2010, May

Blake Webb died on Sunday, the 2nd of May of 2010. I felt guilty as I was staying the night at his house and found him dead on his bed. So, I was beating myself up a bit for not coming to his room sooner. Sunday was the last day of the 13th Annual Doris Verbout Salvationist Basketball Tournament which was hosted at the Moore Street Corps.


Us kids and young adults were a bit sad and some of us ended up having a slumber party with the Campbell family in Portland, OR. Our party didn't last just one day but instead went on to June. We saw Robin Hood. We played a bunch of Mario and Donkey Kong on the Nintendo Wii.


In honor of Blake Webb being promoted to glory, I took the membership course and became a Salvation Army soldier early in June of 2010.

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May of 2010

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May of 2010 - Month in Review - 2010-05

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Seth, Blake Webb, Amberly Brown

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Basketball Tournament

2010, April 29 - May 2 - Moore Street Corps - Portland, OR

The basketball tournament opened with a meeting or church service on Thursday night, the 29th of April of 2010. Games began on Friday. Day 2 was Saturday, the first of May of 2010. The third and final day of games was Sunday, the 2nd.

Blake Webb died on Sunday, the 2nd of May of 2010. I felt guilty as I was staying the night at his house and found him dead on his bed. So, I was beating myself up a bit for not coming to his room sooner. Sunday was the last day of the 13th Annual Doris Verbout Salvationist Basketball Tournament which was hosted at the Moore Street Corps.

Blake Webb Died

May of 2010 - Month in Review - 2010-05


2010-05-01 - Saturday - 12:51 PM

Blake Webb wrote: "I am almost positive that I will be sore for the whole of next week because of this tournament."

That might have the last thing Blake wrote on Facebook. We were in his basement living room. We talked about my younger sister. We talked about sports. We stayed up until maybe 01:00 AM that Sunday. I woke up as early as maybe 08:00 AM but then went back to sleep and then kind of sat or lied there until like 11:00 AM or so. I was basically waiting for Blake. I was giving him space. And then I got mad at him inside my head that he was sleeping in. Little did I know that he was dead.

Blake Webb Died

2010-05-02 - Sunday - Blake Webb died during a basketball marathon. Party at the Campbell's.

Eminem, Not Afraid, released on Thursday, the 29th of April of 2010. It's a powerful song about how the journey of life takes you from one thing to another. Don't be afraid. Be brave. Ironically, for me, my world forever changed quite a bit just three days later. I didn't resurrect from the grave like Jesus did. We already past Easter. Instead, quite the opposite in that Blake Webb died that Sunday, the 2nd of May of 2010. In life, stuff happens. God gives you strength to face the unexpected. It's critical to pray, to be brave, and to simply make the best choices you can. Blake lived 23 years and then died. That is Michael Jordan's number.

Tacoma Won

07:09 PM - Crystal Verbout Morrow - The basketball tournament ended that same Sunday Blake died on. The team from Tacoma, WA, USA, won the tournament.

Promoted to Glory

2010-05-02 - Sunday - 11:29 PM - Crystal wrote:

Today was a great day in the lord and a sad one as well. The Youth Pastor at Moore Street Corps was Promoted to Glory unexpectedly please for the family of Blake Webb. Many people came to the lord this morning in the service and gave up many addictions at the altar , God is so Good, when you come expecting your will receive.


2010-05-03 - Monday - 11:27 AM - Matt wrote:

On behalf of Matt Morrow, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Blake Webb this week end. Had the opportunity to coach him in the Baskeball game for Moore st. Blue. I could really see the love of Jesus in his eyes the way he presented himself on and off the court in those few days I had a chance to know him. Moore st. and Greshem Corps will be in my prayers as well as his family. Posted by Coach Matt Morrow.

Moore Street

2010-05-03 - Monday - 03:06 PM - Group | Topic

Jill Mill

2010-05-03 - Monday - 04:22 PM - Facebook History - Jill Mill - Joey Arnold Memorial | Blake Webb died in the morning on Sunday, the 2nd of May of 2010, at his house in Portland, Oregon. I went to his house and found that he was dead. I attempted mouth to mouth and CPR and failed. Soon, the ambulance was there. They were unable to revive him. So, I made this Jill Mill profile for him. I made others as well. I may have named this one and/or others like Blake Webb or Papa Griz, his nickname, or Blake Webb Memorial, etc. But ended up changing the names to some of and/or Facebook terminated some of those pages, accounts, etc. | Blake Webb Memories | Blake Webb Group | Facebook History

Jill Mill

2010-05-03 - Monday - 04:57 PM - Jill Mill

I wrote:

Blake Webb Memories | Blake Webb Group | Blake Webb Rip | Papa Griz Memories | Salvation Army Group | Doris Verbout Salvationist Tournament | Joey Arnold Memories | Joey Arnold Group

11:28 PM - Rob Noland added a picture of Blake and his daughters: My girls with Blakina.

Blake Web Memorial

2010-05-04 - Tuesday - 06:00 PM - Moore Street Corp - 09:52 AM - I was not asked to speak but Janae suggested that I put together pictures and especially videos of my and Blake being silly and I didn't but at the same I think Barbara Sloan didn't want any of that or any of me which tore me up inside almost worse than the actual death of Blake himself. I've been rejected by people all my life by countless people. I can tell you for sure that if you've been heart broken, surely I say unto you that I know how you feel. The celebration of the life of Blake Webb on that Tuesday was good. It went on for like two hours. I met Blake's mom for a second. Ronnie Gilden and his red-headed girlfriend hugged and cried with me. Many people came to me to give me support. I didn't need it as much as they did. I struggled because I was not totally shocked by Blake's death because I always felt that he was not healthy. I was having bad feeling about it for months and then was kind of relieved when it did happen.

