Watch Banned Live Coverage of the 2020 U.S. Election at Election Night . News

Watch banned Election Night News via these forbidden websites listed here [SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MORE] or via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, social media, television, cable, satellite, radio, podcasts, etc, or maybe not as fake news and big tech will try to say Biden won even as Trump won or they'll say we have to count mail-in ballots until the cows come home or there are a number of other things which may happen as well.

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Watch Banned Live Coverage of the 2020 U.S. Election at Election Night . News
Oatmeal Daily - 2020-11-03 | Published in November of 2020

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Election Night News

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Well, big tech and fake news will try to say Joe Biden won even as Joe lost 2020.

Trump wins 2020 in a massive landslide.

I've been writing articles about this day since 2016.

Watch out for the Red Mirage Scam.

How do you check the status of your ballot?

I've included a few ways you can watch real coverage of the election on the Internet in this post.

Here are some embedded videos on YouTube for example as follows:

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11/3/20 - LIVE INFOWARS TUESDAY on U.S. Presidential Election Day 2020

Charry Bomb

🔴 Watch Live: 2020 Election Coverage with Infowars - 11/3/20

Click here to see more
or click here
Rebel News

Purpose of this Post

The main goal is to help people find what is really happening on election day in the United States of America. I encourage people to help other people discover real news while fake news will do their best to lie about everything as they usually do. There are news outlets out there trying to keep people informed with breaking news. The biggest one is Infowars. So, some people say they don't know how to find Alex Jones and that's why I've been writing articles all about how to find Alex Jones and Infowars.

How do you watch Infowars?

Be Part of History

I've been writing articles about this day and about many different things relating to freedom. If you're a patriot who loves liberty, why not make a video if you haven't already? I want people to know what big tech and fake news do. I also try my best to raise awareness to what Bill Gates and others do. This election is critical in world history and you can be part of it. Like I said, the main purpose of this post, of this web page right here, is to encourage people to share the real outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. The control freaks are up to no good. They will be trying their best to be making trouble in your neighborhood like Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Live Coverage

I've included a few videos, search results via search engines, and a few different websites, to help you find out what is happening today. Instead of sharing this article here, you should share some of your favorite videos or your favorite links found here with your friends and with everybody. Better yet, you can find your own and share them in the comments below or wherever you can. We are in an information war. Many good and bad things are happening in the world right now. It is crucial to let people know what is happening. The good guys can do all they can. Maybe you can't do much to help but passing on information could in fact get the info into the right hands. Maybe the next person next to you can help stop voter fraud for example which is happening right now. Many terrible things are happening and I don't even have time right now to talk about geoengineering and a number of other things on top of things.

And Then Some

There are many great websites, live streams, videos, and other things, etc, and you have the opportunity to grab it and go. You have the key in getting the word happening. They're stealing the election from Trump and then some. Let me say that again, "AND THEN SOME." It does not end today. There are many different ways to find the videos and the other things which are covering the results of this election. Patriots are out there trying to get the news out to the people.


But people are getting banned from simply sharing the math, the results of the 2020 election. You can go on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, etc, and try to wake people up. You can also try your best to share the truth with people who are sleeping in the bosoms of fake news propaganda.


Trump is winning but the bad guys are trying to say Trump lost even as he did not. Like I said, and they're trying to create a new country as well. They're trying so many things at the same time. Record the voter fraud with your camera, your phone, etc. Now is the time.

Live Map

I should probably write another article all about live electoral college maps, the road to 270 electoral votes which is required in order for an candidate to be elected. I've included a few videos and a few websites here showing live maps which appear to be updating live as election results come in. But I should probably write a new post all about that.


This post is a quick taste of everything that is out there. A lot of great people are out there trying to get the news out but big tech have promised to censor all of that. Fake news and big tech have openly said they will call the actual results of the election today as fake news and ban people. It is already happening. Facebook deleted a photo I posted of Hunter Bidden for example. There is so much happening. I want to tell you more. But more on that later.

But for now, I wanted to publish this quick thing right here.

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