My Facebook History - Part 001

I first joined Facebook around 2006 and 2007 while attending the Appalachian Bible College (ABC), in Bradley, West Virginia (WV), USA during that same school year. Before that, I've been on social networks like Xanga, Live Journal, and especially MySpace. Welcome to this quick rough draft outline article named My Facebook History - Part 001. This post seeks to outline some of my Facebook profile accounts, pages, groups, events, posts, comments, messages, avatars, pictures, videos, activities, history, etc. Well, one of the main goals is focused primarily on identifying different accounts, pages, accounts, and events of mine or something like that. This is only part one as I may not have all the details at the moment. To be continued in the future. This article is extremely incomplete.

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2018-12-17 - My Facebook.png
My Facebook - Screenshot - 2018-12-17 - Monday

My Facebook History - Part 001

Created on 2019-11-02 - Saturday - 11:35 AM
Published on 2019-11-06 - Wednesday - 08:50 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in November of 2019

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All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), unless otherwise noted.

Joined Facebook

2006-2007 | Appalachian Bible College (ABC)

I joined Facebook around 2006-2007 at ABC, which was my second college. My display name was probably Joey Arnold. However, at times, early on, while attending ABC, I would change my display name or username. I'm not sure how many times I would change my name at that time. Over the years, I've changed my names, URLs, etc. But while at ABC, I at least changed my name once. Well, either I changed it once or I originally had my display name as Dr. Oatmeal.

My Facebook

My Facebook URL may have been, prior to maybe 2010:

Dr. Oatmeal

One of my first display names on Facebook, as I said in the last paragraph, was Dr. Oatmeal. I think that is how I spelled it too. So, I don't think it was Doctor Oatmeal but Dr. Oatmeal. But like I said, over the years, I've had different usernames. I've had different web addresses, that is URLs, for Facebook. I'm not sure at the moment if one of my customized URLs was or not. I will try to use the Wayback Machine to see if I can get a hit on that.

Joey Arnold

Besides that, my display name has been and currently is Joey Arnold, that is on Facebook and on other sites as well. But beyond that, the URL for my original Facebook profile account, that first one that I created at ABC as I already mentioned above, for many years, between like 2006-2013, approximately, around those years I'm guessing, was and I was trying to change to transfer that URL to a Facebook page and I believe Facebook didn't let me or something. After that, I was trying to get my URL back to my first Facebook profile which I created at ABC. I was like unable to do so. Last time I checked, somebody else seems to have this URL, that is somebody else with my name.



2009-04-09 - Thursday - 02:47 PM - Living Jesus - Screenshot at 2019-11-02 16:59:40.png
2009-04-09 - Thursday - 02:47 PM - Living Jesus - Screenshot at 2019-11-02 16:58:43.png

Living Jesus - Kerry Pickett

2009-04-08 - Wednesday - 04:33 PM | Kerry Pickett

Living Jesus

2009-04-09 - Thursday - 02:47 PM - Living Jesus

is feeling better.

2009-07-10 - Friday - 05:21 PM - Screenshot at 2019-11-02 14:01:33.png
2009-07-10 - Friday - 05:21 PM - Screenshot at 2019-11-02 13:59:06.png
2009-07-10 - Friday - 05:21 PM - Ram Reflection Facebook - Peter Rasp - Screenshot at 2019-11-02 13:57:46.png

Ram Reflection

2009-07-10 - Friday - 05:21 PM - Ram Reflection

I may have made this Ram Reflection in 2009. As far as I know, at the moment, the first post I ever made on that account was on the 7th of July of 2009. However, the original URL and display name, Ram Reflection, may have been something else. I don't remember at the moment what that might have been. Later on, Facebook made me change my name on there. So, I changed it to Peter Rasp.

2009-07-10 - Friday - 06:38 PM - Ram Reflection Screenshot at 2019-11-02 17:44:33.png

Ram Reflection

2009-07-10 - Friday - 06:38 PM - Ram Reflection | Page

This was the second post I've found on this profile. On this post where I uploaded a video to one of my YouTube channels, I wrote:

I uploaded a YouTube video -- DVDJSA09DOGDOG.0001.BlairWitch.

