Are You Getting HIVE Payouts For Playing @risingstargame?

Some people are not that into a token with a soft peg that they earn for playing a game. They have more trust and interest towards something like HIVE or any other coin with high marketcap with decent trading volume. After all, STARBITS is not a currency that whales could trade at leisure.

HIVE-Engine Daily Volume

This chart also reveals that the HIVE - STARBITS peg has worked much like USD - DEC price floor. Players and traders have not created enough demand despite the opportunity for major discounts.

10,000 STARBITS = 5 HIVE

This peg has not been maintained for the previous month. Currently you cna grab some STARBITS at 36% discount if you are looking to purchase Booster Packs for @risingstargame

There are many cards that are about to go out of print. The older cards tend to be very valuable as time goes on. Blockchain NFTs have not been around for long. But are much like physical collectibles in many ways.

SWAP.HIVE Reward Pool

Top players will now be getting HIVE deposited to their HIVE-Engine wallets everyday. You will be paying withdrawal fees when you take the funds out. I think it will be better to buy more tokens on HIVE-Engine whether it is LEO, DEC or even just more STARBITS. There are four criteria used to measure one's ranking:

  • Total Unique Cards: 40%
  • Total Cards: 30%
  • Total IM: 20%
  • Weekly Minutes Played: 10%

Today's Top Players

Currently I'm Rank #254. I'm not getting any daily payouts. But I can easily make 2000 - 3000 STARBITS daily. Sometimes the number could get higher. That is about 1 HIVE per day. If you are still not playing the game, visit to start playing.

Happy Investing!

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