Hidden Deceptions Behind A Magical Coffee Shop

Happy day friends, what a pleasure to be able to greet you again, participating in this weekly #spillthebeans creative writing post and so begins my story, I hope you enjoy it.

I remember a few months ago I received a friend request on my social networks from a handsome and very nice guy with whom I made a beautiful friendship and his chivalry and attention made me fall in love quickly. He was such a physically beautiful man that he looked like he was sculpted by the gods themselves.

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He always asked me about my health and encouraged me to exercise, one day he wrote me, we would finally meet in person, we set the date for when he returned from his trip, he told me about some gifts he had bought me and I was very happy. It would be easy, I had to get to the old train station and go two stations further where we would leave for our date.


He told me that very close to the old train station there was an elegant coffee shop where they prepared a dream coffee, but because it was a special place it was hidden from the general public. His parents were the owners of that place, at least that's what he told me, and they were very exclusive with their clientele.


He surprised me when he told me days before that it was across the basement door, that it was part of the mystery and magic of the cafeteria and for me it was fine, I just couldn't wait to meet him in person. He also told me that the cafeteria was closed for a week due to work being done on the structure to make it more secure.


My boyfriend said that there was a place where we had to go downstairs with a farola on and in silence so as not to disturb the other couples' date and that this was part of the charm of the place. I longed to taste that delicious coffee he told me so much about and share it with him.


When I got on the train it was going so fast that I felt like I was train out of control, I was a little nervous. I stayed in that station of the old train waiting for my beloved as we had agreed, my surprise was that it was a very lonely station, more like abandoned, I did not understand why my boyfriend had summoned me to such a strange and ugly place, in my head I tried to put together the *puzzle of what my eyes saw but I did not give it more importance.


In the place I could see a tool shed and a structure that looked like it was missing a lot of paint, it was lonely, I felt very scared, I just wanted to get out of there and the next train would try very hard to pass, the sun was already setting, the sky was covered with clouds I could not see anyone there.

Suddenly my cell phone rings and it was my boyfriend asking me if I was at the site, I confirmed that I was and that I was a little scared, he told me that everything would be fine, that I was very close, seconds later a van with armed men arrived and they put me inside.


Scared, I saw how they took me to a basement, where there wasn't that magical coffee shop that my handsome boyfriend had told me about. When I entered the place I realized that there were other young women and it was an imminent kidnapping, a trap, a place where they trafficked organs and people, it was like a maze of chewing gum, many rooms with girls and people dressed as doctors and others very armed.

At that a guy enters very different physically to the one I had known from photos, but with the same voice of my beloved, who approached the men who held me captive and told them that the job was done, after looking at me without empathy he received a payment for me as he was patted on the shoulder and told he had done a good job, without remorse he looked at me and continued.

There was never a majestic coffee shop, nor a succulent cup of coffee, I was just deceived like many young people who trust strangers through the internet and from there I understood that it was just a business and right at that moment my suffering began.

Original text written by @yelimarin for Hive, images were extracted from pixabay, I used the translator DeepL and the InShop App.

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