Screenshot at 2019-11-02 14:07:01.png


Which YouTube channel? I believe it was a channel called JSA Dog Dog or something with Dog and Dog as the handle, the display name. So, the original name to my Ram Reflection (Peter Rasp) account may have had something to do with that. I clicked on the video and it said "video unavailable." It didn't say the YouTube channel was terminated.

video unavailable

2009-09-12 - Saturday - 02:16 PM - Green Oatmeal - David Duke Screenshot at 2019-11-02 17:54:16.png

Green Oatmeal

2009-09-12 - Saturday - 02:16 PM - Green Oatmeal - David Duke

I wrote:

GREEN OATMEAL - MAKING The world greener: One oatmeal at a time:

Don Rasp

2009-09-19 - Saturday - 01:29 PM

Jill Mill

2010-05-03 - Monday - 04:22 PM - Jill Mill - Joey Arnold Memorial | Blake Webb died in the morning on Sunday, the 2nd of May of 2010, at his house in Portland, Oregon. I went to his house and found that he was dead. Iattempted mouth to mouth and CPR and failed. Soon, the ambulance was there. They were unable to revive him. So, I made this Jill Mill profile for him. I made others as well. I may have named this one and/or others like Blake Webb or Papa Griz, his nickname, or Blake Webb Memorial, etc. But ended up changing the names to some of and/or Facebook terminated some of those pages, accounts, etc. | Blake Webb Memories | Blake Webb Group

Jill Mill

2010-05-03 - Monday - 04:57 PM - Jill Mill

I wrote:

Blake Webb Memories | Blake Webb Group | Blake Webb Rip | Papa Griz Memories | Salvation Army Group | Doris Verbout Salvationist Tournament | Joey Arnold Memories | Joey Arnold Group

2010-06-04 - Friday - 12:10 PM PST - Betty White Dream - Arnold Island FB Page

2010-06-05 - Saturday - 07:26 PM - Screenshot at 2019-11-02 14:44:04.png
2010-06-05 - Saturday - 07:26 PM - Screenshot at 2019-11-02 14:50:46.png
2010-06-05 - Saturday - 07:26 PM - Screenshot at 2019-11-02 14:43:19.png

Joey Arnold Friends

2010-06-05 - Saturday - 07:26 PM - Ram Reflection

I posted links to some of my pages, groups, events, profiles, and/or whatever the case(s) may have been on my Ram Reflection Facebook Profile on Saturday, the 5th of June of 2010: notice that some of these links appears to be dead which means some of these pages, etc, may be dead now, deactivated, deleted by Facebook, or whatever the case might be.

Joey Arnold Friends | Jim Williams | Oja Wall | Joey Arnold Friends Group | Green Oatmeal | Mission Possible Book | Ashley Arnold | Jo Rasp | Rara Roberto | Betty White Died Happy | Fake Profile Friends War | Fake Profile Friends War Group


2010-07-25 - Sunday - 04:17 PM | Hanna Van Hemert - The URL to this account is SEHCM7 and the display was something like Learn English. Facebook made me change it. So, I changed it to Eric Koelbl. Then the real Eric contacted me. So, I went to try to change it but Facebook wouldn't let me. So, I then changed it to Koelbl, Eric. Now, before it was SEHCM7, it was Fonnie Filden. Ronnie Gilden refused to befriend me on Facebook. So, I made an account to replace him with. Email: | Now, this profile may have had several different name changes over the years. The first post I can find from SEHCM7 is from Sunday, the 25th of July of 2010. I wrote:

Forget about Hanna Montanna, dear Hanna Van Hemert (Hannah means having favor or grace, or Hana in Japanese means resembling a flower, not to be confused with Hanna Barbera): Hanna truly is even a cross between TBN's JCTV's Christian Pop Musicians Krystal Myers, Stephanie Smith, Courtni...... Joey Arnold. Joey Arnold Friends: Blake Webb Memories

Joey Arnold's Face

2010-07-16 - Friday - 10:24 AM | 10:22 PM | Oatmeal Joy

Oatmeal Joy

2010-08-01 - Sunday - 03:59 PM - Oatmeal Joy - seHCM7 - I included a list of the folowing Facebook pages, profile accounts, groups, events, things, and/or etc:

