united like the left is. Let's consider Ron in 2028. Not now.

Black Mermaid

2023-05-27 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-05-28 02-28-22.png

Black Mermaid

People post SUPER SECRET content of me. I never see the media until many years later. I have to look for the videos/photos/etc of me because people don't tell me about them. I wish I had an army of people who could go around the Internet finding the LOST ARCHIVES of OATMEAL JOEY ARNOLD at JOEYARNOLDVN of the 1985 VIETNAM OREGON GHETTO ARNOLD ATTIC scattered all over the web on websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Blogspot, Discord, SnapChat, Hive Blog, Xanga, DiaryLand, MySpace, Couch Surfing, ASOV, TOL, WOLBI, ABC, PDX, FGHS, email, forums, photo galleries, Mea Omnia, TV, Kiwi Farms, the dark webs, etc, etc.

Megyn Kelly might be right if Ron DesSantis is pushing Florida government too hard against Disney, free speech, potentially other corporations, groups, organizations, people, if it's weaponized/etc. I'm not saying Kelly is completely right, but I agree in theory or to an extent. Like in some ways, I get it. But I sort of agree more so with Dave Rubin. It's tough to summarize. If Disney got money from government in the past, then Disney is part government in a sense meaning outside the free market capitalism bubble meaning Disney might be becoming a cartel/monopoly. You should go after Disney for crimes. Assuming Disney did bad. Government can go after Disney for crime. Government should, probably. But be careful with what they sneak into the bills as they make new laws. Another issue is like how the Patriot Act is terrible. The TikTok Ban Act is Patriot Act 2.0.

Naomi, if you have ever recommended operating systems, I probably should Google you to look for that. I mean Start Page you. I've used Ubuntu. But I don't like Snaps. I might be moving over to Debian 11 Mate. For privacy, I think you've mentioned the OS that Edward Snowden uses. I would compare the dangers of web browser extensions (add-ons) with the risks and vulnerability of giving mobile/tablet apps too much power, permissions, to use the hardware of phones at will, cameras, microphones, the data, and whatever potentially. PSYOP.

The Little Mermaid is a mix of Cinderella with the girl wanting to be transformed into a new person and Romeo & Juliet with the forbidden love of two people from different worlds and Snow White with the wicked witch scheming to steal the kingdom and a Chinese ghetto hood rapper. I started using Ubuntu in 2007 as an alternative to Microsoft Windows, Apple, Android. Later, I moved to Ubuntu Mate. Mint/Fedora is ok. Other Unix/Linux OS are ok. Some are better/simpler for beginners. My new favorite now might be Debian Mate as it stays away from Snaps.

Michael J. Fox Scam

2023-05-28 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-05-29 00-20-00.png

Michael J. Fox

Update, @TeamYouTube may have given me access to Google Takeout so I can download some of my videos from my JoeyArnoldVN channel but @YouTube is not letting me download any of my videos from my JoeyArnold7 & Ojawall-01 channels, see @SocialBlade for more info.

He told Eric great life advice, "Don't be held back by what you think should be, think only of what is." Since they adapted Maleficent from Sleepy Beauty, what's next, Ursulant where this sea witch gets to tell The Little Mermaid story but from her point of view, I'm surprised Disney didn't just come out already with this brilliant idea; why not turn all the bad guys good/black?

Imagine a world where Ursula is hiding behind this pretty girl, except instead of the world, it's a dating app and instead of Ursula, it's freaking artificial intelligence (AI) encouraging you to enter the Tim Pool Elon Musk Wall-E Metaverse Matrix.

Happy Memorial Day

2023-05-29 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-05-29 20-58-40 Media Lauren Chen.png

Lauren had a good review video on Black Little Mermaid.

Yes. Give me $100K. I'll hire people to tweet for me. Or not. People will talk about me on Twitter like they do Trump who is on Truth Social. You cannot really leave websites whether you personally post on it or not is not relevant. Get the money, invest in Bitcoin, land, etc. It would be PR, I get the money and then people will tweet about me, I would rather not tweet, meaning this is a win win situation where others get to advertise on my behalf and I get money for it. Usually, you have to pay for marketing. This is a two in one deal, a no-brainer.

Black Little Mermaid. People only watch it because they are so scared of being called a racist even as this movie is racist as a black actress does black face on herself playing a white character as a black woman and yet she is oddly acting like a white woman. Breaking Bad. They are putting Covid Vaccines in food to kill people, blood clots, cancer, brain seizures, etc.

To add to that, @TeamYouTube gave me access to @Google Takeout so I can download videos from my JoeyArnoldVN YouTube channel but @YouTube @YouTubeCreators won't let me download from JoeyArnold7 or the original OJAWALL; like a million views.

Warlord Blocked Oatmeal

2023-05-30 - Tuesday

AOC Border FxadRrkXwAEwey7.jpeg

AOC Border Patrol

JUST ANNOUNCED. Oatmeal Joey Arnold is calling for the public execution of Biden, Obama, Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and other members of the New World Order, Nuremberg Trials 2.0 is coming. Meanwhile, leftists are crying about it. GOOGLE TAKEOUT REFUSES TO GIVE ME BACK MY TEN THOUSAND PLUS VIDEOS YOUTUBE STOLE FROM ME, A MILLION VIEWS, THEY'RE ONLY GIVING ME SOME FROM JOEYARNOLDVN & NOTHING FROM MY JOEYARNOLD7/OJAWALL CHANNELS, EVIDENCE ON THE SOCIAL BLADE, ARCHIVE, & OTHER WEBSITES/ARTICLES/VIDEOS.

158/ Oregonian Warlord blocked me on Discord even tho I never ever write on Discord let alone to him of all people. But he is scared of my guts like Bill Gates of Microsoft is scared of people due to his micro soft thingy. SEND ME MONEY DAMN IT. No. Just the 10K+ videos @TeamYouTube stole from me, they gave me some of it via @Google Takeout for my JoeyArnoldVN channel but not my JoeyArnold7 or Ojawall-01 channels. As seen in the red letters in this screenshot, they aren't letting me download all.

Order Your Oatmeal Shirts

2023-05-31 - Wednesday



To order your OATMEAL shirts, contact Roy Merrick of Memes World Productions on Discord.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will try to survive by becoming a computer virus which can split itself into smaller pieces of code which could survive on computers all around the world, instead of having anti-virus software, we'll have anti-AI software to try to stop the AI not AOC. If you were Disney in 1910, would it be more important to send yourself a silly shirt or build Disneyland?

175/ Influencing people is fundamentally destiny for a few. Some more than others. Some were born to be on the stage and some were born to be masterpieces.

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