UK Hivians December 2020

Last month I attempted to update the UK Hivians list that @pennsif used to produce. He has been AWOL for a while, but I hope he is okay. I had several responses to alert me to other people and I have found a few more since. Compiling that first list was a mainly manual process, but I have since automated it using some Python and the beem library by @holger80. I just have to add people to a file and my script checks for activity in the last month. I split it into people who have posted or comments, those just voting (probably automated) and totally inactive. I am open to suggestions on how this could be improved.

My attempt at a flag. Maybe someone can do a better one.

If you know of anyone who is missing then let me know and I will add them for next month.

Overall we have lost one active user since last month. I would hope we can reverse that to start 2021.

London & the South East (29/6/9)

@adetorrent, @andy4475, @atomcollector, @basilmarples, @bleepcoin, @breadcentric, @chris-uk, @cryptogee, @dannyshine, @donatello, @gillianpearce, @immarojas, @kabir88, @kgakakillerg, @lloyddavis, @maneco64, @molometer, @nathanmars, @nickyhavey, @nicolcron, @rmsbodybuilding, @robbieallenart, @sergiomendes, @spectrumecons, @stav, @steevc, @stickchumpion, @teodora, @ultravioletmag

Voting: @ezzy, @markangeltrueman, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @redrica, @winkandwoo

Inactive: @dougalporteous, @dronegraphica, @fleur, @hockney, @rosa33, @steemlondon, @stormkeepersmdk, @susanlo, @todayslight

The Midlands (19/4/3)

@abh12345, @article61, @brianbrogan1960, @codelikeamother, @dannewton, @dawnsart, @dickturpin, @ellenripley, @fastchrisuk, @gribbles, @martaesperanza, @neilru75, @neopch, @opheliafu, @richgaynor, @rthelly, @shanibeer, @shmoogleosukami, @ura-soul

Voting: @beautifulbullies, @leighscotford, @skaarl, @starkerz

Inactive: @bettynoir, @jaytaylor, @rimicane

The South West (6/0/2)

@adambarratt, @davidlionfish, @jimbobbill, @jonboka, @sharpshot, @wolven-znz

Inactive: @perceptualflaws, @sunsethunter

The North (11/7/1)

@adamfryda-art, @ashtv, @c0ff33a, @darrenclaxton, @goblinknackers, @raj808, @slobberchops, @someguy123, @stevenwood, @teamhumble, @vraba

Voting: @artonmysleeve, @cryptocurator, @dizzydiscovery, @jskitty, @lastravage, @pcste, @whiterosecoffee

Inactive: @mckeever

Scotland (7/1/1)

@barge, @cadawg, @camuel, @epicdave, @jubei333, @kevmcc, @meesterboom

Voting: @btcvenom

Inactive: @danaidhbee

Wales (4/3/1)

@grindle, @louisthomas, @theturtleproject, @welshstacker

Voting: @elizabethharvey, @p-props, @stevelivingston

Inactive: @pennsif

Northern Ireland (1/0/0)


Somewhere in the UK... (3/4/2)

@fadetoblack, @raymondspeaks, @tommyrobinson

Voting: @djsl82, @gmuxx, @pjau, @steemcampuk

Inactive: @mudcat36, @vibeof100monkeys

Expats (12/2/1)

@cryptoandcoffee (South Africa), @diveratt (Philippines), @livinguktaiwan (Taiwan), @lucylin, @millycf1976 (Philippines), @minismallholding (Australia), @moonyoga (Portugal), @nathen007 (Thailand), @revisesociology (Portugal), @rycharde (@accelerator Thailand), @scubahead (Philippines), @sebcam (USA)

Voting: @jeffandhisguitar (SE Asia), @tggr (Singapore)

Inactive: @biggypauls (Philippines)

Total active UK: 80, Active expats: 12

UK Witnesses

@someguy123, @ura-soul, @cadawg, @whiterosecoffee, @c0ff33a, @nathanmars

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