Starbits & Cold Pizza #19 - The Legend of The Starbits Millionaire

Hey Rockstars,

It's Friday! Whoop, Whoop! I thought it would be a good idea to write a Guide about the Starbits Millionaire Card. And then both @moonthumb and @playhive have asked me about it this week. So now I'm doing it. There's not much info out there, and i too found the inf by accident on someone's post about a month ago.

Lots of work to get through today so here's my Rising star story for today.

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The Starbiit Millionaire:

Rock Starts talk about this rare group of players known as the Starbits Millionares. It's a tale often fantasised about post gigs, during rehearsals and the dream of every Rising Star once they get wind of the idea. These Rockstars have the potential to turn just over a half a slice of pizza into 10 000 STARBITS EVERY DAY!

With only 74 Rock Stars on the whole Hiververse holding this status, we realise two things:

  1. This is not a legend and totally achievable.
  2. I want to Join the Starbits Millionaires Club.

How to become a Starbits Millionaire

The requirements are simple:

  1. You have to stake/hold 1 million starbits in your Hive Engine Wallet.
  2. Once you achieve this, let the team know on discord and they will issue you one of these unique cards!
  3. This card will be stored in the "Other" tab in your cards list.


If you reached this point, congratulations you are now a millionaire!

How To Get Starbits Millionaire Rewards Daily

Once you have your cards you can now complete the special mission available only to Starbits Millionaire Card Holders.

Players have to meet the following requirements to play this mission:

  1. Must hold starbits millionaire card
  2. Must hold 1 million starbits in Hive Engine
  3. 1000 Fans
  4. Level 50
  5. 65% Energy


You can complete this mission once a day and claim your 10k starbits. What you then do with your rewards is entirely your choice. Buy cards or sell them for Hive. Do with them as you see fit and enjoy the millionaire life!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Now that you know all about the Starbits Millionaire cards. Do you want one? And what would you do with your earnings? Pop me a line in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Quick Stats Update On My Gameplay - Another PB: Rank 139


1 Place up today and another personal best! Whopp whoop! @minimining is still eating my dust so i live to taunt him another day! Bwhahahahhaah

Stacked 4k starbits in gameplay and won a fan boost card. Also managed to secure a load of Starbits on Hive-engine. I'm now well over 40% to reaching Starbits Millionaire goal. Focused on Music lessons and high paying gigs. Aiming to double the value of my skills in comparison to the number of fans I have.

  • Rank: 139
  • Personal Best: 139
  • Level: 50
  • 73 Cards
  • 3177 permanent fans
  • 587 Luck
  • 5426 Skills
  • 42 IM
  • Total Missions: 1247
  • Starbits Millionaire progress: 41.7%

Cards To Buy

I'm creating a list of booster cards I want to buy. I might buy these before I hit millionaire or after. But adding this additional goal to the mix and adding the list here so I can keep track of what I need. These will help improve my stats as well as the number of unique cards in my collection.

  • 1 x Cold Pizza Slice
  • 1 x Whiskey Bottle
  • 1 x each of the XP Boost Cards
  • 1 x each of the skills boost cards
  • 1 x coffee cup
  • 1 x 100 fan boost
  • 1 x 50 fan boost

Starbits Pricing & Millionaire Cards Issued:


Candles are going green again which means the price is on the increase but players are still stacking. So far 73 Starbits Millionaire Cards issued - 1 more than yesterday.

What's your progress like? Got Any Hot Tips?

I'm keen to connect with other players! Pop me a line to let me know how you doing, or any hot tips you'd like to share!

Till next time, keep on rocking.

Much love from Sunny Cape Town, @Mimismartypants

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Rising Star Resources & Giveaways

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Rising Star Giveaways

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  • Follow @gribbles. He runs a monthly record listening chain and is now giving away a free rising star instrument as a prize.
  • Follow @musicuniversity for his skill card giveaways. (to be confirmed if this is weekly).

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