Starbits & Cold Pizza #17 - The Legend Of The Risky Whiskey

Hey Rockstars,

It's Wednesday again, so happy hump day to you all. I hope you all having a good day so dar!. Here's my update on yesterdays Rising star activity.

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The Legend Of The Whiskey Bottle: How To Deal With Drunk Fans

As you progress through the game and battle with your Ego, Drunk fans are sure to mess things. Drunk Fans in the game are as annoying as they are in reality. I'm talking clumsy needy drunks, not fun drunks. We can deal with 5 drink Amy but not 7 dink Amy (hit me up if you got that reference, 100 starbits waiting for the first one who guesses).

One sure way to deal with them is the Risky Whiskey.


Legend has it that the only thing to get drunk fans off your trail is the smell of Risky Whiskey. Once said drunks get a whiff there is no turning back.

Before they know it they find themselves at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, stuck just like Christina Aquilera, waiting for you to run them the right way honey. So if you struggling with annoying drunks, I strongly suggest you get yourself a whiskey bottle.

Rules of Risky Whiskey

  • Only one set of fans can be scored in one bottle or card.
  • This means, the bottle can't be topped up with more fans if a bigger group comes along.
  • You can have multiple bottles to store different groups.
  • Hot Tip: Check your bottles after they get filled up. If the fan count is low, release those suckers, you would rather want to store 700 fans than a mere 7. You also know what your Ego can handle and your gameplay. So the decision is after all yours.

Stats Are Good - Another PB: Rank 143


Again surprised I went up in ranking, although only one position. Still way ahead of @minimining!! but he is gaining on me, I'm pretty sure the teasing is going to come to an end very soon.
I have been focusing a little on Music lessons to get that ego under control. Despite that, i still managed to bank 3k starbits from gameplay.

  • Rank: 143
  • Personal Best: 143
  • Level: 49
  • 73 Cards
  • 3177 permanent fans
  • 587 Luck
  • 5270 Skills (+45)
  • 42 IM
  • Total Missions: 1220
  • Starbits Millionaire progress: 34.3%

Shout Outs To The Rising Star Community

Shout out to @nupulse for his kind gift, my first Risky Whiskey! Much appreciated dude, and you are obvs the inspiration behind this post!

Also @steevc for the decks. My production lesson output has increased by 2 skills! Makes a huge difference!

Much love to you both! You guys are true rockstars!

Cards To Buy

I'm creating a list of booster cards I want to buy. I might buy these before I hit millionaire or after. But adding this additional goal to the mix and adding the list here so I can keep track of what I need. These will help improve my stats as well as the number of unique cards in my collection.

  • 1 x Cold Pizza Slice
  • 1 x Whiskey Bottle
  • 1 x each of the XP Boost Cards
  • 1 x each of the skills boost cards
  • 1 x coffee cup
  • 1 x 100 fan boost
  • 1 x 50 fan boost

Starbits Pricing & Millionaire Cards Issued:


Candles are going red again but players are still stacking. I'm sure it's going green soon. .So far 72 Starbits Millionaire Cards issued - same as yesterday.

What's your progress like? Got Any Hot Tips?

I'm keen to connect with other players! Pop me a line to let me know how you doing, or any hot tips you'd like to share!

Till next time, keep on rocking.

Much love from Sunny Cape Town, @Mimismartypants

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Rising Star Resources & Giveaways

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  • Follow @musicuniversity for his skill card giveaways. (to be confirmed if this is weekly).

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