Washing Hands. Joey Arnold Friends. Oatmeal Joy
Blake Webb Memories. Joey Arnold. Ashley Arnold
Crystal Ann Arnold. Rick Butter

Sharing Sunshine. Drinking Water. Harvesting Farmer Spirit
Cooking Oatmeal Joy. Lost Without Lost. Bewebb Fund
Umnum Denum. Rara Roberto

Gyjo: Get Your Oatmeal Joy On

2010-08-06 - Friday - 07:50 PM | Page

Fonnie Filden Links

2010-10-07 - Saturday - 04:03 PM - Fonnie Filden

I linked to some of my Facebook pages, accounts, groups, some of my friends, etc, and Facebook terminated some of these:

Joey Arnold | Sawyer Frye | Integrated Intelligence
Ric Garland | L4oj: Looking For Outrageous Joy
Charissa Thompson | Gyjo: Get Your Oatmeal Joy On
Blake Webb Memories | TSA: The Salvation Army
SAY Harmony | Nicholas Littlejohn | Nicholas Becker
Kari Herinckx | Rick Arnold | Rick Butter | Ashley Arnold
Crystal Ann Arnold | NLG: Never Ever Let Go
Sharon Clayton | PAB: Praying Address Book
Papa Griz | Washing Hands | Umnum Denum | Bewebb Fund
OrgaFit | Harvesting Farmer Spirit | Lost Without Lost
Betty White Died Happy | Defining Normality
Ron Clark | Rara Roberto | Daniel Mark Beaty
Mariangel Onsurez | Jess Franklin
Meagan Hawk | rEVOLution HAWAII | JaWilliams Fund
Oatmeal Moments | Alexandra Keister

2010-10-08 - Friday - 05:01 PM PST - Fonnie Filden - My Real Facebook Profile Was Terminated Around This Time Screenshot at 2019-11-02 22:51:47.png
2010-10-08 - Friday - 05:01 PM PST - Fonnie Filden Screenshot at 2019-11-02 22:53:12.png

Facebook Censorship

2010-10-08 - Friday - 05:01 PM PST - Fonnie Filden - I wrote that my real Facebook account profile, possibly my very first or second account was termianted by Facebook for no reason. I originally joined Facebook around 2006. I may have made a second account around 2006 as well. I don't remember exactly. Over the years, I've made different Facebook accounts, pages, groups, etc. So, at 05:01 PM PST, on Friday, the 8th of October of 2010, I posted the following:

was just deleted.
just heard that Joey Arnold's one & only real FaceBook account was truly deleted & destroyed & terminated & disabled & killed & murdered & sliced & ran over all for no real reasons & shredded like dirt which makes me wonder & makes me angry & it is like the fifth time that FaceBook has commited such crimes which inspires me to truly press charges towards them for that.
dislikes that giggle.
killed Joey Arnold.

2010-11-10 - One Back Porch

2011-10-18 - Tuesday - 02:23 PM - Serious Slogan Screenshot at 2019-11-02 17:40:19.png

Serious Slogan

2011-10-18 - Tuesday - 02:23 PM - Serious Slogan

2011-10-20 - Thursday - 11:06 PM - Serious Slogan - Life is Only as Beautiful as you Make It.jpg

Serious Slogan

2011-10-20 - Thursday - 11:06 PM - Serious Slogan | 26 Photos | Star Wars Trek LOTR Joke

Life is only as beautiful as you make it.

Restore Main Street

2011-10-19 - Wednesday - 11:29 PM - Restore Main Street

Restore Main Street

2011-10-25 - Tuesday - 12:43 PM - Restore Main Street

2011-10-27 - Thursday - 08:21 PM - JA Visual Venture Screenshot at 2019-11-02 17:26:17.png
2011-10-27 - Thursday - 08:25 PM - JA Visual Venture Screenshot at 2019-11-02 17:29:58.png

JA Visual Venture

2011-10-27 - Thursday - 08:21 PM - JA Visual Venture | Star Wars Fan Girl Post
URL Link:

JA Visual Venture was a Facebook I created in October of 2011. It may have been related to a YouTube channel of mine called Painting Propaganda. The main purpose behind of JA Visual Venture was to post memes, art, posters, made by me and others. I linked to You Now. which is now a dead link.

