2010, July

At Camp Redwood Glen, I was a Relief Counselor and program staff. It was a fun summer in San Jose, California. On Saturday, the 24th of July of 2010, flew in an airplane back to Portland, OR and moved in with Charlotte Battle.

Camp Experience

I worked for five summers at camps in the 2000's and one summer during the 2010's. Working at camp is one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world, if not my favorite kind of thing to do.

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July of 2010

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July of 2010 - Month in Review - 2010-07

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2010-07 Me 01.jpg
Me at Redwood Glen in July of 2010

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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2010-07-10 - Saturday - 12:02 AM - Michelle shared a photo of me from 2005, something I made, Oatmeal Joy - 37291_1512633822951_6893574_n.jpg

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2010-07-09 - Friday - Hanna 37446_10150225371930080_155034_n.jpg

Charlotte Battle

July of 2010 - Month in Review - 2010-07

Was working at Camp Redwood Glen. After that, became a tenant of Charlotte Battle.


2010-07-01- Thursday - 12:02 AM - Joe Potts

2010-07-12 - Monday - Benjamin Dunham & Staff - 34539_1233422974564_3306756_n.jpg

Defining Normality

2010-07-03 - Saturday - Defining Normality - Facebook | Hive | Steemit | PeakD

My Facebook was Oatmeal Joy. I also had a blog on Blogspot by the same name: here is a link to that blog from 2009-2010:

A link to my Ojawall YouTube, screenshot from 2009:

Oatmeal Joy

2010-07-10 - Saturday - 12:02 AM - Oatmeal Joy

Ladies in the River

2010-06-11 - 09:19 PM - Ladies in the River - Hanna and others


2010-07-12 - Monday - 06:09 PM - 06:10 PM - Benjamin Dunham & Other Staff at Redwood Glen


2010-07-16 - Friday - Inception premiered in the U.S. and I eventually saw it maybe as late as 2012 in an airplane on my way to Vietnam. I did see the movie or bits and pieces in an airplane that November of 2012 and I remember not seeing it before that and I probably went on to watch the entire movie on my laptop in 2013 most likely. Well, actually, I might have saw it or bits and pieces at Matt's as early as the fall of 2010.

Joey Arnold's Face

2010-07-16 - Friday - 10:24 AM | 10:22 PM | Oatmeal Joy

Laura vs Farmer Hanna

2010-07-19 - Monday - 08:10 AM - Joey to Laura Snyder Hall: "Our VBS skits are even better when you, not Farmer Hanna, are in them, well, meaning that you were funny that last Thursday night we were all up there in, so, if that makes you feel any better with the pain at all in which I didn't know about this until now, hope you are feeling better, take care."


2010-07-21 - Wednesday - 12:20 PM - Hanna, Laura, campfire

Returned to Oregon

2010-07-24 - Saturday - I returned to Oregon, moved in with Charlotte Battle, my landlord, and started watching How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). Battle introduced me to Criminal Minds which I then would watch through all the then current episodes.

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2010-07-25 - Sunday - 04:17 PM | Hanna Van Hemert - The URL to this account is SEHCM7 and the display was something like Learn English. Facebook made me change it. So, I changed it to Eric Koelbl. Then the real Eric contacted me. So, I went to try to change it but Facebook wouldn't let me. So, I then changed it to Koelbl, Eric. Now, before it was SEHCM7, it was Fonnie Filden. Ronnie Gilden refused to befriend me on Facebook. So, I made an account to replace him with. Email: ffilden1@yahoo.com | Now, this profile may have had several different name changes over the years. The first post I can find from SEHCM7 is from Sunday, the 25th of July of 2010. I wrote:

Forget about Hanna Montanna, dear Hanna Van Hemert (Hannah means having favor or grace, or Hana in Japanese means resembling a flower, not to be confused with Hanna Barbera): Hanna truly is even a cross between TBN's JCTV's Christian Pop Musicians Krystal Myers, Stephanie Smith, Courtni...... Joey Arnold. Joey Arnold Friends: Blake Webb Memories


2010-07-30 - Thursday - 12:47 PM - I commented on that post using my then SeHCM7

Sports Camp

2010-07-30 - Friday - 05:03 PM - Sports Camp at Redwood Glen - Laura Snyder Hall is with Robert Castillo and Michele Simplot Rutschow - I missed out on sports camp. I was not there for this.


2010-07-30 - Friday - 03:25 PM - Joey: "Best friends, oh, those are nice, oh wait, I never got to read that one book of yours, oh its ok." 06:37 PM - Scarlet Huang:

Joey Cameo

2010-07-30 - Friday - 03:43 PM - Alejandra Javier - Stevie Stern - Allison Cardenas - Eugene Davis - Ale: "all of us having fun Bao &I singing Nathan Wild playing da Ukulele., Eugene &Allison as our back up dancers :] love it Man!!" I walked right into the video. So, Ale had to tell me to get out of the way. I had no idea what was going on or I wanted to sing along with them. On August 5, on Thursday at 02:53 PM I commented: "William Hung bows down to you because of course you guys are better or full of more Hawaiian pineapple passion fruit by the loops and yet I was still not exactly saying one way or the other that you guys were all just like that American Idol blooper man but I am fans of this song still and it's memorable truly." The video was recorded at a beach in July or June of 2010. Ale replied back to me: "awwww joey we love yu!! :]."


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2001-10-02 - Scrubs - Season 01 - Episode 01 - I would watch the show off and on over the years a few times.

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