It is very true that dreams accompany us during our night's rest, but they are also those moments of transporting us to our most wonderful fantasies, while awake. My mother, when she saw me like this, had a very popular phrase that used to say: Ay mijita, dreaming doesn't cost a thing! And it was the very literal interpretation that dreams were free because they were only in my imagination and I could expand them to infinity and beyond since in my mind everything was easy and possible. But in my innocence as a child I did not understand the phrase, only until I grew up I could understand it as well as many other expressions to which I found the full meaning.

         Since I was a child I have been an inveterate dreamer, I turned any daily situation into a fantasy, I imagined I was the heroine of the animated cartoons I enjoyed on TV, and of course, the princess of many fairy tales. The dreams grew with me and took shape, many became goals, desires and projects in the short, medium and even long term, but all with a great determination to be realized.

         I began to give seriousness to my dreams, to believe them hard, not to think that they were not possible, if someone could then so could I, and so as time went by I was working daily on them without ceasing, but it has been a very complex task, along the way there have been many obstacles, really the biggest dreams have been the most difficult, but not impossible. Out of nowhere situations arise that open the doors for me to continue walking towards them, I have described these opportunities as the fairy godmothers of fairy tales. Everything is symbolic, everything has a magical interpretation in life.

         With time I understood that dreams are completely possible, as a very wise phrase of Walt Disney says: "If you can dream it, you can do it"; but they have their price, and I do not mean to have a material value, but the effort and perseverance to achieve them, and above all, the confidence in ourselves that makes us believe that by working daily to achieve what we long for, we can achieve it at some point in our lives.

         I hope you like my writing about the topic selected by @ecency-star in their call for entries this week, and whose title is: "Writing Contest - My dream". I would love to invite my friends @chacald.dcymt and @brujita18. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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