Follow Friday - Engage!

The News

$HIVE had a nice pump this week, but has settled down around 1000 Satoshi. It is consistently about 200 Satoshi behind $STEEM which holds value despite lack of credibility. I guess someone is still propping it up.

Wot, no comments?

Below are the top three trending posts that can get hundreds of votes, but not a huge number of comments. Sometimes the ratio is even worse. I just noticed the fourth place post has 332 votes and zero comments with $68 in rewards.


This is not a reflection on the authors. They have put in the work to make good posts, but many people do not feel moved to say anything about them. I realise that a lot of these votes are automatic, but is that as rewarding after the last hardfork? The algorithm was always designed to make it worth seeking out good, underappreciated content that subsequently did well. If you vote up a post, re-post it and get it attention you can do well. That is what it really means to curate!

The top trending posts are likely to be those who get whale votes, but there are few of those to go around. There are over a thousand orcas and dolphins around who may be more willing to vote manually and actually read posts.

Commenting is part of curation too as it adds context and can get conversations going. Voting up comments is more worthwhile now. My curation rewards are up a fair bit this month and some of that is from voting on comments.

Hive should be social, but some people focus too much on the money and are missing out. They could be earning more by posting or commenting.

At the opposite end of the spectrum to trending there are people putting out good posts and getting very little attention. Seek out content that matches your interests and support it if you want to see more. That will make Hive more fun for you and others. I am not that bothered about crypto news, but I do love music and guitars in particular. I also support various comics that entertain me. Most of my voting will be on posts I read.

If you just do not get any engagement then it may be considering the sort of posts you put out. You can try just going with what is trending, but that may still not work as people have to find you. Going with what you are passionate about may come across as more sincere. Even if you just find a couple more followers it could snowball.

Hive is what we make it.

Follow-worthy Hivers

Suggestions this week will be of people who have been exchanging comments with me this week. They will get a share of the post rewards.

  • @dynamicgreentk has commented on a few of my posts with health tips and other thoughts. He seems to be into his garden.
  • @xplosive is in Hungary and has been expressing some frustration with Hive after four years of trying to build something here. Show them it can be better.
  • @sidekickmatt deserves more comments on his comics, but he does respond when he gets them.
  • @nevies was joking around with me about my running, but I do not mind that.
  • @toofasteddie also has some running advice that is a little more useful.

The doghouse

The phishing campaign on Hive is continuing, so be vigilant. They have been varying their tactics by including profile images in comments to seem more personal. Those asking for a witness vote have been hacked and do not have the funds to pay you as those are being stolen.

Some people say they have not clicked on any links or entered their keys anywhere dodgy. It may be worth checking who you have given posting authority to. You can remove those in Peakd.


If you believe your account is compromised it is worth changing your keys. Keep them very safe. Check that your recovery account is someone who could actually help you regain control. If it is still steemit then there is little chance. You can change that in Peakd too.

The End

As users of Hive we carry a lot of responsibility for our own security and for giving the platform a future. There is no big company we can rely on to run things. If Hive grows it will be thanks to the users and they will all benefit. Pure self-interest will not get us far.

For the many!

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