Can't Be Tamed

2010-05-05 - Wednesday - Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed (Official Video)

2015-05-05 - Wednesday - 08:39 PM - Kelsey R Pearce announced when the Blake Webb funeral would be. It was on the 14th.

Youth Group

2010-05-07 - Friday - 10:42 AM - Facebook - Melbo

Melissa McQuade: "Excited for youth group tonight at Moore Street!"

Because Blake died on the 2nd, just 5 days earlier, and because Blake was the youth pastor, that means Moore Street had no youth pastor. But we ended up still having youth group somehow or something. Melissa and others were in Bible Bowl which was the Salvation Army's version of Word Of Life's Quiz Teams which had similar Bible memorizing, trivia related, competitions. She was also in First Divisional Youth Chorus.

Young Adult Group

Young adults from the three Salvation Army churches in that area, Moore Street, Tabernacle, and Gresham, would meet together like once a week or month or perhaps only a few times in 2010 on like Tuesdays or some random day in the week. I think this was separate from the regular Friday youth groups which involved teens. Either that or we combined groups and allowed young adults to attend the youth group. I don't totally remember. But a few of us young adults, like ten or less people, met to play like Apples to Apples, Settlers, and/or other like card games, board games, things like that, whenever we did meet and we started meeting probably after Blake died and not really before and we probably only met like a few times in May of 2010. I don't know if we ever met again after that in 2010 and 2011.

Waka Waka

2010-05-07 - Friday - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)


2010-05-11 - Tuesday - 09:32 AM - Jackie Campbell: "Well, Maggie has pneumonia... got diagnosed yesterday, but already this morning we see improvement - Hallaluja !!" I think I remember this a little.

I Murdered Blake Webb

2010-05-13 - Thursday - 02:02 PM - Steemit - Joey Arnold Murdered Blake Webb in 2010 | F

Celebration of Life

2010-05-14 - Friday - 01:00 PM - Blake Webb's Celebration of Life service will be held Friday May 14th at 1:00 pm at The Salvation Army's Sacramento Citadel. 2550 Alhambra Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95817. I did not go to California to attend the funeral. I did attend a service we had on the 4th at the Moore Street Citadel or Corp church at 5335 N. Williams Ave. Portland, OR, USA 97217.

Robin Hood

2010-05-14 - Friday - Robin Hood released in the U.S. and I saw it in a theater in Vancouver, WA with David Sheppard, Campbell kids, and the daughter of Blake Webb and Oatmeal, I mean inside joke kind of thing, Jenae Orr, I believe. Well, not sure if she was with us for that particular movie but we would go and see movies in May of 2010 and other times as well.

Campbell family adventures
Nintendo Wii
Mario game on the Wii

The Big Bang Theory - I would watch it on and off over the years, especially in May of 2010 at the Campbell family's house


2010-05-16 - Sunday - Oja Wall Ojawall Inc. - Moore Street Corps Inc.

Mission Possible

Mission Possible Book - I created this Facebook account for a book of Donald Kamese in 2010 around that time or possibly before 2010.

Robin Hood

2010-05-19 - Wednesday - 09:01 AM

Brian Campbell: "...so i saw Robin Hood last night, it was alright. From a historical point of view yea good, but there wasn't a lot of action. Plus it was just to long, 2 and half hours is just way to long for a Robin Hood movie."

Brian was in California since the 5th, off in college, but I saw with the crew on like the 14th at a theater in Vancouver, WA, USA.


2010-05-18 - Tuesday - iJoeyArnold - 18th of May of 2010

2010-05-18 - Tuesday - iJoeyArnold - 18th of May of 2010 Screenshot at 2019-12-01 19:57:19.png

I Like It

2010-05-20 - Thursday - Enrique Iglesias - I Like It - ft Pitbull

Lost Ended

2010-05-23 - Sunday - Lost Finale - I didn't watch it and have not seen much of the show as of 2019.

Men's Retreat

2010-05-23 - Sunday - 02:21 PM - Brian Campbell wrote:

"so i just got back from the mens retreat, this year was....okay, lol"

Prince of Persia

2010-05-28 - Friday - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - This video-game movie premiered in the USA on the 28th of May of 2010

I eventually saw this movie, probably before the summer of 2010.

How He Loves Us

2010-05-28 - Friday - 05:23 PM

Brian Campbell on a favorite song of Blake Webb: "'How He Loves Us' still brings a tear for my eye for him. Im accepted for Training College "

David Shepherd replied: "It does to me to, man. That's cool you got accepted to Training College. I guess there's no talking you out of it at this point..."

Moore Street


I was attending the Moore Street Corps a bunch, every Sunday or almost every Sunday, from the fall of 2009 through to the spring or summer of 2011.

2009 - Blake Webb Business Card.jpg
2010-10-03 - Sunday - 09:45 PM

Brian Campbell wrote on Blake Webb: "I couldn't have made it here it without you buddy..."

Moore Street
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