2011-10-27 - Thursday - 09:55 PM - Visual Venture - Problem When Family Refuse to be Your Facebook Friend.jpg
2011-10-27 - Thursday - 09:55 PM - Visual Venture Screenshot at 2019-11-02 17:08:24.png
2011-10-27 - Thursday - 09:55 PM - Visual Venture Screenshot at 2019-11-02 17:09:54.png
2011-10-27 - Thursday - 09:55 PM - Visual Venture Screenshot at 2019-11-02 17:10:10.png

Visual Venture - Daniel Smith

2011-10-27 - Thursday - 09:55 PM - Visual Venture

Problem: you know you have them when family members refuse to be your Facebook friends.

2011-12-07 - Wednesday - 12:47 PM - Ojawall

Joey Arnold 7

One of my Facebook URLs was which is what I changed my first Facebook into as I was trying to move my JoeyArnold URL to a fan page. Note that I am writing the word page. Some people might conflate Facebook account profiles with pages. There are differences between the two. So, I changed my URL from JoeyArnold to JoeyArnold7 or something like that. I know, for a period of time, my main Facebook, or something, was JoeyArnold7. Currently, another person has that JoeyArnold7 URL.

2012-03-03 - Saturday - 10:40 PM - Oo Joey Arnold - How People See Oatmeal Joey Six Boxes - Rerun or Original Posting on this FB Page.jpg

Oo Joey Arnold

2012-03-03 - Saturday - 10:40 PM - Oo Joey Arnold - I posted this original or rerun picture that I made all about how nine different kinds of people or whatever may see me. I posted this picture in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA, at 10:40 PM PST on Saturday, the third of March of 2012, onto this Oo Joey Arnold Facebook page: probably my first post to this page. So, I probably made this page around that time.

2012-06-08 - Friday - 11:46 PM - JosephArnold7 - Facebook.jpg

Joseph Arnold

2012-06-08 - Friday - 11:46 PM | @JosephArnold7

Mea Omnia

2012-06-09 - Saturday - 11:14 PM | Mea Omnia

2013-11-01 - 08:12 AM Screenshot at 2019-11-02 13:42:52.png

Joey Arnold Friends

2013-11-01 - Friday - 08:11 AM - Facebook

I made the Joey Arnold Friends page in 2013.

Screenshot at 2019-11-05 02:59:49.png


2010-07-07 - Wednesday - 10:56 PM - the 7th of July of 2010 - Profile Picture - Mirror Joey Rerun Pic from 2004 or 2005

2011-11-17 - Thursday - 04:14 PM - the 17th of November of 2011 in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA, by Oatmeal Joey Arnold - Just Me Photo Album - 74 Pics

2012-03-03 - 10:40 PM - Banner Picture

2012-08-05 - Archive. JoeyArnold4 was probably renamed to OoJoeyArnold.


2014 - Facebook

I made a new Facebook in 2014. My URL was and that URL, JoeyArnoldVN, is my name plus the country I was living at that time, VN, meaning Vietnam. Facebook placed that JoeyArnoldVN account in Facebook jail again for a month in October of 2019 for no reason at all.

2014-04-20 - Sunday - 05:09 AM - 13HCM - Original Poster Art or Rerun JA Oatmeal English Ad.jpg


2014-04-20 - Sunday - 05:09 AM - 13HCM

As far I can tell, I published my first post onto my 13HCM - @Joey Arnold VN Facebook page at 05:09 AM PST on Sunday, the 20th of April of 2014. So, I'm assuming that this Joey Arnold VN 13HCM page thing was created around that time.

JA English

2014-10-19 - Sunday - 01:04 AM - JA English

Real Oatmeal Joey

2019-06-24 - Monday - 05:23 PM PST LMS | Facebook

I created my Real Oatmeal Joey Facebook account in 2019 while I was in Facebook Timeout, AKA Jail, again. This is one of my backup profiles as I end up in Facebook Prison randomly without efficient or objective explanation.

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